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    @petteflet88 I vaguely remember him, feels like a century ago 😂

  • Ubi-Borealis
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    Hey everyone!

    I apologise for the delayed update. I'm sorry to see that some of you still encountered issues following the hotfix my colleague Ubi-Woofer mentioned earlier within this thread. Thank you for continuing to update this thread and for sharing your experiences with the issue.

    This issue was marked as resolved by the development team following the deployment of TU 1.1.1. If you are still unable to talk to Ubba following this update, please can you provide a video within the thread so we can pass this to the development team for further investigation. Thank you! 😊

    Tsarchasm5 - It looks like this thread addresses the missing treasure hoard in Eurvicscire. This issue should also now be resolved with the update of TU 1.1.1. I recently collected the treasure hoard in Eurvicscire myself! If you're still unable to find it, please can you update a more relevant thread (such as the one linked), or open up a new one. Thanks!

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  • omer2k
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    same here

  • Ner0Infern0
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    We have to insist for a fix! The bug isn’t even addressed in the known issue post!

  • Petteflet88
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    @ilikepaninis haha, i forgot everything about him...

  • Petteflet88
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    @ner0infern0 tell me what we can do more then this?

  • Maggotmel
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    If we make a new post every other day
    Some will get deleted then we know ubisoft sees them.
    No escape at that point....

  • Ewwa18
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    Yep. 50 hours in and I've been stuck at ”Talk to Ubba” for 30 of them. It's pretty bad when the MAIN QUEST is bugged.

  • Petteflet88
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    @maggotmel some People got banned actually.

  • guest-7OXsteWH
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    From the known issues post:



    • The Ingot looted off the Destroyer in Hamptun Blockade is not counted towards wealth territory completion 
    • Items lost due to dual-wield issue
    • Splash Screen freeze
    • Cannot interact with Reda
      • In the meantime, completing the Cent story arc should trigger an event at the settlement that should allow players to interact with Reda.
    • Cannot proceed with several quests:
      • The Big Finish
      • A Rivalry for the Ages
      • Smashing The Compass
      • Bleeding The Leech

    This quest is not planned in a future update it seems. Guess it's not important to progress through a main quest. But the Norwegian sea life seems to be high on the agenda. What is this, Greenpeace?

  • Fernatius
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    @blitzbstone @Ubi-Woofer @guest-7OXsteWH I wouldn't say having raided Tamsworth before the quest would be the culprit, since I have not done raided it before the quest. However I have done a second playthrough kinda speedran through the story to get to the quest but instead of exploring repton before goin to Ubba I went straight to Ubba and didn't do anything else besides following the story which made me able to continue. My first playthrough I came to repton went to talk to Ivarr *random crash happened* tried again continued following Ivarr and when I had to talk to Ubba I kinda went exploring repton grabbed some lootchests and did the flyting and then I went to Ubba which after the cutscene became bugged.
    It might be because I deviated from the direct story quest that it got bugged or it seems like that would be the case.
    Back then the ship just went on without Ubba, I even saw where the ship went. I reloaded and ship suddenly was on the road. Went back and forth from Norway to England which did not help it either. Before I knew it I had no autosave before this happening and I sadly saved at the bugged moment cuz I wanted to see if turning it off and on would help which did not work either. I've done literally everything there is to try to fix it but Ubba stay bugged. If the boat is not on the road the marker on Ubba is also gone, is the marker there then the boat is also on the road.
    Hoping this info might give devs a lead on how it got stuck.

  • Fernatius
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    I still need the quest to be fixed tho, since I just continued doing other stuff in wait for a patch to fix it and have a lot of hours spend into it.

  • Maggotmel
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    Anybody else with an idea?
    This is the first time in my life that im folowing a solution on a game bug

  • Petteflet88
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    Yeah I have never been stuck on a game for so long either... it is really painful and not seeing it on the known issues makes it more painful 😞

  • SLXW75
    13 posts

    Ubisoft please, REACTION??????

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    Have a nice weekend all 😞

  • LeoneMcGee
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    Please help fix this. I’ve tried everything under the sun on trying to fix this and nothing is working. I’ve been a week now. It says to talk to ubba on the beach and when I walk up to him it doesn’t allow me to talk to him. I was trying to upload a picture but it’s too big to upload. Please help. Cause I can progress that story anymore

  • LeoneMcGee
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    After encountering this issue I decided to continue with everything thinking that pledging to another quest and coming back to it would fix its. So going to a different save won’t work for me.... for I’m now.... 20 hrs plus from that save point @ubiexcellent

  • Petteflet88
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    @leonemcgee i am 90 hours in

  • Isaacjohnson243
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    I have a playstation 4 and iam having problems with the mission speak to ubba by the docks

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