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  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Pls dont forget about the Xbox Series X too, we have the same issue. Just unplayable atm.

    Not to worry, I understand entirely that is affects both the One X and Series. Perhaps the issue reaches further than that; we will find out in our testing.

    In all my years if gaming I have never really noticed screen tearing before but it's so bad in this it's starting to put me off the game. I really hope it gets patched soon so I can carry on playing. I'm playing in series x with a sony 900e

    Screen tearing only typically happens when your refresh rate & FPS is very different, as your monitor is stuck between showing 2 different frames. It is not often noticeable to most users and especially not on console as all settings are preset. I'm sure our team will know what to do!

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  • MattyPollo
    9 posts

    On Xbox SX, if my tv is 60hz and I see screen tearing, does that mean the frame rate is dropping below 60 fps, or going higher than 60 fps?

  • Simleads
    9 posts

    Im playing on Series X on an LG C8 and also finding the screen tearing off putting. I’m glad Ubisoft has taken notice from the forums here and there are also many complaints on Twitter, hopefully a fix is incoming. Atm Just a statement from Ubisoft stating a fix is incoming would be welcome.

  • Lipsman74
    3 posts

    @pierssaunders Same here to a varying degree with a Series X on an Epson 3800 4k projector and a One X on a Vizio 4k TV. Odyssey works fine on both, as do other games. Valhalla is the only game with the issue.

  • Menkib2
    2 posts

    @ubi-ginge thanks Ginge!

  • diiorio
    40 posts


    look like for some odd reason the VSync is off which sorryy, is a must on TV's.

    Pc's will do the same thing if you are not syncing the frames to the refresh rater.

    If I turn it off and don't sync to 60 fps on my samsung 4k's, ti will do the same thing.

    IS there not a setting in the xbox setting to vynch, especially if adaptive of any type is active.

    IF ntot then they need to activate it on their end and do a patch.

    Also active game mode if you have that option to lower the response time.

  • xikon
    1 posts

    What's up, guys?

    It's rough. I mean, it is really rough. The game is beautiful, but there is A LOT os screen tearing. There's tearing everywhere: forests, communities, caves, cutscenes and even in the loading area. This is a major flaw. It doesn't matter if the game has great texture levels or things like that if that are tearing all over the place.

    Question: is there a plan to fix this on Xbox One X (and other platforms that might have it)?

  • WheatoMan
    2 posts

    @ubi-raziel thanks for the response. A friendly bit if advice, try and get this fixed before the digital foundary video goes up on youtube which is their next video because they have around a million subscribers and they will destroy the game in it's current state

  • CancelToDebug
    11 posts

    Finding it incredible that we are being asked to provide proof of this happening. Surely Ubisoft can get a TV that doesn't have VRR? How can this problem, which is clearly not a fluke incident, apparently go missed during development?

  • arn0low
    14 posts
    @arn0low Hello there fellow owner of ACV

    You're at the Feedback section for this "new" Beta Forum.
    if you need some assistance from the Community, feel free to use the proper Subforum.
    "Player support" for example https://discussions.ubisoft.com/category/549

    Tearing isnt something Ubi can fix.

    tearing occurs when your FPS is higher than your Displays Refreshrate.
    Use V-Sync or cap the FPS in the Options to your Displays Refreshrate

    Yeah sure tell where is the option on Xbox lel
    It's obviously something that ubi can fix because I can't !
    And if they can't I want a refund.

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    @ubi-raziel Here you go :

    I already made a post here, I also contacted the support 2 days ago that told me he will "transfer to the team".
    I'm using Xbox One first gen (not S), but hardware is the same so the problem is the same on Xbox One S.
    The screen we are using is irrelevant because as other people said, I never had a tearing issue with this screen before.
    But still if you want to know I'm using a 60hz 1080p HDMI pc monitor.
    This is clearly not an enjoyable experience the way it is right now.
    I hope you can fix it soon guys.

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    @ubi-raziel Pleas don't forget Xbox One and Xbox One S, we have the same issue, maybe even worse !

  • brunofn123
    10 posts

    the screen tearing problem is also happening on xbox one and xbox one s. on these consoles the problem is even worse and more recurrent. it is impossible to have a good experience with the game on these platforms. please don't forget the Xbox One Fat and S players

  • ragehu
    23 posts


    I have an Xbox One S - and I have the same screen tearing problem.
    This is the first game where I found this annoying problem.

    I hope it will be solved soon


  • arn0low
    14 posts

    @brunofn123 Yes this guy is totally right, it's litteraly unplayable right now !

  • Darkmidgar
    7 posts

    @arn0low same problem on serie x and Xbox one X !!!! A lot of people have this problem !
    Il try on 2 different TV (Sony bravia 4k and Samsung 4k) if it's impossible to fix i want refund

  • xIFoxHound
    49 posts


    Yes I’m playing on my Samsung UE43TU7100 series and playing on a Series X and I’m getting awful screen tearing as well

  • Darkmidgar
    7 posts

    @tomkohler1991 same problem!!! On serie X and Xbox one x !!

  • Zedzdeadbby
    1 posts

    Playing on Xbox Series X with a Hisense 65" 4k HDR TV that doesn't feature VRR. Game is unplayable for me 😞 I made it to England as fast as I could because I was hoping it was just a bug in Norway but nope. I'm really struggling to pick it up and play because it's ruining it for me.
    Hope this can be patched soon

  • TheZonk88
    57 posts
    Yeah sure tell where is the option on Xbox lel
    It's obviously something that ubi can fix because I can't !
    And if they can't I want a refund.

    You didn't even mentioned youre not using a PC ones, nor setting up Tags, nor you have searched for existing Topics with your Problem 😉


    Refund is this Way -> https://support.ubisoft.com/Cases/New

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