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  • NoVirtu3
    2 posts

    As of now, you can't fish during rough waters. Leaving you about 30 seconds to catch whatever fish you can and hopefully have it reeled in by the timer is up. If you're bow fishing, good luck not having the fish despawn as soon as you kill it. Lost count of how many times I ended up with nothing with having to wait 5-10 minutes for the water to settle down again.

  • Razyndel
    4 posts

    Why isnt this fixed yet it's been over a month now and between the fish not spawning and and world event in lunden with the pots still being bugged I'm unable to earn platinum. C'mon I mean even cyberpunk I was able to platinum and they reckon that's bugged haha

  • Lysvander
    96 posts

    @razyndel because we only got a reply on the 23 of december from ubi that this is recognized and a fix is scheduled for a future update, and i quote "I don't have specific details at the moment of when this fix will be deployed or which title update it will appear in, however as soon as there is further information available to me for me to share, I will do so."

    It is what it is. Patience is a virtue.

    For the demon odor quest in Lunden, this is also on the megathread list, but got added even later. It will be fixed. Edit: Read up on the thread, you can possibly complete this. I had a disappearing NPC as well, but fiddled long enough with the pots / shelves to complete it.

  • NeOVoltron
    124 posts

    Also having this issue.

  • Finarfil07
    2 posts

    PS4 pro
    Cannot find any fish in the ocean, nor east neither south coast.

  • dannyrhinos89
    6 posts

    The next patch better fix this, 137 hours put into this game and I’ve enjoyed it but the fishing bug has ruined the experience, I only needed 2 for the platinum for the last 2 weeks and they despawn instantly.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1267 posts

    @Ratchit66 I'm sorry to hear of your frustration with trying to obtain the "Good Catch!" trophy. I'm somewhat of a trophy hunter myself and will be needing this trophy too, so I completely understand your perspective on this. As a quick question, when trying to catch bream, are you using Odin's sight to locate fish? Have you tried not using it at all, as well as varying your positions from higher / lower vantage points? I read either in this thread or another that using Odin's Sight can cause the fish to despawn (or at least it appears that way) so give fishing a try without using it and let me know the outcome, if you didn't do so already.

    @kingtreybo Thanks for sharing the link to your post on those forums here. For ease, I'll paste the relevant bit of information for Ratchit66: "Bream - caught in the cut on the NE corner of Isle of Wiht (Hamtunscire). I had to kill the bushwhacking bandits first."

    Thanks for your continued patience everyone, I'll update you as soon as I can. 🙂

    Official Response
  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    @dannyrhinos89 If you follow the coast on foot where the bandits raise the barricades in the water you will see a pier with a bandit standing on it. Meditate on that and wait a few min for the water to go calm (might take a few goes) Big Bream and Sturgeon can be found.

  • Ratchit66
    12 posts

    Thankyou for the response! Really appreciate it, but yeah I’ve tried all these and more. Walked round the whole island and didn’t use Odin’s sight just casting and recasting to find some bream. I’m struggling, nothing is biting and it’s just so annoying! I’m 1 fish away from platinum haha. Just hoping for some sort of update on it.

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    ‘Good Catch’ trophy does NOT need you to use the fishing line. Arrows definitely count, and melee might. Also, you ONLY need to catch 1 of each type, NOT 1 size of each type. So ANY flatfish, ANY bream, ANY mackerel, etc.. YOU are welcome. I have the achievement and it popped after an arrow kill. I rarely used the fishing rope.

  • esdential
    2 posts

    Same problem. Very rarely see any fish along coasts. Also having problem that Odin sight reveals dozens of fish in various rivers/lakes, but after fishing once, all the other fish disappear and do not return/respawn.

  • mr.broc
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • mr.broc
    3 posts

    Still an issue and no fix with any of last patches.
    looking for BREAM and other coastal fish but nothing spawns except a million birds.
    went slow, went fast, meditated and did the whole coast in dark and in daylight, tried while raining, walked the coast, used all the online guides and YouTube videos, etc...
    literally cannot get any coastal fish to spawn.
    last trophy in need for platinum so kind of ridiculous.

    anyone know anything in this?

  • xOnebullx
    1 posts

    When I'm trying to fish and use odins sight no fish appear anywhere for long stretches of coast (or from the boat). Only tiny schools of small fish will appear after meditating. Now if you back up away from the waters edge and use odins sight a bunch of fish show up but when you approach the water they all dissappear. Even if you cast your line they will not be there as if they totally disappeared from the area but you just saw them and they didnt swim away because there is no disturbance from evading. Is this a new bug?

  • Pwn_Def
    5 posts

    @ubi-swaggins a month later Ubisoft is hungover from the holidays. Should've waited before I dropped so much cash and wasted hours. I can't believe how bugged this game is. 230 hours in I can tell them when, where, and what. 100 crashes no one is listening. I didn't collect the money like I haven't collected 4 opal, I minor chest, big Mackerel and we'll see about the flatfish.

    Spawning has gotten worse if anything. "Plenty of fish in the sea except on AC Valhalla" has been something my brain has quoted since the beginning. It's worse than any song stuck and it's homemade... They are patching players from fast builds and farming, rather than true players that can't get their OCD fix, so when real work is done who knows.

    I need 7 things and a game to stop crashing. Ubisoft will make sure I can't power up quick I guess. Wouldn't know, power 500ish by real play. Easy. I raided all and zealots before 90 from skill and hard planning. Solve the breaks, the farming is good now. Can real players finish? You probably want me to buy helix, well put tge fish on there and quit selling me the same bow 3×.

  • Pwn_Def
    5 posts

    @nuglife22 same. Figured I'd go back later or to a different spawn place. All I know is there are no fish in the sea. Opposite of real life and I hardly fish.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Hi folks! I'm sorry for not adding to this thread sooner. Our teams are hoping to implement a fix for this issue with fish not spawning along the coast or in the seas / oceans in a future patch. As soon as we have a more concrete timeline, we'll share details with everyone here and on the official website. I appreciate everyone's continued patience and understanding in the meantime.

    Official Response
  • All4guap
    5 posts

    is there any kind of fix for the disappearing act these fish like to pull? 😂😭

  • andychelsea420
    20 posts

    @ubiexcellent Thanks for a sort of update but tbh we already knew that this would be fixed "in a future patch". The problem is the future is a long time! After having this BROKEN game for almost 2 months what we want is a definite timeline for this fix.

    1 posts

    Fish are not spawning or just disappear. Unable to locate Big Bream, Flattish, halibut, gray trout, regular bream.
    Says found along coast but I have not seen any! Plz help.

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