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  • callmemelloyelo
    2 posts

    Constant screen tearing on Xbox One X, to the point that it’s distracting, and when using Synin, everything is blurry except for a small area about the size of quarter. When synchronizing with a landmark, it tears horribly during the panoramic shot, and all around the outline of Eivor is blurry, with the same thing happening when there’s dialogue on the screen. Medium distance textures are also not very sharp. I haven’t had any issues with quests being bugged, knock on wood, but am really disappointed in how the game looks, previous Assassin’s Creed titles are sharper and more clear than this is.

  • Murphykitty24
    1 posts

    I found a temporary possible solution that might work for some on X1X: put your X1X at 1440p output. (It's sort of hidden -- go into Display Options, Advanced, Video Fidelity & Overscan and then you can override the console settings to output at 1440 -- otherwise the option doesn't usually appear). I assume this only works if your TV/monitor supports 1440 -- not all of them do, even some 4k screens won't display 1440.

    Doing this on my 4k display resulted in a 1440p output (obviously) and I also lost HDR (HDR works in 4k mode but not in 1440p, at least for my TV) *but* the tearing seems to be drastically reduced -- like you might see a slight tear if you're spinning the camera around specifically looking for a screen tear, but much more playable. You're giving up some resolution and HDR but this seems to be making the game playable, at least for now, based on my setup (X1X + Hisense H8G).

  • JobuuRumdrinker
    17 posts

    @ubi-raziel Regular xbox one for me. Happens all over, even in loading screen

    2 posts

    @ubi-raziel Xbox series X

  • DCruption
    4 posts

    Same tearing issue here on a Xbox One X with 2020 Samsung 4K Tv.

  • Simleads
    9 posts

    @Ubi-Raziel @Ubi-Ginge

    Any news on this screen tearing issue. This has been reported for over a week now and still no response from the devs. Any update on this would be much appreciated.


  • crazEonEstylE
    1 posts

    Xbox One X, Samsung Q90T series 4K, screen tearing making it almost unplayable. Tried 1080p at 120 Hz, 4K at 60 Hz, same issue. Guess I'll go back to something else until this gets fixed.

  • Tomkohler1991
    8 posts

    I've had a mess around with the video settings on my one X. Setting the output to 1080p 120hz has massively reduced the screen tearing for me. If you do this you'll lose 4k and HDR but it at least makes the game playable while waiting for this long overdue patch.

    1 posts

    Just came this forum today. Unplayable for me on Series X and appreciate the response from Ubisoft above.
    Is is possible to get confirmation that the Devs are aware and that a fix is in place?

  • cMayhem85
    4 posts

    Just in case Ubisoft needed any more proof, Digital Foundry has released their analysis.

  • Mika-Dow
    6 posts

    @ubi-raziel Hello, it would be good to correct the unstable frame rate on serie x. It must be stable like on PS5. like everything else. The console is more powerful so thank you for doing a good job

  • brunofn123
    10 posts


    honestly i am not satisfied with the answer given here regarding optimization problems. They said they are aware and that they will solve it. but I wanted a better answer that would respect me as a consumer. It is impossible to accept such a simple and obvious answer. because the optimization problem that Assassins Creed Valhalla is suffering from is something shameful. So, I leave my question: WHEN LAUNCHES THE UPDATE FIXING SCREEN TEARING?

  • andreascicch85
    1 posts

    Screen tearing on my samsung tv, i have xbox series x , please patch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mskills
    10 posts
    Just in case Ubisoft needed any more proof, Digital Foundry has released their analysis.

    Real SHAME
    Ubisoft we NEED a PATCH asap!

  • DCruption
    4 posts

    I really wanna play Assassins Creed Valhalla, but with this tearing issue, it‘s really horrible to enjoy. ( Xbox One X and Series X )

    Is there any time window, when a patch will release ?

    2 posts

    @ubikoality There was a Digital Foundry video uploaded on YouTube today. The screen tearing makes the Xbox one and Series X and S unplayable. You guys need to please address that a fix is coming or not. People deserve to know. Thank you!

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    Another exemple (I've never ever experienced that with any console game) :

    This garbage needs fixing yesterday !

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    please delete this message.

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    @xsvegyptians I had the same "wealth collected" issue, I just came back after a while (maybe need a console reboot or something) and finally it fixed itself.

    I also had a problem with this quest but not the same so I don't really know for that one, if the box has disappeared it should respawn where you found it, or maybe it's as you said bugged ^^

  • MrAbramov
    1 posts


    Thank you, Ubisoft!

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