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  • ImaginaryRuins
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    @shaunty1981 Or maybe allowing Eivor to stealth attack the Zealots to take out a portion of their health before the fight - to keep the challenge but allowing to make it slightly easier.

    Another thing, I know the Zealot fights are taking on the path of Dark Souls, but the thing is in my humble opinion, you want the bosses to be defeat-able with all kinds of weapons and builds.

    Let me take the example of Moonlight Butterfly. It is an airborne enemy, and so magic/ranged players have a distinct advantage, but all of the Butterfly's attacks can be dodged rather easily by melee players. And then most importantly, after a while, Butterfly has to fly to ground level to rest, which gives a large window for melee players to deal good damage. Of course, the final boss of Dark Souls III can even be defeated without any levelling up and with basic weapons, fair and square.

    Zealots however can only be taken down with weapons like daggers and spears, but for a standard axe + shield combination it will take forever especially because Zealots employ highly unpredictable unblockable attacks. The deflect playstyle does not reward being patient against the Zealots, which should not be the way.

  • JCar4327
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    @tnsmongoose Only 3 of them hold tablets.

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