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  • elisyon35
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  • mzaman89
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    can the can the developers please fix this! It’s very very frustrating! One of the Ubisoft challenges is to have 5 tattoos and even when my character has got on all tattoo’s, even ones of the same suit, the challenge still shows as 1 tattoo out of 5!
    Has anyone else managed to complete this Ubisoft challenge?

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1060 posts

    @mzaman89 I'm sorry to hear that this challenge has not completed, it's not a known issue.

    Could you please try removing all of the tattoos then save your game, return and try equipping all of the tattoos again. If that does not work could you please confirm which platform you play the game on.

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  • Markus_Orelius
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    You first have to do the quest "carrying the torch" because before that the owner of the shop is not there.. Select quest and follow story, that would do it..

  • Markus_Orelius
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    @markus_orelius after that REDA will be around to do everything you want (head, tatoos)

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