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  • mr.broc
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1451 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. This issue is due to be fixed with TU 1.1.2, which will be deployed 16 February, 2021 (Tomorrow) at 1PM CET! We hope that your coastlines and oceans become plentiful with fish following this update 🎣

    If you're still missing fish along the coast or in the ocean following the deployment of TU 1.1.2, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • mr.broc
    3 posts

    Still an issue and no fix with any of last patches.
    looking for BREAM and other coastal fish but nothing spawns except a million birds.
    went slow, went fast, meditated and did the whole coast in dark and in daylight, tried while raining, walked the coast, used all the online guides and YouTube videos, etc...
    literally cannot get any coastal fish to spawn.
    last trophy in need for platinum so kind of ridiculous.

    anyone know anything in this?

  • xOnebullx
    1 posts

    When I'm trying to fish and use odins sight no fish appear anywhere for long stretches of coast (or from the boat). Only tiny schools of small fish will appear after meditating. Now if you back up away from the waters edge and use odins sight a bunch of fish show up but when you approach the water they all dissappear. Even if you cast your line they will not be there as if they totally disappeared from the area but you just saw them and they didnt swim away because there is no disturbance from evading. Is this a new bug?

  • Pwn_Def
    5 posts

    @ubi-swaggins a month later Ubisoft is hungover from the holidays. Should've waited before I dropped so much cash and wasted hours. I can't believe how bugged this game is. 230 hours in I can tell them when, where, and what. 100 crashes no one is listening. I didn't collect the money like I haven't collected 4 opal, I minor chest, big Mackerel and we'll see about the flatfish.

    Spawning has gotten worse if anything. "Plenty of fish in the sea except on AC Valhalla" has been something my brain has quoted since the beginning. It's worse than any song stuck and it's homemade... They are patching players from fast builds and farming, rather than true players that can't get their OCD fix, so when real work is done who knows.

    I need 7 things and a game to stop crashing. Ubisoft will make sure I can't power up quick I guess. Wouldn't know, power 500ish by real play. Easy. I raided all and zealots before 90 from skill and hard planning. Solve the breaks, the farming is good now. Can real players finish? You probably want me to buy helix, well put tge fish on there and quit selling me the same bow 3×.

  • Pwn_Def
    5 posts

    @nuglife22 same. Figured I'd go back later or to a different spawn place. All I know is there are no fish in the sea. Opposite of real life and I hardly fish.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Hi folks! I'm sorry for not adding to this thread sooner. Our teams are hoping to implement a fix for this issue with fish not spawning along the coast or in the seas / oceans in a future patch. As soon as we have a more concrete timeline, we'll share details with everyone here and on the official website. I appreciate everyone's continued patience and understanding in the meantime.

    Official Response
  • andychelsea420
    20 posts

    @ubiexcellent Thanks for a sort of update but tbh we already knew that this would be fixed "in a future patch". The problem is the future is a long time! After having this BROKEN game for almost 2 months what we want is a definite timeline for this fix.

    1 posts

    Fish are not spawning or just disappear. Unable to locate Big Bream, Flattish, halibut, gray trout, regular bream.
    Says found along coast but I have not seen any! Plz help.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    363 posts

    @lordbear05 Yeah this issue has been reported multiple times and for a long time. Still waiting for Ubi to fix the issue.

    Big flatfish, big mackerel and big eel are the three fish which are bugged and do not spawn at all, but for the rest I believe they can be found - as long as the despawn issue does not kick in.

  • caspeer_costel
    13 posts
    Hi folks! I'm sorry for not adding to this thread sooner. Our teams are hoping to implement a fix for this issue with fish not spawning along the coast or in the seas / oceans in a future patch. As soon as we have a more concrete timeline, we'll share details with everyone here and on the official website. I appreciate everyone's continued patience and understanding in the meantime.

    I know it's not your fault and that the forum people are not the devs or business people behind the game but similar to what other people said, after 2 months we went from " fix is already scheduled for an upcoming update" as said by woofer on December 23rd to "Our teams are hoping to implement a fix for this issue with fish not spawning along the coast or in the seas / oceans in a future patch.". That's just bad communication and a bit insulting to the end users. Yeah, eventually most bugs will be fixed...
    Again, apologies for "picking" on you. Not your fault. Please try to pass this further so the right people acknowledge it.


