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  • ragehu
    23 posts


    I have an Xbox One S - and I have the same screen tearing problem.
    This is the first game where I found this annoying problem.

    I hope it will be solved soon


  • arn0low
    14 posts

    @brunofn123 Yes this guy is totally right, it's litteraly unplayable right now !

  • Darkmidgar
    7 posts

    @arn0low same problem on serie x and Xbox one X !!!! A lot of people have this problem !
    Il try on 2 different TV (Sony bravia 4k and Samsung 4k) if it's impossible to fix i want refund

  • xIFoxHound
    49 posts


    Yes I’m playing on my Samsung UE43TU7100 series and playing on a Series X and I’m getting awful screen tearing as well

  • Darkmidgar
    7 posts

    @tomkohler1991 same problem!!! On serie X and Xbox one x !!

  • Zedzdeadbby
    1 posts

    Playing on Xbox Series X with a Hisense 65" 4k HDR TV that doesn't feature VRR. Game is unplayable for me 😞 I made it to England as fast as I could because I was hoping it was just a bug in Norway but nope. I'm really struggling to pick it up and play because it's ruining it for me.
    Hope this can be patched soon

  • TheZonk88
    57 posts
    Yeah sure tell where is the option on Xbox lel
    It's obviously something that ubi can fix because I can't !
    And if they can't I want a refund.

    You didn't even mentioned youre not using a PC ones, nor setting up Tags, nor you have searched for existing Topics with your Problem 😉


    Refund is this Way -> https://support.ubisoft.com/Cases/New

  • Darkmidgar
    7 posts

    @ubi-raziel I'm playing on serie X with a TV Sony bravia kdx 4K.
    My girlfriend play on Xbox one x and the TV is Samsung 4k.
    We have tearing

  • notonlyhuman
    4 posts


    I have the issue on Series X with tv Samsung MU8000

  • DreiKelch409621
    11 posts

    @ragehu Yeah on my Xbox One S too, its sooo annoying

  • CancelToDebug
    11 posts

    Terrible forum software so will repeat it here since I can't find my last post....

    Had notifications that there have been updates to the official 'Known Issues' thread but nothing added regarding the screen tearing.
    Since we've now seen posts from the community managers stating that the developers have acknowledged that this is a problem, how about updating the official issues thread?

  • Quixy2121
    1 posts

    I'm having the screen tearing issue as well, non-stop. Playing on Xbox One X on a 2017 Sony XBR65X900E. Thank you guys for looking into this!

  • DreiKelch409621
    11 posts

    @ubi-raziel On my Xbox One S too, many otherd on this console have the same problem

  • washout13
    2 posts

    Also getting lots of screen tearing on my Xbox Series X and LG 43UK6300PLB.

    Going to have to wait until a patch is out, really disappointing.

  • Mika-Dow
    6 posts


    Serie x console
    Oled Panasonic 55GZ1000

    No VRR available on my Oled. For the video I will try to make a later one

  • DreiKelch409621
    11 posts
    @ubi-raziel On my Xbox One S too, many others on this console have the same problems.. in addition the game doesn‘t look polished like origins or odyssey for the Xbox One and One S versions

  • RapiereUplay
    7 posts

    @ubi-raziel I have a Philips OLED 9002, Xbox One X exhibits such an issue very regularly. I have a Series X now since very few days, and there is clearly much less screen tearing, but happens from time to time

  • xXhencheXx
    7 posts


    I have tried on:

    One X (1080p and 4K) = screen tearing
    Series X (1080p and 4K) = screen tearing

    TV Sony A1 OLED 4K HDR, HDMI 2.0 Port activated (60Hz 10bits HDR)

    Thank you ubi-raziel

    13 posts

    I have this problem as well. Xbox One X in a 27" Asus monitor.

  • reyals-81
    13 posts

    Have the same issue, series x with hisense TV 😞

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