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    @chevy_man2010 I think your assessment is spot on as I think I'm about 45 hours in. Oh, I've also played all of the AC series and Odyssey is the best for me. It's probably in my top 3 games overall in my 50 years playing. I'm in exploration mode right now and not advancing the story much. I have the settlement at level 3. I also play on console, Xbox One X, and my assumption the game is the same on both.

    The map just kills me. All the issues you mentioned plus not being able to ID certain icons. I shouldn't have to go to my browser to find out something simple like a map icon. The color scheme is messed up and I have trouble reading the white writing on the muted out brown/gray background. The Odyssey map would be the gold standard in my mind so not sure why that had to be changed.

    The Raven, hahahaha, we just as well not have one. I don't understand why the devs had to do such a drastic change on the map and the Raven. Not being able to tag everything as you do a fly over is just insane. It's funny when I'm headed toward a marker and then it just disappears around 150m from the target. I finally figured out I have to launch the useless Raven to ID an area that by the time I get to it what I needed was nowhere to be found, like you mentioned.

    I'm pretty sure there's a setting to change this, but I have a problem with enemies turning red when I do Odin scan. Why is this a thing now? So many changes.

    I need to check to see if my health has gone now as I've upgraded to max all my armor and weapons.

    Oh, big one for me here. I've raided all the areas that are at or a bit above my level but now there are none. There are also no story missions available to me. I keep doing the special vendor ones but even those now are level 90 and above. I'm only level 57! Am I doing something wrong? All the settlements I could raid are 160 up to 250, I'd get slaughtered. If anybody can provide some guidance here I'd appreciate it. Oh, and I am finding the cult guys, 6 so far, and I've finished 6/10 regular missions. The special vendor is stingy in giving those out for some reason.

    Lastly, I'm not liking the game freezing that's going on. I had to experience that with Borderlands 3 and I figured I could take a vacation away from it with Valhalla, no such luck.

    Nice write up OP.

  • mitsunari3
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    @souldrinkerlp lol Metacritic 😂, a site where you can open multi-accounts,
    can see how desperate you are to try to grip some support.

    whatever you say, try to overturn this,
    Odyssey's positive review in steam is one of the highest AC despite denuvo & greedy dlc (88% out of 73922), percentage surpassed by none; beating Origins, Revelations, Syndicate, Rouge, Unity, 1, 2, etc.
    steam is a place where you would can't multiple negative reviews unless you re-buy it again.

    Odyssey = "Assassins Greed", yes,
    but didn't Valhalla charge $15 for unlocked map?

  • mitsunari3
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    @paviu7 i wouldn't talk about youtuber, that google platform is a shaithole, views are more important than likes, no matter you agree with them or not.
    i wouldn't spend 20 minutes just on one single individual's opinion (or paid opinion), i find that idea pathetic.

    reddit is probably the better place, where you can upvote & downvote, where i found it out the ironic "viking-don't-kill" thing.

    bounty hunter is good Artificial Intelligence programming after you kill some npc,
    much better than de-sync which is poor lazy programming without AI involved.

    can't say pro-Valhalla or pro-Odyssey is majority without statistics.
    i didn't say we must be majority, if you look at SouldrinkerLP's comments & attitude, people of that kind are minority, i apologise for mixing you & him up.

    we didn't say Valhalla is bad, we just want wider variety of gameplay.

  • mitsunari3
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    @paviu7 and historical accuracy as well.

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    It can get annoying when your raiding and the civilian npcs can't or won't move out of the way. It stops me from charging till there is some space.

  • ZombieSomething
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    I loved Odyssey the most out of the AC series and I am loving Valhalla regardless of the bugs which there are a lot, but compared to the last game I was looking forward to, Borderlands 3, this game runs flawlessly LOL.

    As to the company parenting us and ruining the experience, sorry but you don't speak for a lot of people just yourself and I have no issues with games putting limits on what actions you can take in the game.

    They have 2 options:

    Allow the slaughter of villagers and deal with whatever repercussions it might bring from whatever watchdogs there are or how it affects the game itself.

    Don't allow the slaughter of villagers which might make certain elements of the game work better for them or make the story work better, and deal with the watch dogs like you.

    If you don't like an aspect of the game then go to their suggestions/fix areas and put in a request, but stop acting like this is for the best interest for the game.

    Or, here's an idea, make your own game and add all the slaughter you want and leave this one to be enjoyed by those of us that are absolutely loving it.

  • Chevy_man2010
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    Ubisoft, Im fed up. Im over 80 hours in & over level 220. Yet fight Zealot knights or any strong character where you should outrank rank them significantly but you still barely hurt them is utter nonsense.
    I play nothing but RPGs because first person games give me migraines & 2nd games Im a Marine Vet with no desire to relive my time in military through call of duty games.
    I've made multiple post over the last week & a half about my concerns & frustrations. Im been plugging away anyway because story was decent but I've finally had enough.
    Every area I've went to I outrank significantly for quite sometime. Example: I just finished Cent which was recommended Power level of 130 & I was power level of over 220.
    Which means guards shouldn't be a problem but because of bugs/glitches parrying is non-existent or it half way works if it does work.