  • SteewyDub
    29 posts

    PS4 here... Big Flatfish and Big Mackerel are nowhere to be found.

    Tested every theory, checked all YT videos... nothing.
    This thread helped me to find small sturgeon, so thanks everyone

    I even walked by the coast almost entire Norway... Big Mackerel does not exist, and it was pain to even spawn any fish.
    Also, maybe it is just me... but i was not able to find any small boat in Norway.

    I had issues when shooting an arrow to some of the big fish, it caused them do de-spawn almost instantly leaving only a circle of blood in the sea...

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @andychelsea420 @caspeer_costel I'm extremely sorry that I wasn't able to provide any new information on this issue, but I do hope that my update still provided some relief regarding our team's continued activity on this bug. I'm afraid that at this time, we do not have a solid date that we can provide which is why I didn't include this earlier. This information will be provided by the development team to us, which we will then be able to share with everyone here.

    Official Response
  • JamesHFoster
    4 posts

    Fish won’t reel in completely on boat as well as why are there no fish in the ocean off the coast I’ve spent hours searching
    Bjorn not staying in ship load out.
    Critical items not dropping when hunting.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @jameshfoster Hi there, and thanks for reaching out about these issues you're facing. Our teams are aware of and working on fixing the issue with fish not spawning at the coast or in the ocean as well as the issue with Bjorn being removed from the ship crew. Both of these should be fixed in future patches! For the other bugs you reported, please look for similar threads or create a new one if needed, so we can address those separately.

    Official Response
  • foggy2dm
    1 posts

    I was having an issue where no fish would spawn. I read somewhere to leave the animus and go back in and it would help. I did so and the sea was full of fish for 5 seconds and they disappeared. I tried this 4 times and it kept happening. I threw my line out, then opened this thread to see if there was a fix and my line caught a fish, giving me the last one I needed for the fishing trophy and giving me the platinum. Hope this helps.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @foggy2dm Many thanks for adding your experience here! I also hope this helps others as a temporary solution until a longer-term solution has been implemented.

    Official Response
  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    @ UbiExcellent @foggy2dm That is NOT a fix!! You still don't have Big Flatfish nor Big Mackerel, nor Big Eel!!! Shame on @UbiExcellent for not even knowing the difference after 3 months of this garbage.

    For the record since people still don't know, you ONLY need one of EACH fish for achievement. NOT one of each size!! ALSO, you can use an arrow to kill them. You do NOT need to use the fishing line to get all of them. I rarely used the line and got the ach. to pop up after arrow kills. Probably a bug like everything else. Fix the game already. Add the damned things to reda's shop or put them in loot boxes. Disable the bad weather. Something. This 1-2 months per patch release is 100% total garbage. Should be hotfixing this nonsense with utmost priority.

  • Durwin52
    11 posts

    Look man, this is common behavior for Devs. Keep saying they are working on the issue until eventually everyone beats the game and moves on. They have no intention of fixing this, that should be obvious by now. Just remember this on the next AC release and think twice about pre-ordering or buying that season pass. If you show your disapproval with your wallet, THAT they will listen to.

  • TheeElf
    151 posts

    @durwin52 Well now that the 1.1.1 title update is fixing nearly all of the major story line bugs, the devs can shift priorities to start working some of these side quest issues. A lot of people really don't understand the effort it takes for research and re-produce issues, review code to find out why the behavior is the way it is and the associated underlying conditions causing the behavior, developing a fix, testing the fix so that not only the intended fix works, but you don't end up breaking more stuff. Not every developer works on EVERY area. Some have specialties or are more familiar with some areas than others. I get you're frustrated but they just pushed out another major update within 30 days of the last one and with more content on the way they aren't going to leave an in-game mission impossible to complete. It will be fixed in time.

  • Durwin52
    11 posts

    Should I be impressed? What would have really impressed me was a game that launched without dozens of bugs to begin with. Unfortunately, that appears to be to much to ask for now a days. Now your telling us, "you should be happy if the game is in full working order within .... hmmm .. you can give us three months right?" ...No, I'm not impressed.

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