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  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    12 days! My friends finished the game and I am still waiting for Ubba to answer me. Hahahahah, what a joke.

    6 posts

    Still no update has anyone else had one yet ??

  • sunocean84
    1 posts

    Good afternoon! I play on PS4. In the task "Sons of Ragnar", I talked to Ubba, after talking to him, the cutscene began and when it ended, the task log was not updated, the game again requires talking to Ubba, who can't be talked to anymore, there is no active action. Restarting the quest with Randy doesn't help. Please tell me what to do?

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @sunocean84 welcome. Some of us are already waiting for 12 days for this bug to get fixed. So... welcome to the waiting squad. It will probably take another days / weeks seen as there is 0 update / menton on this.

  • CashlessCobra28
    3 posts

    I received communication from Ubisoft support that they are “working” on it. Hopefully they get a solid fix soon. I told them to look at this thread and they acknowledged that they see it. Hope it’s fixed soon as it is ruining the experience for me as I clear the map waiting for a fix!

  • Rinadon93
    14 posts

    Its an absolute disgrace. Almost 2 weeks and no eta for a fix. Should be ashamed ubisoft. Robbed people for their money. Ive requested for a refund i hope i get it.
    Never buying another one of their games again.

  • Belfahl
    14 posts
    @lynx33161 I don’t think Ubisoft is watching their own discussions page

    Fact checked and looking accurate, counterpoint Kobold?

  • Agony567
    16 posts

    This is a shame from Ubisoft no words

  • Ross1993H
    1 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • NFBisms
    2 posts

    Came across this glitch a while ago, but progressed through side activities a fair bit since then. I hope the eventual fix in a month or two won't make me redo all that.

  • DHangelfan16
    24 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • DHangelfan16
    24 posts

    @streety14 I submitted a bug report. All I got back was a picture of the Ubisoft corporate office members mooning me, while burning money, and smoking cigars.

  • Crombinator73
    8 posts

    I am so glad my vacation had to be cancelled, and I had to stop playing anyways. I would be close to requesting a refund, and strongly considering not re-purchasing the game until it was like $10.

  • DanteKingM.O.W
    4 posts

    So ubisoft what is going on. Or are we getting refunded and no longer buying your games?

  • Tawksicka
    1 posts

    Stuck with this bug on my ps4. Really aggravating. Tried to travel to Norway and back because I've heard that's helped other people before, but I'm hopelessly stuck and have gotten quite far with mysteries and such and would really love to not have to restart the darn game.

  • K-DOG19772010
    1 posts

    For me, there is no quest marker or anyone to talk to. Please help!

  • ACBeardy
    2 posts

    Amazing customer/game support on yet another cucksoft game. Put a ticket in, takes a week for it to be opened and all I've had since is the periodic time up dates that it's "being worked on". Not even a actually reply.

    Everybody get your paint out, be far more enthralling watching it dry.

    Rome wasn't built in a day but it was damn quicker than Ubisoft fixing a problem.

  • bforakerr
    1 posts

    There's another glitch on ps4 that is causing a boat to spawn on land and a dialogue option to not be accessible. The quest says speak to Ubba and does not give you a prompt. I've attempted at 20 hours gamplay and again at 35 hours. No change. Pleeeeaaaase haaaaaaaalp Ubi. Much love from a long time fan.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    Yeah... 12 days now! 😄

  • janniechka
    2 posts

    Today stumbled upon this issue. Loading previous saving I managed to speak to Ubbe, but then he was just standing there not moving, so no progress. Got real mad, reported a bug, then found and read this discussion. And two hours later I fixed it. Hope I will help someone (I am on PS4): I loaded save in which I was never near Ubbe, unselected all the quests, then fast-traveled to Norway, turned console off, then on, back to England, fast-travel to Repton and there I managed to speak to Ubbe and we went to battle. Hope thes will be helpful foe someone.

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