    The leveling system is trash, button configuration is trash, parrying doesn't work, bird is useless, tagging on map is useless, compass on map is dumb.

    I dont know who designed this game for you Ubisoft but for being in Development for 2 years, yall got lazy & covid is no excuse.

    I am not reserving the next AC game if I buy it at all. You ruined this franchise for me in this game.

    Im speaking my mind because I've been a gamer for over 35 yrs since I was 4 with an Atari in 1985. I've had Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PS2, PS3, & PS4. I played the others just never owned them.

    I am a seasoned gamer & this is my opinion. Im not asking anyone to agree with me.

  • ZombieSomething
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    @chevy_man2010 Everyone has the right to their own opinion I completely agree, but I am curious, what do you mean Zealots barely get hurt?

    I have my fine warhammer at mythical and maxed, and the blacksmith at flawless and almost maxed, and I am currently 225 power level and I am destroying every zealot I see. I agree Parry is questionable, but blocking is OP in this game but I rarely use it. I use dodge a lot and the second I see a Zealot on the map I find them and kill them. My hammers destroy them in short order.

    Do you have your gear leveled up? Saying you can barely hurt Zealots is not an opinion, you state that as fact but it is wrong. I am 49 years old without the best reflexes and my hits knock out good size chunks of their health every successful hit.

  • Chevy_man2010
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    @zombiesomething i upgraded my armour & weapons. Not maxed but close. Im at level 220 & fighting a zealot knight at level 90 & he continued to beat me. Partly because of that stupid stamina dodge bar running out which stopped me from dodging.
    Also my axes did some damage but not as much as he did to me.

  • ZombieSomething
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    @chevy_man2010 The stamina bar gets old I will admit that. I do know with dual hammers (fine warhammer and blacksmith) and I took raven tree first and maxed out every health/melee/resist/hammer and got the adrenaline bar upgrades and I use the poison ability with my melee weapons after opening from a distance with flaming arrows from my bow, I see their health drop steadily and they die within a minute of combat at most.

    Now I did have a glitch where a zealot 1 shotted me with a final blow move, but I think it was a glitch where he was attacking a wolf and I dodged into his path so the final move killed me instead of the wolf. I reloaded and killed the wolves quick and then killed him and he never came close to killing me the second time.

    I have killed a dozen or so Zealots and while some are a pain because they dodge around a lot, they all died fairly easy.

    I will say I used axes early and switched to hammers later and never looked back, and I notice a HUGE difference with my fully levelled Fine Warhammer and how much damage I do.

  • Chevy_man2010
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    @zombiesomething thanks for the advice.

  • III_Hammer_III
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    While the game is not a history simulator, and the game is simply telling a story within a theme, an argument can be made against offering Vikings and delivering not-Vikings in one of their most basic aspects of Viking raids, which are a feature in this game, and go as far as penalizing you for doing so.

    As for good taste, that's in the eye of the beholder. I don't think this has anything to do with taste.

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 73 posts


    Or, here's an idea, make your own game

    we wouldn't be giving out free business advice if we have the resources to make AAA game 😉

  • WolfKissed82
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    @mitsunari3 Here is my take on the de-syncronisation rules.

    Going back to the previous Assassin's Creed games stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent was one of the core tennants of the Creed and yes I get Valhalla is set a longtime before the brotherhood reformed under the Leventine brother hood its still nice to have some control system in place that resembles what working from the shadows is all about.

    Secondly lets go back to the CGI trailer,

    King Alfred quoted that the Vikings murdred and killed blindly which historcially yes they did or we think they did as we only have historical written accounts of the Viking invasions documented by Saxon scribes, Bishops, Priests and other hi ranking indiviuals during the dark ages that was wrote with a certain degree of biasness as they wanted to create the persona the Vikings have what we are familier with today.

    If you watch the trailer closely Evior and his Clan was the complete opposite to the picture King Alfred was painting of them and thats the whole point of why killing civillians will cause desynchronisination as Eivior's intentions and visions of what life would be like in England is very dfifferent .

    The game's story serves as a counter argument as to who the Vikings was percieved

  • ACESsigepps
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    Yea, they are missing the best part in raiding. All the single ladies after the slaying of the towns warriors 😎

  • SofaJockey
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    It's not necessary to assert or prove that 'Vikings' would or would not kill civilians.

    All that is necessary to establish is that the character or Eivor would not do so (and if it happens their animus simulation desynchronises).

