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  • rawrvaciousrae
    2 posts

    Can't purchase anything with opals. The selection key locks to the bottom left and won't let me scroll through options. Really discourages me from taking any contracts since I cant redeem them.

  • matti_lea
    1 posts

    Hey there!
    The quest to bring thorbjörn to the market isn't working because thorbjörn is always returning to the sheer of hraefnathorp and doesn't follow me (by ship, horse or other ways). What should I do?

  • nicknaum
    3 posts

    @amorgan62 you have to have the exact amount he is looking for to give them to him, you can't just give them to him one at a time.

  • isjbmejbisme
    1 posts

    After saving Fulke I choose not to go see the runes right away now I no longer can talk to Fulke (She is standing with Sigurd but there is not option to speak)

  • ArielSakura
    3 posts

    Playing "Childhood Sweetheart" as male!Eivor, When Birstan asks Alfrida if "Eivor has told you all" Alfrida replies "Aye, she has." Nothing major, just a dialogue typo.

  • Gmoore1992
    1 posts

    I cannot activate a game of Orlog, this is game breaking as I need this is order to find an order of ancients clue

  • DRaKoSuLe
    1 posts

    Hi everyone,

    Is there anybody else having problems with the feast? What is the point of upgrading the settlement if I can't use the feast option to buff my character, it's quite annoying.
    After I launch the feast, I wait a bit for the event to load up, after the loading is done, I just see Eivor in front of the longhouse, in the same spot, unable to move, together with some random npc's from the village which are gathered beside him.undefined

    3 posts

    This is a long one but it is a comprehensive explanation of two bugs. Currently I can't complete the "Path to the Wind-Blue" mystery because upon reaching the camp, that I've already cleared, the game does not recognize that all enemies are dead. I've also come upon a glitched Mystery in southern Glowecesterscire with a singing woman who does not become agro-ed upon exiting the poison trap building. I've attempted fast-traveling, reloading, waiting long periods of time, furthering story progression, etc but nothing works. I believe there may be a general bug in the code for triggers.

  • ScottishLemon
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • milmitt
    11 posts

    These bugs where found on 1.0.4 version of the game.

    • Map from time to time "flashes", when I zoom in on it.
    • Killing the Order member The Vault, drops "The note from the Oil" clue. However The Oil is a different Order member. So I feel like it shouldn't really drop from the Vault. I don't know if it drops from the Oil too, since I didn't get to him yet.
    • undefined

    The highlighted item tells "that The Crozier had been exiled by a secret group", but the clue related to it (2nd one) says that it was Hunwald (the son) who was exiled by a secret group (which corresponds with the story). So The Crozier should be replaced with Hunwald, otherwise it doesn't really makes sense.

    • The Firebrand, Order member, has a different haircut in her icon, in the Order tree, compared to the game.
    • A small detail really, but in the location where the legendary beast "Blood swine" resides, there is a patch of ground, without any bushes, that hides Eivor. In other words, staying in that patch of ground, causes Eivor to act like they are in the bushes (white aura, crouching, etc.).
    • Sometimes, when Eivor jump into the legendary beasts' lair, they don't finish their "starting" sentence ("This beast must die", and similar sentences, they say before the fight begins). It just gets cut off midway.
    • Some enemy NPCs, whose dialog has subtitles to it, seem to have wrong designation. Example can be when infiltrating the church where Firebrand is, the subtitles show Anglo-Saxon soldiers talking. But the soldiers look Norse, not Anglo-Saxon.

    Another example is the guy, you can have a fist fight with, at Halfdan Ragnarrson feast, when you go meet him, after the fight with Picts at viewpoint. The guy looks like a Norse, but subtitles treat him as an Anglo-Saxon.

