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  • FireIce38
    33 posts

    In the 1.04 patch notes, it states you gius fixed the screen tearing on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. But the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X have it even worse.

    Have you guys improved the screen tearing on the One X and One S?


  • brunofn123
    10 posts

    and here we are again. with problems and without answers. the feeling I have now is that they stole me. because I paid for an incomplete and poorly made product and we don't have direct and quick answers. increasingly disappointed in you Ubisoft. nobody here is demanding too much, we just want to play a decent game and not the way it is now. the problems that Assassins Creed Valhalla is experiencing are inexcusable, basic and amateur. please don't make us wait for two more long weeks

  • Afram64
    2 posts

    Still waiting for the a patch to fix screen tearing on XBOX ONE X.

    Any reason why Xbox One/Xbox One X have been totally ignored regarding this issue in the latest patch without even mentioning that you are working on a fix, despite there being plenty of people here who have said they have an issue on those consoles (myself included)?

    This isn't the odd screen tear every hour. It happens persistently. In cutscenes, in the middle of battle, just moving the camera, transitioning between menus, or from a menu back to gameplay, etc, etc.

    Fix screen tearing on Xbox One and One X please.

  • Mika-Dow
    6 posts



    from this link, and after the game patch.

    Tearing and the resolution of the game on series x goes lower than on PS5. It's just shameful !! The console "Serie X" is more powerful. So do something to at least make the game the same.

  • B00MSIE
    402 posts
    @b00msie That sucks, I'm not experiencing much, if any, now. What is the refresh rate on your TV?

    It’s a standard 60Hz Led TV.

  • rePETEgaming
    1 posts

    I’m on PS5 and only noticed minor screen tearing in certain cut scenes. Using an LG CX OLED 48” I own both platforms. Purchased on PS5 because side by side comparisons showed constant 60 FPS on PS5, and dipped on XSX at times. Reading all these horror stories, glad I purchased it on PS5.

  • pedro-dorian
    1 posts

    I'm playing on the first version of the xbox one. I was enjoying the game a lot, already finished the story, but the screen tearing is horrible. The updates didn't solve anything on the xbox one. I won't return to the game until it's fixed. Maybe when I buy the next gen console, it won't have these problems. But I shouldn't be forced to buy a next gen console because of the screen tearing on xbox one. Also there ain't any xbox series X/S on my country, their all out, so I'll have to wait a lot of time until the stock is full again. Until then, I would like to continue my AC Valhalla experience, but I can't. Not like this. Please Ubisoft, do something. I beg you. I'm an old fan of AC, so this is really disappointing, especially since the game is awesome. Please show some love for the xbox one players. Please.

  • ragehu
    23 posts


    I think you shouldn't beg them.
    You paid a full price for their unfinished product.
    It is not a favor to solve the problems.
    It should be a must have. It is their job for the price you paid.
    As I remember, on XBOX ONE this game was not free....

  • jakhi147
    29 posts

    I have this on ps5 too!

  • BobsLoveChild
    1 posts

    I've been experiencing it too, it seems to be even worse after the 1.04 update. I'm not sure if it's because of my TV or it's the game itself.

  • jakhi147
    29 posts

    @bobslovechild definitely the game! All my other games work fine. Plus my tv was brand new this year, hdmi 2.1 oled

  • Klrsandman987
    1 posts

    Also currently experiencing bad screen tearing on xbox one x.

  • ragehu
    23 posts

    Maybe you forgot the screen tearing on the older XBOX consoles, but we don't.

    Slowly it is time to finish the half-made product, because the price wasn't half.
    It was full....

  • FlandersCZ157
    6 posts

    Still no [censored] update. This is a freaking joke. How [censored] hard is to fix screen tearing?

  • CornishZombie
    9 posts

    @UbiKoality is this it then? This all we are getting? Slightly less screen tearing on PS5 and Series X.

    And Xbox One X and PS4 completely abandoned by Ubisoft?

    Still showing this as Fixed in the Known Issues thread. Fixed in patch 1.04.. This is NOT fixed this is a Joke!!!

  • allurannn
    1 posts

    Just to echo many of the comments on this thread. I'm on Xbox One X.

    1) Of all the games I've played on any console, this is by far the worst screen tearing I've ever endured.
    2) I was so pleased to see update 1.04 and couldn't wait to pick up the game again. Only to be utterly disappointed - it didn;t fix anything at all.
    3) How on earth can a game get to release and be this broken, seriously. Was all your testing done in house on the same setup? Your testing was staggeringly bad, I simply cannot beleive it made it out the door like this.It's not just happening on a single TV brand or model, its happening on a wide variety of TVs, if not all of them.
    4) We are now past update 1.04 and the issue still isn't addressed. Unbeleivable really cosidering just how imuch of an experience-ruining problem this is.

    I paid £90 for this game. I was of course expecting a few niggles which would need to be patched, like most games thesedays. However, this issue is so bad it continually spoils the entire experience. It is not an exaggeration to say that the game is almost unoplayable.

    When will the next patch come out, and will this issue be fixed in that patch? That's all I need to know.I look forward to trying to play this game again then.


  • CornishZombie
    9 posts

    @allurannn Ubisoft have already abandoned last gen... That is the truth.

  • Virusprogam3r
    1 posts
    AC Valhalla is having a lot of performance issues on Xbox One S and X, not just frames drops (not to much to worry about it) but the game doesn´t look polish as AC Origins or Odissey.... it looks kinda blurry, with render issues on near textures, this happen even in One X to much Next Gen Oriented I guess ....

    Same here, using AC Valhalla on xbox one s, screen tearing everywhere..hope they fix it soon, almost unplayable 😕

  • sloopage
    6 posts

    Still tearing on my Xbox One X with the latest patch and the new Microsoft update for consoles.

  • sloopage
    6 posts

    Still tearing on my Xbox One X with the latest patch for the game and the latest console update.

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