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  • Medved_Nbg
    Original poster 18 posts

    @medved_nbg UPD: I also have noticed that bosses found at blue spots on the map (idk how they are called in Englsih version) have much higher level than the shire they are found in. I personally see no sense in doing so, other than making the game artifically longer by forcing players to return to these bosses after they reach a requiered lvl (which btw I don't know how to find out). And ofc these bosses also spam you with the unblockables attacks until you are exhausted and then one-hit kill you. Nice game design, Ubisoft.

  • Medved_Nbg
    Original poster 18 posts

    @matthebest233 It's not a souls-like game, you know. It's about fun, exploration and reasonble challenge, not about 100s of tries and perfectly calculated timing

  • TheGodlyBacon
    10 posts

    @medved_nbg I personally think the bosses (Zealots are Seers specifically) are fine and need no changing. They offer some challenge and strategy to beat, and dont rely just on having billions of health like mercenaries in Odyssey.

    However... The zealots with shields could use a slight rework. Not because they're too challenging, but BORING. They'll sometimes walk around for ten seconds at a time with their shield up and never leave an opening for attacks. Fights with them have lasted up to ten minutes because I cant hit them. Makes me wonder if thats a design choice or bugged programming.

  • GhostAgent14
    92 posts

    So, I just recently tried to defeat a Zealot and experienced that impenetrable shield as well. I quickly realized that me banging on it with my axe left me dazed and confused!! Lol. In Odyssey, we had that one ability where we could grab the enemy's shield and bash him with it, which was nice!! Is there anything like that in Valhalla? Or does anyone have a good strategy for dealing with shields in this game?

  • JHitTheB
    7 posts

    Zealots are super easy once you have the ability that catches and throws back enemy projectiles. Just kite them around from range and throw their spear back at them. Knocks them down every time - use that time to hit weak points/headshots with the bow. Rinse, repeat.

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    @medved_nbg Better then the face roll in Odessey. Plus don't forget it just launched. Most games start out a bit harder. A few patches in it gets a bit easier and so on.

  • stepmeup2
    3 posts

    They're probably for late game. It can be fun once your character are around power 90+ with essential skill unlocked (Brush of Death, Grit) and ability that can knock them down like chain pulling thing or the kick. I'm not sure if the story are suppose to guide us to the necessary ability books earlier but if you like me and try to unlock everything before playing the story then find those ability books first but I recommend you stay with the story for awhile instead of rush killing them like I did. It'll break the immersion.

  • RazorChain
    4 posts


    I'm on power level 103 and trying to fight Zealots tha are supposedly power level 90. I'm playing on hardest difficulty because the game is extremely easy. But then encounter such difficulty spikes in boss battles that I'm just unable to defeat them. All my adrenaline skills just do miniscule damage. I have nothing against boss battles being extremely tough on hardest difficulty....it's just that I'm forced to play the game on hardest because 99% of the game is walk in the park even on hardest difficulty.

  • stepmeup2
    3 posts

    @razorchain sound like gear problem though but the game don't force us to face them. If I remember correctly they don't drop anything useful if you don't have golden gear and you only get that when you can get tungsten in the area with of 200+ recommended power. you can try getting the legendary sword earlier and kill the guy but that gonna take lots of time so just 'immersively' avoid them for now 😄

  • lazgk50
    5 posts

    I play too on hardest difficult i even forced myself to fight a specific boss when i was power 50 and i was way underlevel still with few reloads i managed. Anyway you can clear trash enemies pretty much by mashing light attack and some basic dodge on hardest difficulties, but the bosses, zealots and etc. Are more similar to souls system and i am a veteran soul player. I was fighting one of the witches and i literally had to dodge perfectly the whole fight to manage it coz she was one-shotting me no matter what. So did i win in the end yes after 10-15 retries maybe but the satisfaction was that i did. So i prefer it that way.

  • Ebonzone
    26 posts

    While I understand the annoyance they can be early on I'd like to say that the Zealots will be significantly easier when you unlock useful skills and abilities as well as equip end game runes on fully upgraded armor sets. They are in fact what motivated me to keep playing and building up my Eivor after the story. When you get your power around 250-300+ you'll even be disappointed on how easy some of them are.

    PS: If you must, poison damage build is super broken if you want to cheese every fight through the game.

  • FlashXAron
    19 posts

    Sure they aren't ... I even had to turn it to hard after the first hours, that exploring and play A LITTLE BIT more tactical, makes sense (how to skill proper - using the equipment ,which fits best to my playstyle etc.)

    The problem is, when you like to explore and do things ahead , you are soon OP as hell ... at the moment only that ANIMAL world boss fights are somehow a problem,but that is always with open world and a level system which has an insane amount of levels ... already have seen areas with 350 ...

    so I expect that there are at some points too hard enemies AND I HOPE there are ... so I have to come back later !

    Not like it was once in OBLIVION, where you could beat with lev 6 the Demon from hell

  • Bendrtron3000
    2 posts

    git gut ,bosses are fine ,if you cant keep up ,just lower fight difficulty

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