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    @icey04585 oh yes someone is going to tell me something about my own culture they found on Wikipedia 😂😂😂😂 tell me more about my own culture please

    you pretty much proved you viking and Norse knowledge is all internet found junk

  • SouldrinkerLP
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    @mitsunari3 It was known for months now. Since the first YouTubers and Influencers were able to play a demo. Oof. Nice try.

  • Icey04585
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    @igrvks then they shouldn't have been mentioned. Mentioning another game is comparing it to said game. You asked me to tell you which posts, I did.

    Your point said "point out that the decapitation, impalement and cutting off limbs happens automatically in the combat, regardless of player input or desire." I pointed out where you were wrong.

    @Frosthound030 and I am sure you get yours from living there during the period.

  • Frosthound030
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    @icey04585 lmao i moved to Canada 4 years ago from Narvik Norway, so ya, i kinda do know our own history, But keep trying to tell people about their own cultures😂
    our background and history in Norway is very important so a lot of us know our history.

    lets grab someone with the back ground of Native American and maybe Jewish so you can tell them all about their own culture as well😂😂😂

  • igrvks
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    then they shouldn't have been mentioned. Mentioning another game is comparing it to said game.

    According to who? 😄 You are literally trying to come up with "new rules" like this is a playground argument or something.

    You asked me to tell you which posts, I did.

    You asked me if you should keep going, I said please do.

    Your point said "point out that the decapitation, impalement and cutting off limbs happens automatically in the combat, regardless of player input or desire." I pointed out where you were wrong.

    You grasped at one sentence of a lengthy post, completely ignored the rest and now act like you are not aware of the fact. Are you acting dense in a vain attempt to troll me or are you just out of arguments?

  • Chevy_man2010
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    Im almost 80 hrs in & story is ok. Eivor is cool & I have a Norse background myself along with Scottish, Irish, & Native American. And to boot I'm also a Christian so most of these post are interesting plus first time I'm really on a forum is for this game.
    I've been gaming since the Atari when I was 5. Played every AC game. Ezio series was good, Unity wad ok, Syndicate was fun (but everyone hated industrial revolution I heard), Origins was eh in my opinion (finished story but that was it), Odyssey was amazing/gripping/fun & the DLC's were detailed explained so much.
    Only thing Origins & Odyssey did was bring back a Modern a protagonist to make the game more engaging like it was with Desmond.

    Now Valhalla overall storyline is pretty good. I'm enjoying building the settlement but resources being so scarce is [censored] me off. Plus not being able to sell or breakdown armour I dont want is useless. I'm carrying around junk I dont need.

    Valhalla's map is tiny compared to Odyssey in truth plus the map is crap because when you tag stuff & go back in game then you cant find it. That compass at top of screen is worthless.

    Raven/eagle is worthless now (cant tag enemies, cant tag locations & if you do when you get close it vanishes & you cant find it).
    Location tagging is worthless especially if searching for something.

    Button configuration was changed completely which screws up game play & they put it in so you can change it but on console playstation for example there isn't enough buttons for all the actions they put in so everything conflicts.

    The auto lock on enemies doesn't work even if you put it on full because I was testing it out.

    There are items in plain sight you need to interact with that you cant & missions you cant finish because you cant interact with them.

    Then who in their right mind adds a stamina bar for dodging & swinging weapons?

    Better yet, it says under armour (upgrading armour lowers health) in what world? Last I checked when you wear armour it increases your endurance/stamina/strength, protected your health & made you stronger.

    I have never said this & the story isnt bad. But overall this for paying $130 for the Ultimate Edition. This is the Worst AC Game I've played so far with all the glitches bugs & crap so far.

    I bought Collectors Edition of Odyssey & loved it.

    Everyone can bash me for my opinion.

    I am not an all out kill them all person. I prefer stealth & the assassin game play with some all out fights mixed in.
    London was fun. But I think they should do a more steady mix of the classic AC with Odyssey games mechanics.

  • mitsunari3
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    @souldrinkerlp even if we suppose your statement were true,
    not everyone look at those attention seekers on youtube.
    not everyone expected features to be removed.
    i doubt we could easily find that information just from searching "ac valhalla kill civilians" before released.
    personally i found it out from others complaining in reddit.

    unless you do a survey yourself and ask why people buy Valhalla,
    your claim of "people love being parented" is just your funny assumption 😉

    nice try

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 73 posts

    @mangybasterd indeed, sales of ACO were much higher than previous AC, but do those many extra customers come from non-AC reasons?

