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  • Patricia81994
    113 posts


    Even in Valhalla we have gods!Odin is equal to Zeus....
    Valhalla is a stepdown from Odyssey in story, abilities, graphics, gear, boss battle, fantasy. This was a trilogy of fantasy..so..put fantasy in the gameWe have Fenrir but Odin (Havi) and the rest of the Norse Gods are thrash?/Look at the Curse of The Pharaohs and Atlantis...So beautiful dlcs...
    Ubi in 2020 copy the Witcher to make settlement like B&W....
    I like Valhalla but at 50% progress i'm burning and i lost interest becasue i do raids only for those 20 pieces of whatever they are, i do not like the gear system...trash....They have 2 years to make a strong game for Norse saga...
    What to buy from store?Nothing?To much money for nothing...why to search for opals??for nothing...
    Look at Odyssey in store and see what pack they have...
    So...the dev need to make to much changes to make a good game.Mount....what mount?Who have stamina but in England with so many hills he cant move properily??

    Pls dev...do somenthing right now if u do mot loose many of us to not want to buy the dlcs....even the game...Now im o u+ cuz i read all forums and feedbacks and i playing but im lost intereset in Asgard after 1 mission...Norse mithology trashed here....

    Have you seen this video of a game by some South Koreans coming out sometime in 2021 ...... It looks absolutely amazing

    I will definitely keep an eye out for Odin Valhalla Rising it does look amazing. I do have one little problem with this video so far and that is combat look at around 3:20 it looks a little to colorful for my taste.

  • FiskiWiski
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    Surprised nobody mentioned how ridiculous it is that you can take axe and sword hits just fine and then die if you come near to anything that's alight.
    When this was playtested, didn't anyone ask why a nearby torch is more dangerous than any weapon? Are you made of petrol?

  • Zlyback
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    @mitsunari3 yah, not that I want to massacre civilians, but if I am playing a Viking during a raid, I want to slaughter everyone.

    the other issue is, if you happen to get into a fight in a city, you better avoid all AOE attacks. Can’t count how many times I almost de-synced cause fire started to kill civilians.

  • Zlyback
    6 posts

    mentioned in my final review post about the weapons. In odyssey, like you said, we got cool legendary weapons through the game. Poseidon’s spear or Agamemnon helmet, etc and we got to use those for a good chunk and feel powerful in them. In Valhalla I didn’t get any truest legendary weapons like Odins spear or Thor’s hammer till the very very end. There was nothing left for me to kill and use them on.

    Spot on with the hidden chest. EVERY. SINGLE. Chest. I have to find some stupid crack to unbar the door or go find a key. Or even worse, find 3 keys. Most are so arbitrary too, like it’s sitting in a well right outside, so I just had to waste 5min looking and climbing. Why can’t some of them just be available?

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    I know that got me seriosuly annoyed. I wouldnt mind one or two locked chests or doors in a game but so many in this game, it was a HUGE nuisance!

  • WolfKissed82
    25 posts

    @california_dude The whole point of reducing the bird mechanic was due to the exasperating over reliance on it in Odyssey! its encouraging the player to be more strategic when utalising stealth when encountering bandit camps and forts.

    Maybe this was not to everyones liking but I welcomed these changes.

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    uhmm thats what the difficulty settings are for: adventurer, explorer and pathfinder.

    Now when you fly with the bird you can only see if there is leather close by, but not even which kind of animal.

    You can no longer track multiple enemies just 3 and so on and so forth. Also unlocking fast travel points upgraded your bid, which was a rewarding and fun experience.

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    i really dislike the fact that i am forced to spend skillpoints on skill and nodes that i will never use, it was forced to do so in order to unlock the mastery system>
    I will never play with a bow, so all those skills and nodes are wasted and i could have spend them in mastery system otherwise.

    I really miss the transmog system.

    I hate all the incredible slowmo finisher moves, this slows the combat down a lot, just make a toggle somewhere to turn that off.
    It get super boring seeing the same finisher moves over and over again.
    Combat in odyssey was super smooth and fluid, not so much in valhalla.

    Why do enemies drop flowers, why not weapons and gear?

    The loot system in odyssey wasnt g reat, but much better then in valhalla, why didnt they improve that system instead of putting all gear in chests and making bossfights in the progress not rewarding at all.

    Hardest difficulty in odyssey was super easy and it was an isseu back then. I dont understand why they didnt change that in valhalla, instead I play on drengr and it feels like easy mode once more.
    Why are there almost no enemies in this world?

  • WolfKissed82
    25 posts

    @asgardian02 Right so Vikings ( according to archeological experts and historians and numerous written accounts ) used Ravens to scout ahead during sea voyages to locate dry land, if the bird flew back then it was sign there was nothing ahead, if it didnt return it was sign they was close to a Landing.

