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    @menzi0 I fell you bro, I felt so disappointed when I see that tearing on such beautiful game

  • GoodieJury
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    @ubi-raziel Here you go :

    I already made a post here, I also contacted the support 2 days ago that told me he will "transfer to the team".
    I'm using Xbox One first gen (not S), but hardware is the same so the problem is the same on Xbox One S.
    The screen we are using is irrelevant because as other people said, I never had a tearing issue with this screen before.
    But still if you want to know I'm using a 60hz 1080p HDMI pc monitor.
    This is clearly not an enjoyable experience the way it is right now.
    I hope you can fix it soon guys.

    @ubi-raziel basically the same situation for myself with an original Xbox one

  • Ubiplayersoft42
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    @ubi-raziel Many many screen tearing on Xbox Series X. I'm playing on an LG OLED 4K HDR10 100Hz. I've tried every display options both from the Xbox and the TV, nothing helps. Every close up dialogue + every town + every forest, tearing all the time. Never had an issue like this before. Watch Dogs Legion plays just fine on Series X.

  • GoodieJury
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    @ubi-raziel original Xbox one, 50 inch 1080p led lg

  • Chomps07
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    Xbox series x. lg oled 65 c8. Tearing happens in large and small towns. Very prevalent in cutscenes. Please fix this or acknowledge that this is being looked at. I don't understand why we have to provide proof of this screen tearing issue.

  • UbiKoality
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    Hello Sangozord! Apologies for the delayed reply. The team has been investigating various performance issues in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, so if you are experiencing them yourself upon purchasing the game then I would be glad to investigate those problems further with you personally. 🙂

  • Odelpha
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    We wonder if Ubisoft is working on the massive screen tearing on Xbox.

  • DemonATX
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    It is constant. There is screen tearing across the bottom of the screen both in cutscenes and walk around the world. Can't play the game at all, please patch it.

  • Murkrot
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    Xbox One X

    I have paid $130 for a game that is, at the moment, nearly unplayable due to the screen tearing issue. I have adjusted settings on my TV and it helped some but it is still a major issue. Here's hoping it's addressed soon.

  • braincrush
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    @canceltodebug yup same here xbsx, it's terrible...

  • Quixy21
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    Just uploaded a short video of the screen tearing as well.

  • SaintlyStorms
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    @odelpha Agreed. The screen tearing is very bad on the Series X. They really need to do something about it along with the sound quality.

  • SaintlyStorms
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    @preferrend69 It's happening mostly during exploration for me. I don't see any during cut scenes but maybe I'm not paying much attention.

  • SeanC.87
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    This would be an easy fix if they gave us an ability to adjust graphic on console like you can on pc

  • SaintlyStorms
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    @seanc-87 Considering the power the Series X has... I would have thought that would have been a given.

  • washout13
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    Still no comment from devs on this or a potential timeline on a fix?

  • XSVEgyptians
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    I have a big problem with wealth and side missions NOT registering!!!

    I collect the wealth and it doesn't sync. It remains on my map the the bar for wealth remains the same (even tho it'll say "wealth collected" )

    Also! Some side missions just don't continue. Ex: the nude guy on the mountain mission. I took the box from the other people dancing and dropped it off to the guy. The Box disappeared and the mission hasn't progressed for 2 days after checking back.


  • club556
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    I signed up to Ubisoft just to say I have this same problem on my Xbox one S, on my Samsung Q70 4k it's pretty bad as well as the screen tearing. Would microsoft give a refund back on the game? If this isn't fixed in a timely manor?

  • TheReignStorm
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    Can confirm, Xbox Series X here too.

    (I'm picking up my PS5 with Demon's this afternoon - thinking of shelving this game until I'm done with that one or until it seems that it's more playable than its current state, yikes Ubi!)

  • callmemelloyelo
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    Constant screen tearing on Xbox One X, to the point that it’s distracting, and when using Synin, everything is blurry except for a small area about the size of quarter. When synchronizing with a landmark, it tears horribly during the panoramic shot, and all around the outline of Eivor is blurry, with the same thing happening when there’s dialogue on the screen. Medium distance textures are also not very sharp. I haven’t had any issues with quests being bugged, knock on wood, but am really disappointed in how the game looks, previous Assassin’s Creed titles are sharper and more clear than this is.

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