    Also the game crashed to me about 4 times now. It happens randomly, and weirdly enough, only in Suthsexe. Ubisoft Connect also doesn't ask me to send a crash report. However I found these logged errors:

    [17824] 2020-11-28 15:23:03   [17468]   ERROR   GameProcessWatcher.cpp (210)           Child process abnormal exit: 9072
    [13820] 2020-11-28 16:35:12   [ 5832]   ERROR   GameProcessWatcher.cpp (210)           Child process abnormal exit: 8556
    [11380] 2020-11-29 09:44:14   [16808]   ERROR   GameProcessWatcher.cpp (210)           Child process abnormal exit: 9668
    [11072] 2020-11-29 10:16:29   [17856]   ERROR   GameProcessWatcher.cpp (210)           Child process abnormal exit: 15492

    in game_starter_log of Ubisoft Connect app. Their times fit the times, when the game crashed.

  • Pwn_Def
    5 posts

    Look treasure in round pike circle blocked by breakable boxes then movable shelf thing. If you move shelf before breaking boxes you cannot grab shelf again. 70 hours later still same. Oh and GAME CRASHES 5+ TIMES A DAY ON CLEAN AND COOLED PS4!!!!

  • ADQS77-19
    1 posts

    I have no quests available. I pledged up to the “New King” story line... but after returning to the long hall to complete I can’t pledge to anywhere new?
    no more pledges!
    how can I resolve?

  • Du.mah
    1 posts

    Falling Stars - No musicians, no NPCs crying at the quest marker. No NPCs related to the quest appear at all.

    In the absence of an Ealdorman - obtained brooch exploring area before quest, can not turn in item.

    These are the only two major bugs for me thus far. I've run across several others but usually clears up when loading game up again.

  • Sephitohs
    1 posts

    Hi one of the three key in Old Minster in Wincestre is bug I check on YouTube where is suppose to be but when I check she is in the roof and I can take it. I try to do all in the story quest in Wincestre. But is never on with the Wonder beam.

  • Kelsi12Young
    1 posts

    Hello! I am having issues with equipping more than one rune on weapons and armor on ps4. They have the slots and they are the right runes for the slots, it just won’t select different slots other than the basic. I am also not able to shop at Reda’s because it will not highlight the items available, only the back option. Please help

  • joshua.isgitt
    1 posts

    I have a problem of the two smaller axes that sit in the small of Eivor's back do not show up in game play ever. The only time i see them is in a cut scene when Eivor pulls them out to use them for whatever reason. I do not see them in combat when he is killing an opponent, when he rings the bell for the feast, or just when walking/running normally.

    Also i cannot break anything at all underwater with melee attacks.

    Hit boxes are really weird, sometimes they seem decent, other times im left wondering how i took damage when i clearly dodged an attack. Trying to break the bar holding a normal sized door locked can seem pretty irritating, and i end up just trying to shoot it with a bow.

    Every single fish in the game "swims" (it doesnt actually move its tail or anything, just kinda floats around) on its side, and when i pick it up, it doesnt show up in my hands or anything. Evior just stands there looking at the empty space in his hands or at the end of his rope.

    The fire graphics in this came look like they came off of a PlayStation 2 game

    The total lack of useable one handed swords is really really bothering me. You see enemies and friendlies using them left and right, but not Evior? I mean historically the one handed sword was the third most used weapon by vikings, third to the spear and ax.

    Odins vision should work more like Assassins Creed: Odyssey and actually show you more than chest and enemies, like lootable baskets, moveable objects, arrows...ect.

    Higher level Zealots should stay in higher level areas.

    Clipping issues all around.

    I would like to customize my armor appearance, similar to Assassins Creed: Odyssey.

    These are just some of the bigger bugs and complaints that i have for a game that would otherwise be off the carts amazing, but these problems make it feel like it was a very rushed and unrefined game. I hope you guys can fix these issues!

  • Keithlebron
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • lonewolph1
    3 posts

    The quest "honors hubris" isn't working correctly. It will start out by giving me a waypoint to travel to but as soon as I reach it, nothing will happen and the waypoint will disappear. The quest will appear in the top left of my screen but there is no objective to be completed.

  • alekus
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • alekus
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!

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