    This is not about the sandbox psychopaths having their way (or not), it is about being consistent with the plot and the choices (and restrictions) have been just fine. 😊

  • NaRr0w_MaRgIn
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    Just FYI everybody, you CAN kill NPCs without "failing" to de-sync...but you gotta limit yourself to a maximum of 2-3 depending on where you are. I play on PC, can't speak for how it might be on consoles. You'll get the de-sync warning you drop a couple of civilians for minding their own business, then just wait for the animus instability to fade before continuing to massacre the rest of the unarmed monks in whichever monastary (Christianity has killed more people in history than Vikings and plague combined, so "unarmed" is a bit misleading. Holy books are lethal weapons.)

    Just don't be too trigger happy.

  • paviu7
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    Parrying works like a charm. You need to work on your timing. There are different enemy types and some take longer between yellow warning and actual attack. Mostly bigger enemies attack with slight delay. Sometimes yellow flash doesn't appear (maybe it's a feature because I play on 3rd difficulty). Yet it is relatively easy to parry enemies even without warning sign because you see enemy pulling his weapon towards you. In short, parry when yellow warnings pops up only against regular folks and for others learn the timing.

    I can't relate to your complaint about damage. I kill regular warriors quite fast even if they are on the same level as me. I mean literally. I use daggers in both hands and they kill a guy in 3 seconds. Did you upgrade your armor and inserted runes for Attack? Power level means little if you have weak weapons. I tried to defeat Vinland legendary animal without armor and only with spear. Vinland suggested power is 0. I was around 140. I did very little damage to the creature. Armor is definitely important to be efficient killer.

    Zealots need to be beaten in a certain way. You can use Dive of the Valkyries when they do rune attack so they stagger and are open for hits. Harpoon Impalement does a lot of damage if you throw them at walls. If you don't have a wall nearby, at least pull zealot towards you to force his shield to be moved away for a moment. Brush With Death is also great against Zealot. You slow down time after successful dodge and can attack them from behind. Also use bow to hit their weak points. You can also throw back their spears with ability or shoot their mines if they walk on own traps.

    For easy kills you can use harpoon + dagger in offhand

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 73 posts

    @ghostsniper6 de-sync shouldn't be compulsary,
    its contradictive to "go invade & slaughter those who protect their country, but you must be a nice peaceful guy at the same time"
    its also realistic to kill civilians who are near, who knows if they got "hidden blade"?

    even the Vikings TV series, trying to portray Ragner & Lagertha as a nicer vikings, but their clan would still kill civilians during raid.
    its just unrealistic to skip those scenes.

    we could go back to previous AC or other games to kill civilians, but its unrealistic to ban it in a "Viking" theme.
    its not like it would affect ac purists' gameplay.
    ubi promoted is as "write your viking saga", is that a lie?

    forsthound030 had explained well in previous comment:

    As someone from a Norse back ground who has Viking blood in my line and knows what my heritage is about i can say this.

    Anyone saying Eivor wouldn’t kill civilians in a raid has zero understanding of Vikings, saying he’s an assassin doesn’t work either, Eivor doesn’t even know what the hidden ones are most of the game, Eivor would not be in any raiding party at all as well if he was caught playing peacemaker during a raid, in a real Viking raid more civilians are killed then actual warriors, it’s common knowledge if you put even a slight effort into researching what Vikings were like. (They wernt these psychos that killed everything on sight but they killed ALOT, especially in a raid)


    We are Viking and to anyone who actually has two brain cells will realize that us being Viking is enough to kill civilians of a different culture during a raid, the priest wouldn’t be walking out alive usually.

    desyncing is idiotic during a raid at any point for a civilian killed, especially when the civilians won’t move away from enemy npcs and become collateral damage

    i dont go looking to kill civilians during the raid myself but with how much they actually get in the way, they need to be killable with no desync because I’ve had 4 raids ruined from random civilians running into a fight, and get themselves killed

    honestly tho Evior would be stuck back at home cleaning sheep crap if he did what he did in this game as a Viking.

    lets just call these Ubisoftvikings, because honestly this are not how real Vikings act at all

    Ubisoft has showed it’s moving away from the typical assassin resctrictions which is what alot of people want them to do, so hopefully Valhalla shows Ubisoft why the desyncing needs to work like in odyssey with the merc system or just remove it completely, or don’t bother making a game with warriors like Vikings if your gonna put personal restrictions on them🙄🙄🙄

  • DaedricLordAl
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    omg right? Odyssey was better. There, I said it... and it's glitchy, horse is slow, and whenever im doing parkour/climb mode i always get caught in something or it goes the wrong direction , and it made me throw my controller at the wall because i got stuck and shot with an arrow and died. I do however LOVE how your able to change the gameplay/controls. I was able to turn off that stupid "lock target" feature that i hated in the last game. But honestly it just feels like they took a bunch of steps back from Odyssey.

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