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  • andychelsea420
    20 posts

    @ubi-swaggins This bug is still NOT FIXED!! The coastal fish in England (kent and sussex) STILL VANISH in less than 1 second and the fish in Norway are at least spawning but STILL VANISHING after 20 seconds to 1 minute. In 2 hours of continuous fishing in Norway I have managed to catch 8 fish (3 x regular mackerel, 1 x regular hake, 3 x small mackerel 1 x big redfish) and STILL NO BIG MACKEREL!!! 90 minutes downloading an update that did almost nothing!!!

  • MacGyver04_
    2 posts

    I am still getting this bug as well. I can watch fish despawn on the coast while i'm trying to shoot them with arrows. I'll even kill a fish, and the body despawns with all the live fish. Verifying with Odin's sight and camera mode.

  • MacGyver04_
    2 posts

    I am still getting this bug as well. I can watch fish despawn on the coast while i'm trying to shoot them with arrows. I'll even kill a fish, and the body despawns with all the live fish. Verifying with Odin's sight and camera mode.

  • WidescreenRules
    1 posts

    I am continuing to experience two annoying bugs in regard to fishing with the fishing line on PlayStation 4.

    The first is that more times than not I run into a problem during aiming where the aim glitches out and ends up somewhere else, sometimes on land! If I aim really, really slowly it is less likely to glitch out; however, it's not a guaranteed solution. It's very frustrating to try to aim to a group of fish then suddenly have the aim indicator go red and suddenly I'm aiming towards a totally different location, sometimes on land behind me.

    Even more frustrating is having entire numbers of fish completely disappear after I catch one. I have had this happen in ALL fishing environments: ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds. Often I will use Odin's view and see no less than six to eight fish in the area. As soon as the animation is done with the first or second catch, most or all of those fish suddenly disappear. It's as though the fish RNG is reset after most catches.

    Both of these situations are very frustrating. They're probably going to be really low on the bug fix list, but please look into it.

  • Razyndel
    4 posts

    Yeh this needs to be prioritised... a whole aspect of the gameplay is missing or unplayable . Unacceptable is Title like this

  • Yuri-22
    22 posts

    @ubi-swaggins can you please keep us updated with this issue ?

  • xPoppu
    12 posts

    I had the same issue on XBSX. Using fast travel multiple times near the fishes spot fixed it for me, but to be honnest I think i was just lucky.

  • Helvidia
    2 posts

    You guys are lucky! In two weeks I haven't even seen a single fish spawn off any coast. And I've been looking. All i've ever seen are seagulls bopping on the water. About to give up on fishing altogether. Which is a shame since it locks me out of some cosmetics and runes from the fisherboy.

  • Hhhhhharrie
    9 posts

    So I read in the patch 1.0.4 release notes that "Fish in Norway will now spawn in bad weather" and I think—silly me—surely Ubisoft did not just fix it in Norway, but also in England.
    Imagine my amazement—and really I should have known better—when I find out that, yes, fish spawn as they should in Norway, but they still don't in the seas of England!
    Wasn't there a single developer who thought, "Hey, if coastal fish in Norway don't spawn properly, let's also check the spawning of coastal fish in England."?
    Wasn't there a single developer who thought to check the forums, where it is stated repeatedly that this happens to ALL coastal fish and not just those in Norway?
    Come on, Ubisoft, that's just sad.

  • Dragonsnuts
    16 posts

    I've noticed in places with dudes driving little boats, the people despawn too.

  • pjc1506
    14 posts


    You won't find big flatfish or big mackerel they don't seem to exist in game.

  • Apprentice_Jedi
    8 posts

    Fish simply do not appear in the coasts of England anywhere, however they do appear in rivers and in Norway.

    They appear for a brief period when reloading the game but then they quickly become invisible and you can no longer fish them.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 430 posts

    @guest-mu6z4pyj Sorry to hear you have encountered this.

    This has been raised to the team and they are investigating it further.

    Official Response
  • liveatlast91
    4 posts

    Big Mackerel are a myth prove me wrong.

  • Yuri-22
    22 posts

    @liveatlast91 Even thor`s hammer is more real than big Mackerel  :)))

  • Dastardly44
    4 posts

    @gryma Same issue, Not a fish to be seen... anywhere in Norway

  • tomessi666
    1 posts

    Fish spawning is completely broked on coasts. Can't get 100% only because of this.

  • BootlessOpossum
    6 posts

    I'm having the same issue. Trying to get all the fish for the fish deliveries and I can't get any coastal fish. I found some flatfish and Bream in inlets on the southern part of the map but nothing on the coasts.

  • melbye82
    7 posts

    So i wanted to do some fishing and the fish i am looking for is supposed to be of the coasts but there are none. Been looking for like 2 hours now and nothing. Are there supposed to be specific fishing-spots if so be a little bit more specific than of the coasts

  • andychelsea420
    20 posts

    All coastal fish in England vanish/despawn within 1 or 2 seconds in ALL weathers, not just in bad weather. If I fast travel to the coast or travel normally across land it makes no difference, as soon as I get to the coast in England I can use Odins sight to see the fish but before I can use the fishing line all the fish have vanished. You fixed the same problem in Norway but you didn`t bother fixing it in England! And still NO BIG MACKEREL IN NORWAY!!!

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