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  • Om_k5518
    1 posts

    @ubi-borealis its still missing. if i am swimming in river then i can see lots of fish but as soon as i go to river bank or any boat its go vanish

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @om_k5518 Go on horseback . They won't go away. If you are good with the bow shoot them from horseback in the water, otherwise cross the river with your horse to move around.

  • Lysvander
    63 posts

    @garbo3 Tried it, several flatfish fell trough the world before i was able to pick one up (initially tried fishing, but first 2 big flatfish swam under the boat and way) - finally got em though.

    Mackaral is a pain in the [censored]- hours so far trying to make em spawn - nothing. Not a single god damn fish.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @lysvander Mackerel only spawn at dawn. Go to the megathead about this 2 fishes . Check Ubi-Woofer video and you will find them there at dawn. Wait around and when the sun starts arousing be attentive,there's 2.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3626 posts

    Hello there!

    @Om_k5518 - I'm sorry to hear that you're missing fish when searching along the coast. Would you be able to send us a video that shows the following:

    • You have TU 1.2.1 installed on your platform. You can check this in the bottom-right corner of the main game menu
    • The change of fish population when searching along the river, and how the fish de-spawn upon reaching the coast.

    We can then pass this along to the development team for a closer look.

    If you are having trouble catching certain fish, like the big flatfish or mackerel, I would suggest taking a look at this megathread for more assistance. As @Garbo3 shares, our own @Ubi-Woofer has shared videos for hard-to-find fish, which may be of some help!

    @Lysvander - I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble catching flatfish. I would recommend posting in the megathread linked above, as this contains information and updates from that specific investigation.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • reyrod01
    6 posts

    @ubi-borealis Any idea when this Connect Challenge will be working again? I have the swordfish, but the challenge is not labeled as "Completed"

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @reyrod01 it is for me and I did nothing, I just checked today the core challenges and appears as achieved.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3626 posts

    Hello there @reyrod01 & @Garbo3!

    I'd recommend sharing your reports about the Stinky but Deadly challenge in this thread, if you haven't already. As this thread is about fish spawning along the coasts, this will help us to keep both investigations separate.


    Official Response
  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @ubi-borealis no no,I meant it appeared as completed fir me without the need of performing any action. Thanks 😊

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