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  • liveatlast91
    4 posts

    so i got the fish, took a long time to do, but after i got it. the challenge never popped. I'm going to assume the Xbox and PlayStation will have the same issue with the achievement.

  • VasilyZaitsev42
    16 posts

    I found a somewhat fix. So what I did is I saw the fish despawn and decided to throw my line in anyway (dialogue of "all those fish" or something). Waited a few min and I hooked a coastal fish. Fish will despawn again so just toss in and wait again. Can't use it to target big, regular or small but I got bream and big sturgeon this way. Plan on trying for hake soon.

  • Hhhhhharrie
    9 posts

    The fish do spawn, but only if the weather is completely calm. The moment the weather changes and foam appears on the waves they despawn. Repeatedly reload a save (which randomises the weather) in a location where they should spawn until they do and then use your bow to catch them, which works a lot faster than using the fishing line since you may only have a small time window before they despawn.

  • iTzI3OBBY
    59 posts

    Same issue is happening to me as well on Xbox One.

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    This is in numerous posts. Unfortunately it appears that the devs are deliberately ignoring it for the moment.

    Your only hope is to reload saves until the english sea is perfectly calm or just fish blind and get lucky.

  • Evolve_Shadow
    2 posts

    I've seen many people with this issue now. And I want to complete the fishing deliveries but I can't since all coastal fish in England and Norway instantly despawn. Or in some areas there are still fish but maybe 10% of what there used to be before the newest patch. Please fix this!

  • JCar4327
    635 posts

    @evolve_shadow They somewhat fixed the issue in Norway. The only fish that has eluded me there is the Mackerel (Big): I have wasted hours trying to find them and they just don't seem to exist. The Ocean spawns in England have improved a little, but they are still really messed up. I have been unable to locate the Big Flatfish anywhere. What fish are you looking for and maybe I can steer you toward a good location, of course with the exception of the two I mentioned?

  • VasilyZaitsev42
    16 posts

    Bump. No big mackerel or big flatfish for me.

  • kimosabe888
    4 posts


    Bream/Cod/ sturgeon are not bad at all, but you have to go to specific spots for Sturgeon for example, I got those all on first day. There are a few youtube videos showing exactly where to go. Try google "Assassin's Creed Valhalla All Fish Locations" and "Assassin's Creed Valhalla Big Fish" - following the written guides and youtube, I got everything except for 3 Big fish that seem bugged, no Big flatfish, Big Eel or Big mackerel yet for me, but it does seem a few rare people have gotten them. This game is very buggy a lot of people are stopping fishing until the next patch.
    Another trick I read in wrtten guide to get fish to show up is go to Inventory page, then in lower right, select Animus, Exit animus, then re-enter animus, that might make fish appear (especially in a spot where you here Eivor say Lot's of fish here or it's boiling with fish).

  • JonHulbert
    1 posts

    There is a bug where coastal fish will disappear in waves. Making it impossible to catch certain fish locked to these location (especially Norway and off the coast of Essex & East Anglia). Making the Good Catch! achievement impossible to complete and 100% completion unattainable.

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    This has been reported so many times. So far they seem to be ignoring it.

  • Temp95014
    3 posts

    No fish are spawning along the coastlines in England. They used to spawn, although in very small numbers in East Anglia. They still spawn like normal in rivers and lakes. But nothing in the coast, I have checked up and down the east coast through several regions, and not one single fish. The only time I see fish is if I load into an area on the coast. Then you see a bunch of fish in the water when you use Odin's sight for a brief second before they all just vanish.

    On top of this, many times fish will just drop through the bottom of the floor and vanish when shot with arrows. And almost 95% of arrows shot at fish or into water just vanish despite having the perk that prevents arrows from being destroyed. This happens even in really shallow water which makes no sense. They just vanish somehow.

  • Temp95014
    3 posts

    yeah this bug is infuriating. I have a few fish I can't catch because they only show up in oceans and they all just despawn an instant after loading in... what gives?

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    @temp95014 giving this another bump to hopefully get ubisoft to get off their lazy rears and fix it

  • RietN7
    16 posts


    This helped me thanks!

    I just used a small boat to row up and down the broken bridge area and there were tons of small and regular sturgeon spawning.

  • Lypitiern300
    11 posts

    Trying to catch fish for the achievement and Bream is the last I need but they just don't spawn and when they do they despawn the moment I cast my line.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 789 posts

    @lypitiern300 Thank you for contacting us.

    We are aware of this issue with Fish not spawning on the Coast and the in the Sea. This is currently being worked on by the AC Team.

    Official Response
  • PatrykGrzech
    6 posts

    Yesterday I wanted to finish quests for fishing hut but can't because this bug. Please fix it... still exists

  • Ariiz
    1 posts

    Same issue on PS5. Ocean Fish in Norway disappear after about 2 minutes and ocean fish in England disappear about 2 seconds after fast travel arrival.

  • kieron.stokes
    19 posts

    Same issue (xbox), big Flatfish and big Mackerel just don't exist in the game either.

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