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  • Cuchulain123
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    I see what you're saying and I agree with the notion, but I can also refute what you're claiming. I've decapitated plenty of women. (Don't take that out of context...)

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    @ehllfhire1 how am I wrong....the only time you hear of “shieldmaidens” is in sagas which are fantasy story’s....females didn’t fight in wars they did not go on raids....it’s been disputed many times but screw my collage education that primarily focuses on Viking history.....

    Wrong. It has been discussed above. There are real evidences of Nordic women going "viking" in Byzantines, Arab and Frankish texts.
    And even without talking about female warriors, the place of the woman in the Nordic societies was pretty good during the viking age. We cant say that women were the equal of man, but they had a lot of rights. Some of them became jarls, possessed land, or were traders.
    Christianity degraded women's condition drastically.
    On topic even if "Too modern" to my liking:

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    Women have always been considered better in Nordic countries than elsewhere, even in Europe. For other societies/cultures they are only mothers and cooks...
    visit Nordic countries, men of the south, and you'll see how our women are! (And I love it like that!)

  • Dosett
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    A female Viking warrior confirmed by genomics: (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/ajpa.23308)

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    How are they?
    I bet they are way more relaxed and confident? less like the sexist hypocrites we face today elsewhere in supposed equal societies .
    Most I see in Europe is more ore less sexist propaganda of one sort ore the other....


  • Mac-70-
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    So sexism is ok only when it's towards males?

    Of course it is. 😜 😝

    Good one Patricia ;).

  • Patricia81994
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    So sexism is ok only when it's towards males?

    Of course it is. 😜 😝

    Good one Patricia ;).

    Why thank you ... that was my thought as well. 😉 😊

  • Flanker1Six
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    Sssssoooooo-----------------I guess I'm the only one who turns all of their kills over to check for: Primary sexual characteristics, proper male to female warrior ratio (50/50), and dismemberment equality index? Sure; it takes a lot of extra time, but it's well worth it to keep those reactionaires at Ubi on the proper diversity/inclusiveness path. 😉

  • Lafrendgio
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    @vvrathh pretty sure I sent an npc with a female voice's heads flying a couple of times. To say if they were glitched, body swapped, I didn't really notice. I noticed the swapping glitches on the Jomsvikings. Lol pretty hilarious if you ask me. Though it also speaks incompetence cause it doesn't stop there.

  • SeanC.87
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    show me historical proof that females went to war and on raids I’ll wait......

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    @seanc-87 Historical proofs are texts I mentioned above. Different sources: Frank, Arab and Byzantine.
    The most well know written sources are:

    • The Byzantine historian John Skylitzes records that women fought in battle when Sviatoslav I of Kiev attacked the Byzantines in Bulgaria in 971.
    • Saxo Grammaticus reported that shield-maidens fought on the side of the Danes at the Battle of Brávellir in the year 750.
    • They are also mentioned several times in the Volsunga saga.

    Add to that the huge amount of burial grounds in Northern Europe with warriors buried there with their weapons and shields. A not neglectful amount of those warriors were... women.

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    "Now out of the town of Sle, under the captains Hetha and Wisna, with Hakon Cut-cheek came Tummi the Sailmaker. On these captains, who had the bodies of women, nature bestowed the souls of men. Webiorg was also inspired with the same spirit, and was attended by Bo (Bui) Bramason and Brat the Jute, thirsting for war."
    — Saxo Grammaticus

    Mentioned also in:
    The annals of Clonmacnoise
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annals_of_Clonmacnoise: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annals_of_Clonmacnoise)
    The annals of Innisfallen
    https://digital.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/inquire/Discover/Search/#/?p=c+0,t+,rsrs+0,rsps+10,fa+,so+ox%3Asort%5Easc,scids+,pid+84134710-3dd3-4ab4-8ea0-72c22a685c65,vi+0be07fac-a18e-4816-b33c-10aa506b2bf9: (https://digital.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/inquire/Discover/Search#/?p=c+0,t+,rsrs+0,rsps+10,fa+,so+ox%3Asort%5Easc,scids+,pid+84134710-3dd3-4ab4-8ea0-72c22a685c65,vi+0be07fac-a18e-4816-b33c-10aa506b2bf9)
    The annals of Ulster
    https://celt.ucc.ie//published/T100001A/: (https://celt.ucc.ie/published/T100001A)

    Hetha, Wisna, Tummi and Webiorg salute you from Valhalla!😏

  • desdecardo13
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    @vvrathh I am able to behead female combative NPCs. Don't know what you are doing wrong. Or you can't tell that you are attacking a female which is probably the case. With the armor and all. It is easy to just assume for some since women aren't able to fight according to them so you are not going to tell when you are killing one who is wearing armor.

  • desdecardo13
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    @seanc-87 You really shouldn't have to wait. Women had been fighting in combat for well over a 1000 years before this game takes place. The first Romans to report back from that area reported that the women were as tall as trees and ran through them like the wind and drank the blood of their enemies. I think that was Pliny the Younger that wrote it in his encyclopedia. It is incredibly common knowledge. Because you think women belong being servile you brush over history like it means nothing because it doesn't fit your narrative. I suggest picking up some of those old tomes written by people of the era. Pretty good resources for this. Especially the northern people. You have to go off of only old Disney movies to think women did not fight along with the men and raided. Just had sexist/bigot religious people that tended to downplay significance of people they wanted to marginalise. The Danes in the old norse tongue had a specific class of warrior called the skjaldmær. The requirement was being female.

    Mentioned in every saga. Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks and Gesta Danorum. Also, people tended to change the sex of some people due to sexism and bigotry and didn't bother to change their names. Like how the MC has a completely feminine name and surname but people play her as a male. The thing is female fighters were really well known. Enough to have operas written about them and being a main part of the old religion. A lot of the mythology and history survived christianity from that region and is really easy to come across information.

  • Hank_Pank
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    Mate, I think you may be confused undefined

  • lazgk50
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    I dont think there is any gender identification in this game even female eivor looks like male eivor in his teens and on steroids xD and yes i play female eivor since she supposed to be canon.

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