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  • colt4518
    1 posts

    Can someone please fix Taking Root As garden quest. I figured the riddle pretty quick but I can not pick up the root it even shows its the quest item I really want to continue .

  • Spud_Macintosh
    7 posts

    I keep starting the game drunk..

    I saw a bird land in mid air yesterday.

    I was told to bring a barrell of my brewers finest ale to the brewery. It left me in a cursed field the opposite side of the map..

    I have my leutenant hold a weapon with no thumbnail and a person ends up in her hand..

  • theatrebrad1
    1 posts

    The newest update added 3 skills. Those skills appear and disappear randomly when I start the game. Sometimes I have them available, sometimes I do not. When they are not available, I have 3 extra skill points waiting to be used.

  • OllieGriffiths
    1 posts

    All of HUD has disappeared (health bar, compass, map etc) the wold map menu doesn’t show anything apart from a message of map not available. I cannot carry on with any missions as I can track & talk to characters. Cannot select menu wheel to meditate or anything.

  • Clutch_Sphinx
    1 posts

    Killed the legendary moose but I can't collect the head

  • Conner869
    1 posts

    Hi, recently ran into a few problems my main one being I can’t speak to anyone in the settlement which is really ruining the game for me. The second is my wealth icons remain on the map after I’ve completed them leaving locations where I’m unable to get 100%. Finally there is eivor being drunk when I enter the game, this is the least annoying for me. Thanks any info would be great!

  • DrainYou1967
    8 posts

    @clutch_sphinx the one in Vinland right? Same thing, so annoying.

  • DeaconRayne
    9 posts

    Ubisoft is not tracking my challenges. I've been playing it all week and according to ubisoft I've never touched the game.

  • CM_Puma
    2 posts

    When talking to Reda in my settlement, I can see the shop, but I can't buy anything. My cursor immediately goes to the 'Back' button when I move it. Contracts seem to be ok, the shop is broken.

  • GeckosShadow75
    1 posts

    Well, for the moment I'm finished with all the stuff I can do in AC Valhalla.

    I have found some issues that make further progress for me impossible:

    • the big makerel and the big flatfish are impossible to find, so the fishing quests and the "stinky but deadly"-challenge cannot be finished
    • the "Hall of the slain"-challenge is impossible to finish cause there are no dead players shown anywhere
    • the trader in the settlement still offers an predator bow "The mark of sol", that I already bought
    • the Huntsman and Galloglach-Sets Breastplate are twice in the inventory
    • the treassure map from Oxenafordscire is still in the inventory after collecting. Already collected it 3 times...
    • the treassure map from Eoforvicscire leads nowhere... there is no treassure to be collected on the shown spot
    • the opal I have collected before getting the map are still shown on the map, even if you visit the position again
    • there are 4 opal I can't collect:
      • east of Walden in an house (visible but no interaction possible)
      • in a creek in Hemthorp (visible but no interaction possible)
      • south-east of the Tip of spear in Snotinghamscire (visible, but disappears if you get closer)
      • in the western part of Snotinghamscire on the mountains there is an opal flying with some rocks in the air

    These bugs are not gamebreaking, but I hope they get fixed soon. Especially the fish bug and the lost treassure...

  • Fuslhirn1234
    1 posts

    So the whole Yule-event is one buggy mess, at least on the PS4:
    - i can't finish the quest "the case of the missing ale" because the keg disappeared. reloading doesn't help.
    - in the same quest the quest marker for where that guy should wait for isn't even on the map anymore.
    - twirling targets: a lot of lag and also the targets get stuck in a wrong position a lot.
    - yule brawl: opponents as well as eivor get elevated and stuck in the middle of the ring. the audience just walks into the ring in the fight against goliath.
    - after one yule brawl every save game i now start, eivor is drunk, even if i wasn't near any alcohol in the game. they get sober again but it's still annoying starting with this drunk vision everytime.

    seriously, do get your act together.

  • tomburgess01
    3 posts

    Hi, the 3 skills that were recently added have now disappeared from the skill tree.

    Playing on PS4

  • tomburgess01
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • katieenligne
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • aaronsmom7
    1 posts

    The 3 new white abilities that branch out more skills are not showing up for me 😞 ps4

  • mc4206969
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Hamza20072020
    1 posts

    I’m have a problem with the suthsexe mushroom mystery, I can’t kill those allies when to change animals to allies,

    please help me guys!

  • royalejapie
    1 posts

    I can’t open/do something with my letter box. It has been glitches out after I received the last letter of a poor fellow soldier of Christ (I don’t really know the name) but does anyone know how to fix this? Otherwise I have to wait until the next update so I can finally do my “the way of the berserker” dlc or the season pass mission.

  • FearNMadness
    2 posts

    I'm playing on Xbox one, I've recently obtained all achievements but now all general stores will not restock even after 5 hours of in game time, they also will not sell runes anymore. And despite having 6/6 settlement I have never seen any fabric in the stores or found anymore in all the chests in the open world (everything in game is completed yet I'm missing 2 upgrades on quiver) I'm on the current 1.1.0 patch. I tried waiting another 2 hours in game and shop still is not stocked, closing and re launching or reinstalling game does not help.

  • MrMcQ95
    2 posts

    Few bug issues I’m having very upsetting problems with. 1. The mystery in Sciropescire where you need to lead the blind man and lame man to the spring is glitched. I cannot enter dialogue with the blind man he just stands there and complains about the spring. This is holding me back from getting the trophy “Completionist All The away” one mystery is causing this. 2. That being said I’ve completed every other zone in the game but cannot get the trophies “Master Hunter” and “Orlong Champion” despite that I’ve killed them all. 3. I don’t have the trophy for Lunden Arc even though I have it complete as well as every other quest and zone in the game. I’m sitting at 100 percent done but these things are not registering. Please see if these bugs can be fixed and that our systems can identify trophies that have been completed. 120 hours in...
    @mrmcq95 PS5.

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