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    I am having a bug with the homecoming quest, where its not showing on the ui and the npc is not moving after I had a crash.

  • y0Keith
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    Got a bug with the mission Valhalla bound in Asgard. The NPC just isn't there. Reloaded a previous save and still can't see the NPC I am supposed to interact with. Playing on PS5

  • missbirdeyhatss
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    In Repton the flying paper is bugged for me, and I'm playing on ps4. It appears on my map as an x, meaning I've already done it when I haven't. When I go to it in town the leaves and paper are animated but when I approach it the paper stays there and doesn't move, but there's also no option to press triangle and pick it up. So I can't collect this paper which is frustrating for a completionist like me especially since I'm trying to get the platinum.

  • guest-pveXTYmF
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    Hi there. I still haven't got a reply on my previous post. Please reply asap!

    "I really love this game, just unfortunate that it has been quite a lot of bugs through out the game. I would suggest you improve this... Now I have 2 bugs that I can't get around. I have finished the main story and I now want to kill all the order members. I have killed most of them. However, both "The Bell" and "The Anvil", are nowhere to be found. I have found all clues and I know exactly where they are supposed to be. But they are not there... Have tried different solutions, like load a saved game, go and do other stuff, meditate etc. But every time I go back to where they are supposed to be, they are nowhere to be found. How can I fix this? It's really annoying as I can't finish the game until I kill them.. Looking forward to hear from you. thx"

  • stoned221194
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    So yo I got all the thor armor but it won’t let me interact with the hammer

  • Nightm4yre
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    (ACValhalla) End of game bug at St Hadrians Priory. This is my last step needed to 100% complete this game. Can't move the bookshelf its too far to the left it looks. Can't reload a save its 100 hours in the past. This has kinda ruined the game for me I literally need this 1 thing

  • MagicEaster
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  • chris110506
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    I can not move at all in England originally the glitch only happened when I started the Lunden story arc but now it has spread by the way I am also playing on Xbox One

  • Crox34
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    Bug with Bridges of Oppression in Jorvik. I carry the man to the bridge but it appears that his boss who is supposed to start speaking is lying dead on the floor of the bridge. As a result when I drop the man I’m carrying the game freezes and I have no choice but to quit to title

  • DV8310
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    Having a bug issue with a daily challenge for 1000 eyes, the hog is stuck in a rock, if killed can not be interacted with. This has happened twice with probably a month in between because I refused to do them for a bit. Thoughts?

  • KuzKaoz
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    Leofrith bug

    I didn’t go straight to Leofrith when he was available. Instead I powered up some and now he’s here but Ceowulf isn’t and he just stands there. Can’t kill him or fight him....


  • milothemexican
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    Most of the enemies have become non-hostile towards me and won't attack. I can stealth kill everything and I've basically become a God. Legendary beasts don't react too kindly to the bug and wig out. I have know clue how I got the bug, and it doesn't seem to majorly effect doing story missions, but just thought I'd give ya a heads up.


  • ravenvangod
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    Adding a big rune with 6.5 critical damage only raises the character value from 60 crtical dmage to 62 critical damage

  • WoollyKiwi
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    This has been an interesting read. So many bugs and no fixes. I didn't realize there was such a big problem with this game as I have been reasonably bug free for 130 hours until the quill questline where I have to meet the girl. And she us just not there, maybe she got Covid19 and is in lockdown?
    Put it on the list of fixes please Ubisoft and I will put your games back on my list of purchases. Love the AC brand but it only takes one major screw up like this to ruin your fan base.
    Good luck to everyone else and the plethora of bugs that apparently need work.

  • DeadEnder2020
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  • Kamikaze_Cooke
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  • Stanleyhov
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    Hi folks!

    I’ve encountered a bug which is quite a game breaking.

    After rebinding keys, I’m unable to do fishing. So my right mouse button is bind to left hand attack, thus Eivor starts attacking instead of aiming with a fishing rod.

    Quite unpleasant bug as i can’t do fishing properly and complete related activities and teiphies

    would be happy if you could fix this soon


  • chelbsy
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    I have 3 major glitches and I can't fix them

    Ps5 user- lunder musician mystery won't clear even though I found all 3

    Lame man mystery is stuck and won't acknowledge completion

    Finished the game and last of the order wasn't unlocked.

    What can I do? Reported on ps5 as well.

  • shsreen
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    Latest patch today still does not fix my 2 bugs:

    Firing the arrow - quest objective does not load
    Old cellar - still unable to pick up tablet

    I'm on PS4
    Please release a hot fix as soon as possible

  • Barrywipe5
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    It's been 2 months that this stupid npc is stucked inside rocks.... Will I be able to finish the game in 2021??????????? 3th time that I do report it, 2 months that I can't finish the last main quest...

    Salve for a fresh Wound - Talk to Hunwald after you've to take out the attackers in the woods.


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