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  • athelas_
    1 posts

    It is terrible on Series X console! The more you notice it the worse the experience gets. And you will notice it A LOT. This problem should be fixed on the software side by Ubisoft. At least they should try every possible way to reduce it.

    Note: People with LG CX OLED series can enable VRR to help with the problem.

    4 posts

    So, today I bought Valhalla for Xbox one x but it's really difficult to enjoy that beautiful game cause the tearing ¿when they'll fixed it?

  • UbiQuB3
    Community Manager 37 posts

    Hey, thanks for reporting. Is the screen tearing happening in specific conditions (e.g. in dialogues, etc) or would you say it happens during regular gameplay as well?

    Official Response
  • ongeburz
    17 posts

    @preferrend69 I also noticed that, it is not constantly but happens often. I first thought it was because of my tv, but other games at 4k have no issues at all.

    That Ubisoft is not responding to the many bug reports is worrying to be honest.
    From visuals to AI and even many missions being bugged the game is not off for a good start.
    The known issue list is ridiculous it reflects maybe 2% of the issues and problems

    Funny enough it actually made me want to play odyssey again, if they fix this game I will buy it again. For now I am happy Xbox gave a refund after playing it for 20+ hours.

  • Afram64
    2 posts

    Terrible screen tearing on Xbox One X on LG 4k TV. Screen tearing is persistent across 4k/60 and 1080p/120 settings.

    Needs a fix asap. Never experienced persistent screen tearing as bad as this in a game before.

  • mskills
    10 posts


    I totally agree, this issue should be put in the official "know issues" topic.

    This issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

    Its a shame Ubisoft! New generation console, new game and a amateur mistake of these!

    Xbox Series X and TV Sony x900e, impossible to play atm.

  • xXdouglasXx8036
    15 posts

    The game have a lot of screen tearing on Xbox one s and horrible FPS when this will be fixed?

  • CornishZombie
    9 posts

    Yeah this really needs to be put into the know issues thread..!!

    Anger is for this issue I for one will not be playing again until it is fixed! 👎

    This really is clown shoes! 💩 🤡

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    @thezonk88 If you actually look the video maybe you can read the title of the video that contains "xbox one".
    Don't try to turn your blindness on me.
    Thanks for the refund link.
    The other link has been deleted by Ubisoft, so nice lol.

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    Oh the topic is back from the dead !

  • Dark-Midgar
    5 posts

    @ubiqub3 happening everytime, on serie X and Xbox one X 😞
    I'm waiting a patch 😞

  • Dark-Midgar
    5 posts

    Do you think this problem will be fix ??

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    @dark-midgar The lack of communication doesn't tell a lot.

  • Wild-shot
    1 posts

    Same trouble

    So disappointed , any communication 😞

  • XoKaLioPeSoX
    1 posts

    Probleme with xbox series x and hisense 55 n6800 ,screen tearing.

  • cMayhem85
    4 posts

    @arn0low if you're referring to the way this topic keeps disappearing randomly it's because the software that they use to run these forums is garbage.

  • Menzi0
    2 posts

    @ubiqub3 Man, this is brutal. Finally got some time to boot up Valhalla today after working 80 hours this week, and my eyes can't even handle the game with the amount of screen tearing. For me on the Xbox One X, it's all the time in every condition. Even worse during cutscenes. Hopefully patched soon.

  • Simleads
    9 posts

    A simple statement from the dev team saying there is a fix coming is badly needed. The lack of communication concerning this issue is most disturbing.

  • PiersSaunders
    8 posts


    This doesn't appear to resolve the issue, an LG CX user has the issue in the other thread despite using VRR.


  • theRealZoomaki
    2 posts

    @sydneyblue very unhelpful dude

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