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  • ValtyrNine
    87 posts

    @darknessviking You don't have to burn anything if you don't want to. Your Viking crew NPCs will run around and randomly throw torches on things during raids (including themselves, hilariously). But nothing is forcing you as the player to personally burn anything. The NPCs just toss torches on buildings or objects on their own, and after a while everything goes back to how it was before anyways when the burn decals fade off.

    It's not problematic at all. If you've ever cracked a book on the subject then you'd know that Vikings targeted monasteries and similar places specifically because they weren't very well defended but tended to have lots of wealth. It's something that actually happened many, many times.

  • qapnugget
    12 posts


    I am over 50hrs into the game.

    There are some main quests that involve you stealing items from churches. If you don't do it then you cannot progress the main story.

    There is a battle right inside a church and you have to kill Saxons as part of story quest. If you don't do it then you cannot progress the main story.

    There is a mission where you are forced kill a bishop. Cannot progress main story without doing so.

    Churches do burn in the game but it is caused by NPCs and not you. You will be forced to burn civilian homes as part of main story quest though.

  • ValtyrNine
    87 posts

    @qapnugget You don't have to burn the civilian homes either. The NPCs will do it for you. I killed soldiers for that entire quest and the allied NPCs filled the destruction gauge on their own while I was collecting loot.

    Some of the Order targets are members of clergy too, so I guess that's another thing to add.

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @darknessviking You don't. Remarkably the churches seem to catch fire on their own.

  • GothicEnigma
    29 posts
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  • anteronoid
    13 posts
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    312 posts
    I bought FIFA21 but I dont like sport games

    Of course playing a viking game without wanting to burn churches is problematic...
    Vikings were pagans, they didnt respect churches.
    Are you sure that it's not simply playing a viking which goes against your personal belief?

    As for me I'd want to go even further and being allowed to kill monks, but I cant as they count as civilians. Too bad.

  • Roxxai
    19 posts

    grow thicker skin and stop being offended by every tiny detail

  • SaintlyStorms
    76 posts

    @darknessviking This has to be a troll post.

    6 posts

    Huh? So you have no problem killing hundreds of people but burning churches is where you cross the line? Lmao ok.

  • raphaelzoren
    24 posts

    When raiding monasteries, you and your Vikings don't actually burn down the church itself, what gets burnt are the houses of the soldiers that want to kill you.

    If you come back a few hours later the houses are rebuilt so no moral problem whatsoever.

  • RaMan1972
    10 posts

    @darknessviking If you don't want to burn churches, don't play games about being a viking, darknessviking. That's pretty much the whole core activity of going a-viking.

    312 posts
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  • McTankler420
    5 posts

    @darknessviking You are a viking so, unfortunately , due to historical accuracies- the churches will be targeted for looting. Vikings looted and burned wherever they went.

  • kizza0721
    63 posts

    I've seen this come up a few times now. Was the same thing a problem during the crusades? Would it be different if it were the Christians raiding other religions? I don't mean to sound insensitive, it's a genuine question. If the tables were turned would the killing and burning still be problematic?

  • kizza0721
    63 posts

    So is it burning religious sanctuaries? Or is it the acts against Christianity?

  • ValtyrNine
    87 posts

    To be honest, I don't even know why you're okay with playing an Assassin's Creed game to begin with if this is a major issue. The very first Assassin's Creed game was about playing as a Syrian that assassinated Templar Knights. Dunno if you weren't informed, but the Knights Templar were an extremely prominent Christian military order. One of the most major Christian religious organizations of their time and a major historical Catholic group that spawned a ton of modern religious organizations that currently still exist.

    The whole basis of the entire story is "Templars bad, fictitious Brotherhood good". The only reason The Order isn't represented as a Christian organization in the recent games is because they happened pre-Crusades.

  • RCViper047
    7 posts


    Before the game was out, were informations and also gameplay videos about this game released. That you raid churches was not a secret. That the enemies are also christians was not a secret.

    That in history vikings raiding churches also not a secret.

    And to be honest, like others already wrote, christians also raid and burned holy places. Vikings could learn a lot from them.

    To progress the game, the actions are necessary.

    If this against your pesonal belief, do you think you have chosen the right game for you?

  • Quor321
    222 posts

    @darknessviking if your personal beliefs say you can't play video games then don't. Other then that it's just a game. This game happens to focus on vikings, those pesky Pagan's got into all kinds of trouble with other religions. If that bothers you don't play.

  • Wombles-_-
    12 posts
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