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    @patricia81994 I can't help you if a game is good or bad for you simply by the fact if civilians attack you with brooms. Feels kinda picky tbh.

  • forcefrank
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    From Chevyman2010:
    If I could actually dodge or parry it wouldn't bother me. But parrying is a joke & they added a stamina bar that runs out so you cant dodge which is stupid.

    The above says it all to a tee. I tried to fight a world event character last night for an hour and parrying IS a joke. I got demolished so many times I finally gave up. I think I was only 45 levels below this one but I've fought non-bosses up to 100 levels above me, and although difficult, they weren't impossible.

  • shaiwan43
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    Not being able to kill civilians is really annoying for me as well. Sometimes I accidentally kill civilians with AoE attacks and get de-synced. Sometimes I can't even tell a civilian apart from a soldier. Even then, Vikings did, in fact, kill civilians. Re-creating a semi-historically based realistic type game, then censoring it, is in poor taste.

  • Chevy_man2010
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    Yea, Its like whoever designed this game is not a gamer at all. This game is a joke. This game needs major redesign. If they dont I want half my money back. I paid 130 bucks for this game & its trash.

    I will not be pre-ordering the next one if I buy it at all. Unless they do a major overall & do something to make up for this majorly.

  • forcefrank
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    @chevy_man2010 I just can't believe the game made it out of testing without somebody saying at one of the studios that this isn't right. I wonder about that with a lot of AAA games these days. Games as a service is the worst thing to come to gaming.
    And then there are the other ton of issues I pointed out on IG and Twitter last week:
    Map changes that make no sense, you can't hover over icons and get a desc and the color/writing is so close together it's hard to see (could be that I'm 62 though). Then there are some icons I haven't even had a chance to look up yet and aren't listed in the map list.
    Raven is all messed up, but then again I'm used to how it worked in other games. Why can't I ID enemies like before? I'm not sure I like the green circle concept. I guess its better that I figured out I can leave a marker inside the green circle.
    Eivor's scan marks enemies with a red glow, don't like that. I liked how it was in other games where it showed their level. The red glow just makes it look so fake, to me anyway.
    Skills are a hot mess. They don't seem be anywhere as effective as they were in Odyssey. I've submitted a trouble ticket as mine don't even activate half the time I use them. It's the same for both melee and ranged. The controller changes for using skills makes it even worse (Xbox One).
    All of these are minor and while they do affect me, others may disagree.

  • Patricia81994
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    @patricia81994 I can't help you if a game is good or bad for you simply by the fact if civilians attack you with brooms. Feels kinda picky tbh.

    And again no answer to my question what else is new and you also talk about crafting arrows in midfight is unrealistic and should not be in the game and again being a demigod with magical powers is ... i mean what ? The word that i have to describe you right now would probably ban me for life.

    Ps and don't bother to reply to this post because i'm done with you.

  • PotatoePet
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    @patricia81994 I bother what I want to bother with. You are talking about another thread with the arrows. Where the original poster said:
    "Eivor is stupid because he can't craft arrows midfight."
    Which implies it's the most normal thing in the world to craft stuff while being in a fight. It's not and it doesn't make Eivor stupid.

  • Finalflash07
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    Same can be said about 'nudity': totally not present, despite the vikings being known as rapists and nymphomaniacs.
    Canada (Montreal) is known for being politically correct and defending feminism to extreme lengths, because they don't want to offend any 'libtards'

  • FylkirPanzer
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    @finalflash07 There is nudity in a scene involving Rollo in one of the story arcs, can't remember which one, but it involved some ealdorman and his wife. There is also a Daughter of Lerion whose chest is exposed to some degree. It's not much, but it doesn't seem like enough to warrant a toggle for it.

  • YoungSpoodles
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    For me it’s more like the miasma skill completely obliterates every civilian it comes into contact with and then spreads like the plague. If you kill a guard in a heavily populated town in Valhalla with poison you’re going to get desynchronized whether you meant to kill them or not. That’s why it should be taken out of the game. It’s not like I’m purposefully killing civs. They just die. Sometimes my raiding crew will accidentally merc some priests and I’ll get sent back to the most recent save because of them. Apparently no one has thought of that..

  • FylkirPanzer
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    @youngspoodles I run into this issue a lot, though with explosive pots, traps, and arrows. Not to mention just the general chaos of fighting in melee. Killing civilians should really be a toggle option, like nudity and dismemberment; so if people want to play old school Assassin's they can.

  • isidamn
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    @fylkirpanzer agree.
    and the lame horse speed restriction as well 😕

  • FylkirPanzer
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    @isidamn The horse speed isn't that much of an issue for me, but I will complain endlessly about the walking speed while using the cloak. Why is Eivor suddenly moving like a sloth?

  • kephalonix
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    @mitsunari3 Eivor is not a homicidal maniac.

    my Eivor has killed over 3000 people!

  • DaelosTheCat
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    I was kind of disappointed when I entered a church during a raid, shot an explosive arrow at a guard, accidentally hit too many civilians and got de-synced. I mean, whut? It's a raid. Things happen. People die. That's the point. Valhalla's ad campaign said #Likeaviking. But the game is nothing like vikings. It's more like #LikeaModernDudeCosplayingAsVikingInaParodyOfMiddleAges.

  • Blackwolfe5
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    I don't mind getting desynced when you kill Civilians..

    HOWEVER, it is WAY too sensitive. Especially if you use something like the weapon runes that can put down poison clouds on heavy finishers and suddenly 10 scared civilians decide to run through it..

    If Civilians weren't stupid AF basically running between me and an enemy..

    There was a quest in Lincolnshire I failed FOUR times because of desync, because there was a battle inside a building and there were also civilians around, some of them running around in the thick of battle getting hit by accident..

    That was never really an issue in Oddysey. In Oddysey the civilian AI was not this bloody stupid.. and you didn't get desynced if they died by proxy (an enemy being poisoned and dropping a cloud on death)...

  • Frosthound030
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    @blackwolfe5 dude the body traps are the worst, sometimes kills 3 civilians in one trap when the go investigate it, ugh sucks doing full stealth for an hour just to get desynced by a civi inspecting a trap

  • mitsunari3
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    This post is deleted!
  • Bob__Gnarly
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    What does Ubi think happened to civilians during viking raids... Just another aspect of the game done wrong.

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 74 posts

    @bob__gnarly Ubisoft Montreal is incapable to program Artificial Intelligence reaction after unimportant npc get killed,
    using de-sync to hide it;
    while few ac purists still living in 2007 would defend Ubisoft Montreal.

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