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  • rolfws
    1 posts

    I want to complete the 'stinky but deadly' challenge, but all the fish at sea / near shores despawn all at once after 2 seconds. From what I can find online, I'm not the only one experiencing this. This issue has been reported before, but I can't find it on your known issues list. Could you please fix this?

  • Ratchit66
    12 posts

    This is literally the most frustrating thing in my entire life. I’ve caught every single fish apart from the Bream. I’ve walked the entire south coast to find them! I cannot find it at all! It’s my last trophy on PS5 for platinum and the fish not spawning is preventing me from getting platinum! I’m so annoyed it’s unreal... I saw some Bream on the edge of some docks, threw my fishing rod in and then they despawned. This needs sorting.... I’m so frustrated with it! Been trying to platinum Valhalla for 3 hours with this issue now!

  • Inaki86
    1 posts

    @ratchit66 Exactly the same is happening to me in my series x. I just need a bream For the 1000 gamerscore and all sea fish continue to despawn in southern England, tried everything but no luck!

  • Ramsescz
    1 posts

    fish on coast not spawned. After fast travel spawn for one or two seconds, but after this time all fish disappears. I tried restart system, game, load older save, but still same problem. This is blocker for platinum trophy.
    Does anyone have the same problem?

  • andychelsea420
    20 posts

    @ratchit66 have you caught Big Flatfish and Big Mackerel? if you did can you tell us exactly where please? I caught all sizes of Bream at Folkestan dock, you will have to move your longship then walk back to the dock and save the game, then reload a million times trying to get the fish to stay long enough to catch them without vanishing, but all sizes were there.

  • Ratchit66
    12 posts

    @andychelsea420 No, I was going for the ‘Good Catch’ trophy to platinum my game so I only need to catch one of each type of fish. But if that method to find the Bream worked for you, I’ll have a go! Thankyou!

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1259 posts


    Hi there.

    So we can investigate this issue further for you can I ask you to confirm what platform you're playing on and if possible to provide video demonstrating this issue for us? Thanks.

    Official Response
  • orionsrise
    7 posts

    Same issue, no coastal fish. All will despawn after a few seconds

  • Harvest_King
    6 posts

    Seriously, since the release there are NO fish in my ocean, my village has starved to death. Yall are too busy fixing exploits that help us get around the bugs that you refuse to fix.

  • AwakentheDead
    21 posts

    I’m on PS5 with a similar issue. It is also the last trophy I need for platinum. I however came across a video on YouTube that implied the longboat could be the issue. They suggested that the presence of the longboat causes the fish to despawn and recommend to not travel using the boat and to not travel to a dock (because it spawns the longboat) but rather to a land fast point. They also suggested that if the fish have still not spawned in to run from the area 100+ meters and then back or meditate. I haven’t tested this out yet so I can not confirm this is accurate. But, I wanted to share in case it works.

    I’ve also noticed with the reeling in there is no longer an indication that the line is close to breaking. When I first installed the game there was a response to let you know the fish was going to break the line and to ease up. But now there is nothing. Makes fishing for the ones we can catch a pain.

  • JamelSeyek
    5 posts

    I was hoping patch 1.1.0 would fix this but alas it is not the case. Furthermore, with the introduction of the Yule festival and after taking part in some of the activities (mostly brawling) now Eivor is drunk everytime I load a saved game. 😡
    PLEASE reply, Ubisoft. These kind of bugs are very frustrating and the chances I buy another Ubisoft game in the future are reduced for each glitch I have to suffer because you guys didn't test the game properly before launching it (and even additional content like the Yule festival is bugged, with the drunk on load game glitch, which clearly demonstrates that you don't test content before releasing it 😫).

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2927 posts

    Hello everyone! Please accept my apologies that it has taken a little while for this megathread to be put together. I've merged together as many threads as I could find regarding missing / disappearing fish spawns along the coasts and in the seas / oceans, and this will now act as the central place to discuss these issues. Previous conversations may now be disjointed or look a tad strange, so please accept my apologies for that!

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write about their experiences, provide images and videos, and share information and workarounds with us. My colleague Ubi-Swaggins previously reported this issue to the developers in November, and I'm pleased to say that a fix is already scheduled for an upcoming update! I don't have specific details at the moment of when this fix will be deployed or which title update it will appear in, however as soon as there is further information available to me for me to share, I will do so.

    As a heads-up, there is a separate megathread for missing spawns of big Flatfish/Mackerel and small Halibut/Sturgeon (big Eel under investigation), so if you're unable to find these fish, please take to that thread to report your experience of the issue there. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and for your assistance in our investigations so far. 🙂

    @AwakentheDead For the fishing trophy "Good Catch!", I believe you need a fish of each species, but not of all sizes - are you looking for one of the fish I've mentioned above? Also, I have not noticed the line tension vibrations / effects to be missing personally on PS4, however I do know of a reported issue with vibrations when using the DualSense controller, which if you're on PS5 means this likely may be affecting you! I will forward your comment to the developers as part of that investigation. Thank you!

    @JamelSeyek If you meditate after loading, you should find that Eivor snaps out of their drunken state - my apologies for that issue! It's one that is also currently under investigation at the moment.

    Official Response
  • Ratchit66
    12 posts


    I’ve also been trying for the ‘Good Catch’ trophy as it’s my last one for platinum on my PS5! I’m frustrated with it because I need 1 more fish to catch before I get that trophy! 1 fish from platinum!!! I can’t however catch a bream because they despawn every single time I try to catch it. I’ve tried literally everything from save and reloading, to leaving the long boat elsewhere and running back to the dock. I’ve meditated 10 times to try and I’m getting nowhere with it. I hope you understand my frustration with it. I’ve put 130 hours into the game to get every trophy yet 1 fish is stopping me from getting platinum. Really hope they fix this! It would mean a lot and it would mean 130 hours have not gone to waste.

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    Go to the isle of wight and make your way on foot or mount to the mini island to the right then cast out (dont odin sight). Using the spacing of the boats as a guide for how far apart to recast; make your way around the coast (clockwise) until you reach the giant rock in the sea at the bottom of the isle of wight. Provided the water is relatively calm, You should have caught at least 5 by the time you get there. Big bream only seem to spawn at the dock of folkstanton, so you're subject to the whims of the vanishing spawn there.

    The quiet hotfix they've done hasn't totally worked on the ps4. At least they're somewhat spawning now, though it is a race to get them.

  • Ratchit66
    12 posts


    I mean, I’ll give it a go but I honestly haven’t much hope for it. I’ve tried everything on this thread and I spent 3 hours one night trying to get it. Just fed up! -.-

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    I got this method from someone on this forum and i can attest it does work.

  • boo-yah1907
    268 posts

    @ubi-woofer finally

  • kingtreybo
    1 posts

    I had trouble getting the Good Catch trophy because coastal fish would never appear. If you're just trying to get the trophy and aren't worried about the awful fishing hut quests, I found a workaround that really helped me. Linked below.


  • Ruan642
    6 posts


    So unfortunately I have been experiencing a weird bug at Folcanstan where the Bream and Sturgeon fish spawn. The bug happens as soon as I take out my fishing line, the Bream and Sturgeon fishes disappeared/despawn and I can't get them to spawn again after traveling away and back.

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    You're not alone in that bug. It happens on every platform atm

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