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  • moved can Ubisoft stop "parenting" us on how to play game? (de-sync if "viking" kill npc civilians!?)

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    Im not for killing civilians but if they get in my way in a fight then they got what they deserve (collateral damage).
    However, I see his point. Vikings were technically pillagers & pirates so outside main story why not?

  • KingGaroKing
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    @mitsunari3 for slaughtering civilians? read history abt em. they were no more bloodthirsty than other warriors of this time, excelent fighters tho.

  • ValtyrNine
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    I don't understand why people bring up this argument trying to defend reasons why Eivor wouldn't kill civilians. Vikings didn't see the English as equals. They looked down on them for not worshipping their gods. A "real" Eivor would not view killing "innocents" as that. Killing them would be like smashing a fly to them, because they were not Norse. Many vikings considered it a service to their gods to kill Saxons even (since many converted to Christianity). You have to put yourselves in their head and try to understand it because it is not even remotely the same mindset that a modern person would have. Modern morals are things like charity, helping people, etc, and to a viking, killing someone would equate to that "good" moral if it were an enemy or sacrifice to their gods.

    That said, vikings didn't slaughter regular peasants and farmers in swathes or anything, though. They would mostly kill people like Christian figures, monks and priests, or people perceived to have slighted their gods or denied them. Viking culture revolved around their gods and violence. They didn't have police or reeves like the Saxon had. Disputes were often settled with violence, even deadly violence, over something as small as a passing insult. Their legal system enabled righteous combat more than prevented it. So, a person who insisted their gods didn't exist would obviously be pretty low on the moral totem-pole when it came to mercy. They definitely wouldn't bat an eye at a random murder of a civilian that can't even speak their language.

    The reputation for vikings being so terrifying and murderous is mainly due to their primary targets being Christians, and Christian monks and clergy also just happened to be the ones keeping all the records. So, history teaches a skewed view in some ways, but there is still truth that the vikings did kill many non-combatants for a variety of reasons. Their culture was violence.

  • SofaJockey
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    It's not a murder simulator.

    I'm sure there are some mindless games out there where you can do just that. 🙄

  • styxee
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    There should be some kind of slid bar to allow us a little latitude on how many we can kill. I don't want full homicidal but many times in the middle of a raid civilians get in the way on purpose from bad pathing and desynch the game. That is really a PiTA.

  • Slimgrin
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    I thought they had more or less solved this with the bounty hunter system in Odyssey. Playing a viking who can't kill innocents is kinda silly.

  • styxee
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    @slimgrin EXACTLY. That system was so simple and it solved all the issues because it really kept you in check.

  • desdecardo13
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    @dbgager Because that is what the Danes did. They believed the Saxons were slightly better than cattle as a society and treated them that way. You are not thinking clearly through the eyes of history and inserting modern sensibilities into events that happened over 1000 years ago to a people so foreign from you you have no idea what they did and why but assume that if you believe one way is good then they believed it too. To them clearing villages of all the male population was necessary to maintain control over the land. They killed every male. Didn't matter if they had metal on them. They were there to settle and did not want pesky tryhards burning their crops.

  • desdecardo13
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    @styxee I know. My first raid I ended up desynching because of the chaos. Plus it is not very Dane to not try to teach a Saxon a lesson.

  • Raski0611
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    Killing civillians in Videogames is so 1999, we have diversity century, now you can use Photo Mode Like a true Instagram Viking model and enjoy the likes you get.

  • dbgager
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    @desdecardo13 This is not a history simulator..Go read a book or something..Its called good taste

  • mitsunari3
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  • mitsunari3
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    wrong, people are still talking about & playing gta5 (made in 2013) in 2020. (and still the best selling game, way more than AC)
    (personally never liked gta5, but at least Rockstar doesn't treat customers as kids, "you can't do this & that".)
    your instagram junk talk is off-topic, talking about game here, not about taking pictures and being an attention seeker.

  • mitsunari3
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    the "animus" excuse no longer works, because:
    1) you can change Eivor's gender whenever you want
    2) ubi promoted it as "write your viking saga"
    3) many other open world games, you're playing as someone from the past too (not that different to "relieving someone's memories"), whatever you do outside mission isn't canon.
    if you just run the game and stand there for a week, thats not "relieving someone's memories" but the game still allows it.
    4) in Odyssey there are different endings (no spoiler please), how is that "relieving someone's memories"?

    "animus" is just a bad excuse to rip away customer's freedom, enjoyability & variety of gameplay.

  • Wombles-_-
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    It's not a murder simulator.

    I'm sure there are some mindless games out there where you can do just that. 🙄

    Hmm not sure about that Sofa, there's many a soldier in AC has died too satisfy my lust for loot that could have been bypassed ;).

    Though i wouldn't even think about killing a civvy. I can't see why it's not an option for those that walk on the the dark side 😨 .

  • longjohn119
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    so far i enjoyed Odyssey most, without the annoying de-sync when messing around with NPCs.
    i thought Ubisoft has learnt how to make games more enjoyable in 2018, but apparently not.
    seriously when its already an 18+ game, stop parenting us on how to play game.

    is this a joke that "viking" can't kill civilians?
    promoting it as "write your viking saga" is a LIE.

    the horse speed limit (if it still exists in Valhalla) is another annoying pointless restriction.
    AC "open world" just feel pointless, you might as well not include the npc civilians, "look but don't touch" even though we own the games.

    there are reasons why AC isn't as big as gta & other REAL open world games.

    Blame the AC Purists they were all complaining because you could kill civilians in Odyssey and they DEMANDED that they return to this which is how it worked in all the AC games before Origins .....

  • Raski0611
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    Never understand people who complain about things they could do but dont have to.
    These hypocratic Maniacs killed so many in a emotional rage that they feel Bad about it and now demand Change for all normal people. Normal people who wants from time to.time Just make one or two Kills, Just for practice or a little Bit fun, curiosity, because maybe this npc have 1000million Viking Gold.

  • NPCRonnie
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    What a pitiful whine topic! Have you guys nothing better to do then whine about killing civilians?

  • detroitin2019
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    yep. Even though I liked how in Odyssey you could hit them and get bounties put on you, nothing I’d complain about not being able to do.

  • Raski0611
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