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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Fish do not spawn along the coast or in the seas / oceans | POST HERE

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    Fish still vanishing on Xbox one after todays patch 😞 Support did say that the devs are investigating the problem and a youtuber MrReign said he has had emails from Ubisoft saying that they are looking into it. so they must fix it soon!!!!

  • caspeer_costel
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    The issue still persists on both Playstation 4 and 5 versions of the game...

  • Alexandru27p
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    I've posted about the fish problem 7 days ago and still nothing. The exploits for money, ingots, etc. are more important to resolve in a single player game, rather than problems who affect progressing in game.
    I hoped this update will let me finish some quest but .....

  • Zikat1
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    @andychelsea420 I have found that fishing in river deltas can sometimes let you fish for ocean fish, and also fishing in coastal harbors works since it's apparently not considered "open coast", but the moment you go an inch out of the harbor there are no fish. Haven't tried after today's 1.10 patch. Has anybody checked it?

  • JSRG1840
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    Yep when to folstanton where you used to be able to get bream semi easily. Still broken
    Tried the isle of wight too. The same.

  • Warraxxe
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    ive noticed the same thing. If the currents are still then the fish will spawn. Its nearly impossible to fish off the coast. And when large schools do appear when i cast my line they despawn. Its extremely frustrating considering this is the last trophy i need. I traveled up and down the coast searching all areas and not a single fish would appear but theres a bazzilion birds..

  • boo-yah1907
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    @andychelsea420 soon?! they had more then 10 studios working on it and more then 2 years as time. I am not as hopeful as you are.

  • emreneec
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    @Ubi-Baron thanks for the reply! Could we please get this added to the known issues list?

  • monkey36948
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    @jsrg1840 Haddock "Located off the coasts of East Anglia, Eurvicscire, and Lincolnscire."
    Cod "Located off the coasts of East Anglia, Cent, and Essexe."
    Halibut "Located off the coasts of Grantebridge, Euvicsire, East Anglia, and Lincolnscire."
    Haddock "Located off the coasts of East Anglia, Eurvicscire, and Lincolnscire."

    since those 4 are only in the ocean and ocean fish won't spawn i'm fairly certain they're unobtainable

  • caspeer_costel
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    @ubi-swaggins Hello there. What needs to happen in order to get this bug added to the known errors or main bug tracker? Checked both threads and there is no mention of fishing issues.

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    Same here, I literally only need the bream to complete the trophy and get platinum, they de-spawn every time or just don’t spawn at all, but stupid making a trophy for it when fishing doesn’t work properly

  • JSRG1840
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    They're easily obtainable. Heck big Cod you can get for the fishing hut trophy from small chests. I cant remember where it was however I got 5 from one particular hut.

    I've the "good catch" trophy on ps4 base console and I am only waiting on 4 known bugged big fish - bream, eel. flatfish, and mackerel to get the swordfish challenge on ubisoft connect. The trophy is independent of the fish's size so you can easily get it. Small cod and haddock you can get off the settlement docks for some strange reason.

    Hallibut if you go to the east anglia northern coast dock and fish around there you'll get it easy enough. Just go to the mouths of the various estuaries rather than the coast itself for your best chances. As I said in prior post follow the "good catch" guide on youtube and you'll be finished in no time as the locations given are correct for all. That includes coastal fish. Just dont use odin sight there as it makes them despawn. The sea has to be calm - no white water to catch at the coast at the moment.

  • MercifulMoose
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    Ahh Update 1.1.0

    Well fam, the good news is that Ubi resolved VRAM being incorrectly indicated. An enormous boon to all of us I'm sure.

    The bad news. The gameplay breaking coastal/oceanic fish de-spawning across all platforms effecting every player in this game has yet to be added to the known issues thread. No biggie though, the issue only preventing achievement accomplishment and prohibiting the entire game population to turn in certain large, apparently mythical ocean going fish.


  • Rastarix69
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    still the fish despawn along the southern coasts in front of your eyes the instant you arrive. give me some large flatfish

  • sjudd87
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    Even after the latest update, 1.1.0, I still have this issue. Its especially frustrating because I'd like to get the swordfish achievement on the ubisoft club

  • DuskDragon56496
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    Yeah I noticed that as well, I used Odins sight, dozens of fish, soon as the line hits the water ...gone, every one just gone.The thing is all these issues were reported at one time or another to Ubisoft and they blew us off, what else could you call it other than being blown off,2 major patches very few fixes!

  • pikijecar
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    I'm having the same problem but on ps4. When I come on the coast they are there but as soon as I try to fish they are gone.

  • JSRG1840
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    They've done a quiet hot fix on this though it's not working properly yet. Folkstanton is spawning for one of two catches and then they're despawning again. So those missing big bream and big sturgeon and get them finally. Its frustratingly short however until someone actually gets into the code of ocean mechanics it's the best we are going to get I think.

    I know it is a quiet hot fix as it wasnt here yesterday and several yulefest things have been changed too since yesterday. E.g. the brawlfest just kept going rather than ending and saying final round at 10.

  • FlavioSSA
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    Please @Ubsoft Support Staff, look at this .... this is preventing me and others to complete the game.

  • Lysvander
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    This is still a thing i think.

    I walked from the north point all the way to the south to see if i could get some cod from fishing at the shore, not once did i get a fish to see in the ocean.

    Thought i did it wrong, so borrowed a larger fishing boat and then went back up to the north, traveling a bit from the shore, but not to far cause of the waves.
    Constantly triggering Odin's sight - turned off the volume after awhile cause it got infuriating - only once i came upon a cluster, threw fishing line, must have been over 20, ... 30 fish, all disappeared (not swimming, just vanished), except one.
    It took the bait, then when it was almost caught, it swam under the boat and the more i tried to get it, the further it went away.

    Not a single fish after that.


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