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  • sydneyblue
    15 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • RapiereUplay
    7 posts

    @tomkohler1991 it is regular unfortunately. Quite oddly, there is a video comparison online and Xbox Ones have more than 30fps which could explain the tearing as the framerate is unlocked and vsync probably also. Xbox Series X appears very stable at 60fps though in comparison. I suspect there is an issue with the latest Xbox API and we should wait for a patch pretty soon. By the way, Watch Dogs Legion has a similar issue, mostly exhibited during driving in dense city areas, but it is mitigated since last patch.

  • Lucifer6six6
    6 posts

    @canceltodebug Im not having any issues with screen tearing on my XSX

  • Beebak79
    3 posts

    @lucifer6six6 There is no screen tearing if you have a VRR capable tv but its not the case for the majority of the ppl.

  • B00MSIE
    315 posts

    I can confirm there is a lot of screen tearing on the series x

  • Lucifer6six6
    6 posts

    @beebak79 My monitor doesnt have VRR though....

  • Beebak79
    3 posts

    @lucifer6six6 Freesync gsync ?

  • Lucifer6six6
    6 posts

    @beebak79 Not that I know of. its just a 60hz 4k Samsung tv that I use for my computer

  • Beebak79
    3 posts

    @lucifer6six6 Ok...strange...

  • Tomkohler1991
    8 posts

    @rapiereuplay Hopefully this will be patched soon. It's promising to hear that it was fixed for Legion.

  • ShapedKestrel
    1 posts

    I am playing on the Xbox one X and the screen tearing is shockingly bad, especially for a triple A title, it completely ruins any kind of immersion as it is near constant in gameplay and cut-scences. This needs to be patched ASAP.

  • playern0ne
    2 posts


    Xbox One X, Pioneer receiver with HDR passthrough, Samsung 4K HDR TV. Constant tearing. This setup played Origins and Odyssey without problems

  • cMayhem85
    4 posts

    Same issue. Screen tearing is worse in cutscenes, however, it is present throughout the game. My setup has not changed and this problem does not exist on other titles.

  • henche80
    4 posts

    Same problem here

    I'm on Xbox series X and Sony A1 OLED 4K

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    It's horrible, please you make people want to vomit, do something ubi !

  • TheZonk88
    57 posts

    @arn0low Hello there fellow owner of ACV

    You're at the Feedback section for this "new" Beta Forum.
    if you need some assistance from the Community, feel free to use the proper Subforum.
    "Player support" for example https://discussions.ubisoft.com/category/549

    Tearing isnt something Ubi can fix.

    tearing occurs when your FPS is higher than your Displays Refreshrate.
    Use V-Sync or cap the FPS in the Options to your Displays Refreshrate

  • MirkoID
    9 posts

    I have the same issue guys

  • Ubi-Ginge
    Ubisoft Support Staff 127 posts

    @menkib2 The devs are aware of this happening, and are currently looking into this in order to get it resolved

    Official Response
    1 posts

    The screen tear im experiencing is awful. Ive messed with every setting available trying to fix this. It is the worst in cutscenes outside of cutscenes the game seems to be running horribly.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello everyone!

    I'm sorry you're being affected by screen tearing; I have reported this to our dev team and we'll work to get this fixed!

    Can everyone please confirm whether you are using the Xbox One X, or a different variant. Ideally I would also like to know the TV you're using, and a video presenting the issue would help us.

    Thank you!

    Official Response

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