    This has a correlation with Norse mythology As Odin was said to send out two Ravens called Huggin and Muninn ( Old Norse ) to the world and bring him back information.

    I can use Synin to hover above and scout enemies from above and identify threats that turn red much like Odin vision ! I can tag secret entrances using Synin so I dont see what the problem is when reliance on the bird is scalled down.

    There is an ability you can asign ( Like Origins and Odyssey ) you can order Synin to distract and attack enemies.

    You are a Viking not a Mistios

  • Warchild3330
    3 posts

    I’ve read that many stated that the Odyssey map was too cluttered, to me it gave so much more to do. The Valhalla map is so sparse you could have added 100 more side missions and still never filled the map. So much wonderfully created open world space wasted. Just build a map 1/3 the current size to show how much less you delivered compared to Odyssey, a giant leap backwards in map size and available missions. Odyssey is the benchmark you need to try to attain or bypass in the future.
    Most bugs are gone now except two completed hoard maps remain in my inventory although they are complete. Oxenefordscire and Eurvicscire maps are offending culprits.
    The large flat fish and large mackerel do not exist on the map anywhere.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    pfft... i know all that, but this is a fiction not real historical accuracy.
    As such i want to be rewarded for my time invested. This is my opinion.

    As such i find that a game company should try to improve and move forward from previous titles instead of going backwards.

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    thats what i am saying, they should i previous titles and see whats cool and further improve those thing.

    such as the armory for exmaple where you could save different builds and setups with according armor.
    Instead they removed that and the transmog system and the cool ship upgrade systems and such.

    Sure everything is based upon some sort of reality but in the end its still a game where you can do stuff that you couldnt do in real life.
    So instead oif taking itself to serious and taking away all the fun, why not imrpove cool systems

  • WolfKissed82
    25 posts

    @asgardian02 Thats very true about rewards ( I am totaly in agreement with you ) but when I was playing Odyssey I really felt that there was an over reliance on the use of Ikaros, for example approach a camp or fort tag the enemies and stealthly take them out using chain, it was literally the same over and over again, I feel with Assassins Creed Valhalla it challenges you to strategise and stealthy plan your attacks when clearing camps so I felt that Synnin's purpose scouting surroundings how the enemy is positioned and seeking out hidden entrances is the right limitation

    Again thats just my opinion, I like to be challenged.

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    I never used to eagle in such a way. But if i need to find stuff his extra skill were really usefull and i missed the sense of accomplishment with that in valhalla.

    I dont care about stealth or ranged combat, i never hide bodies and such, i always go through the front door and kill everything, the more enemies engage the better.
    Unfortunately there only 4-5 guys at time that attack you and even then they wait turns.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @droid8apple I'm replaying Odyssey now to get a better comparison and Valhalla does feel quite clunky in comparison. I dislike not being able to climb everything. The bird in Valhalla is next to useless, really annoyed me. It's kind of useful for finding where you are meant to go, but only because they remove the quest marker once you get near, and then the area doesn't even remain highlighted. Also, I can fall from anything in Odyssey without taking damage, as I'm on NG+ I'm unsure if you start off like that, but while it's unrealistic, it saves tedious climbing down. Also agree with the NPC's. Both systems are ridiculous actually. In Odyssey, random peasants attack you with brooms and you can slaughter hundreds with no consequences, while in Valhalla you get desync warnings for hitting them accidentally, and in both games they will bumble right into your fights like dimwits.

    I did feel godlike at the end of Valhalla, more so than in Odyssey (not counting that ridiculous Ares Madness - or whatever it's called skill), as I can 1 hit people with a bow, while in Odyssey I really suck with bow. I also like the narrative in Valhalla, with some exceptions.

  • Asgardian02
    1938 posts


    also in odyssey due to the merc system you can trigger it so that many come hunting you, if you go to a fort that way at least you have some nice combat flow.

    In Valhalla i have actually died a few times already due to killing to many civilians which is pretty weird to be punished for as a viking.
    I get get that we cant [censored] women or anything even though thats what vikings did as well.
    But we do get to raid, just a harmless version it seems.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @asgardian02 Yeah the merc system in Odyssey is great imo, especially as they never stop spawning. It's cool how you can rampage to get tons after you if you like, as well as there being options to avoid them if you prefer, plus you can use assassin skills on them, which you can't on the handful of zealots in Valhalla, unless maybe playing dead works - didn't try.

  • Gravelmead
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    @droid8apple A downgrade in ALL ways. I cannot name one single thing that isn't worse. Odyssey is a mountain which Valhalla never managed to get to the foot of.

  • Viem
    54 posts


    Exacly that mate! I am about to post a petition for Ubisoft to add an exploration option to remove tagging enemies altogether and quest marks - i don't even use the skill Stealth Recon, becasue it is completely unrealistic.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @viem you could just not use Odin's sight and not select an active quest.

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