    • hack & slash, which old fans complain the new combat system is not AC
    • attracted by the egyptian/ greek myth theme?
    • less restrictions?

    i'm not able to answer that question for every customer.

  • Flanker1Six
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    @mitsunari3 Hey! These are "nice" socially just vikings! 😕 They had to go through an initial 80 hr course in diversity, inclusiveness, sexual harassment, use of force, and the corrupt practices act. Then take annual 40hr refresher courses. That means, no raping, no killing (civvies), no bribery, being sensitive & inclusive at all times, no racial or gender stereotyping, no swearing, and being kind to animals (except those you can get leather from).

    For my part; I'm fine with ACV's sensitivity, and endorse the imposition of a 21st Century Value System on the 9th Century Barbarian we're playing..........................."but" it would be nice if we could get JUST ONE ******* SET OF PERIOD CORRECT ARMOR AND A ONE HANDED SWORD to use (as opposed to the juvenile wet dream fantasy crap we're stuck with)! 🤡

    BAD Flanker.................................

  • paviu7
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    2) its a game, we are players, not actors.

    Incorrect. We are playing the role of someone who was a different viking. Eivor did not kill many civilians. Not every game is pandering to maniacs of freedom in games. There are games that establish a character and invite us to take the role of that character. AC was always a story that players don't shape but re-live. In RPG Assassins we get a bit of freedom in shaping the story but basically the core of it is unchanged. Protagonists don't kill civilians, period.

  • SouldrinkerLP
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    @mitsunari3 They showcased how they got back to the roots with social stealth etc. in official videos from Ubisoft. If anything they removed the feature of desync on civilian kill in Origins (by option) and Odyssey (by default). And of course I am not 100% serious any longer as like I said we won't find any common ground we could agree upon. So why should I keep being serious? The game sold and is still selling very good. Even better than Odyssey did which is of course 1) the Setting of Vikings and 2) the promises they made in their videos.

    Do you actually think all these buyers are uninformed idiots? As if people don't read reviews, watch videos, trailers etc. to decide if they want to invest $60-$100 for a game.

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 73 posts

    @paviu7 you are wrong. go write a book. explained it already if you can read it.
    killing some npc civilians won't change the core either.
    are Bayek (ACP mode), Alexios & Kassandra not protagonists, according to your "period"?
    what players do outside mission are not canon, makes me wonder how many games you have played.
    Viking kill civilians, fullstop.

    you can also learn more about Vikings from Frosthound030's post 😉

    As someone from a Norse back ground who has Viking blood in my line and knows what my heritage is about i can say this.

    Anyone saying Eivor wouldn’t kill civilians in a raid has zero understanding of Vikings, saying he’s an assassin doesn’t work either, Eivor doesn’t even know what the hidden ones are most of the game, Eivor would not be in any raiding party at all as well if he was caught playing peacemaker during a raid, in a real Viking raid more civilians are killed then actual warriors, it’s common knowledge if you put even a slight effort into researching what Vikings were like. (They wernt these psychos that killed everything on sight but they killed ALOT, especially in a raid)


    We are Viking and to anyone who actually has two brain cells will realize that us being Viking is enough to kill civilians of a different culture during a raid, the priest wouldn’t be walking out alive usually.

    desyncing is idiotic during a raid at any point for a civilian killed, especially when the civilians won’t move away from enemy npcs and become collateral damage

    i dont go looking to kill civilians during the raid myself but with how much they actually get in the way, they need to be killable with no desync because I’ve had 4 raids ruined from random civilians running into a fight, and get themselves killed

    honestly tho Evior would be stuck back at home cleaning sheep crap if he did what he did in this game as a Viking.

    lets just call these Ubisoftvikings, because honestly this are not how real Vikings act at all

    Ubisoft has showed it’s moving away from the typical assassin resctrictions which is what alot of people want them to do, so hopefully Valhalla shows Ubisoft why the desyncing needs to work like in odyssey with the merc system or just remove it completely, or don’t bother making a game with warriors like Vikings if your gonna put personal restrictions on them🙄🙄🙄

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 73 posts

    @souldrinkerlp i doubt this "parent"/ lack-of-Artificial-Intelligence thing is promoted in official video.
    even players who bought the game agreed it shouldn't be de-sync, in the comments above you.

    we could have found common ground, we didn't say you shouldn't do you AC stuff, but you think we shouldn't have bounty hunt system which wouldn't affect your gameplay.
    you moaned about Odyssey, statistics (steam reviews) proved your opinion is minority.
    you keep coming back for arguments, as if you have nothing better to do?
    UltimatePowa above has advised the likes of you:

    You play the game as you want, stop telling others how their game should be played.

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 73 posts


    And of course I am not 100% serious any longer as like I said we won't find any common ground we could agree upon. So why should I keep being serious?

    statistics proved your moaning about Odyssey is minority, you couldn't deal with it.
    you believed everyone should play in your way, you were called "narrow-minded", you couldn't deal with it.
    other players with knowledge taught you what Vikings really are, you couldn't deal with the truth.
    you didn't realised launch sales is mostly due to previous game's success (Odyssey), you couldn't deal with it.
    there's no review system in Ubi store or Epic to support whatever you claim, you couldn't deal with it.
    (there are other threads about downgrade from Odyssey, not just us here) 😉

    you did well in all these serious talks, thanks for reminding us 🙂

  • mitsunari3
    Original poster 73 posts

    account name: paviu7
    Joined 3 hours ago

    nice fake account from noisy minority 😂

  • Hacsauce111
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    @mitsunari3 the only real problem I have with this is that the npc be setting of the the traps on the body and dieing unnecessary to stupid [censored] and runing in front of around and tuning into first like I am not intentionally killing the npc their basically comity assisted suicide and I get penalized for it

  • paviu7
    19 posts

    @mitsunari3 Ancient settings plus popular mythology did definitely help with sells. Plus gaming is getting bigger and bigger. There are more customers in general than around AC3/Black Flag release. Also the fact that Ubisoft doesn't spam AC every year doesn't result in franchise fatigue.

  • FylkirPanzer
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    I can understand the lack of civilian killing from an in game perspective, i.e. Eivor was subject to a brutal raid and understands the cost of innocents dying, etc.

    However, I would have at least liked an option to toggle so I don't have to worry about desynching if I kill one civilian too many, which has happened a few times and has resulted in me getting killed or kicked back to a checkpoint. It's honestly very annoying, so now I have to tiptoe around fights in crowded areas or make sure civilians aren't in the way of hazards, etc.

    Not to mention Vikings were notorious for the whole pillage and plunder thing, especially when it came to priests and the like. Like I get it, Eivor was traumatized or something, but at least give the me the option to kill civilians so I don't have to worry about desynch.

  • paviu7
    19 posts

    @mitsunari3 The fact that I made a new forum account doesn't discredit me. If you weren't living in own bubble and looked at actual comments, majority praise Valhalla and find it as improvement over Odyssey. Whether comments come from AC youtubers, twitter comments, reddit and metacritic reviews, majority clearly state that power system is better than level system, map and quest design aren't a chore and no bounty hunter interrupting player's activity every several minutes is godsend. This forum is actually the minority if you compare the sheer number of posts. So the fact that you write here doesn't make this place majority. Voices that share your liking on social media are vastly outnumbered with the opinions that Valhalla > Odyssey

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @mitsunari3 I am sure you can find at least 3 threads about how bad Odyssey is on the forums as well. And they will have at least as much replies as the ones mentioned by you. So if the people complaining about Odyssey were a minority. What does that make you? 🙂

    Metacritic User score for PS4
    Odyssey: 6.3
    Valhalla: 6.7

    I couldn't find any review mentioning the desyncing there. Many of them are about bugs and some about graphics. And some of them actually say it's still not a real AC game.
    On the other hand Odyssey was badly reviewed by users a lot because of "Assassins Greed"

    And as an addition:
    Metacritic User score for PC:
    Odyssey: 6.0
    Valhalla: 7.6

    Of course time will tell. But if it werent for the bugs I am pretty sure Valhalla will perform better in user scores than Odyssey.
    I feel pretty confident to say that it doesn't come down to "Kill civilians" for 99% of people playing. Of course they could add that option in the settings but after all it is their decision as the artists.

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