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  • ssjgoku2k420
    15 posts

    This game is so freaking broken, it's disgusting. I've been stuck on Road to Hamartia for over a month. The last update didn't fix it so I restarted from the beginning.

    Now every 3 or 4 quests, I can't do anything. In order to finish the quest you have to hit triangle to speak to the npc. It doesn't freaking work. Never have I had such a hard time playing a game in my life. What joke this company has become.

    Only fix I've found is restarting my ps4 or reloading a save point. Screw* this game y'all.

    Edit: lol. Didn't even say the F word. Only E F F.

  • KuzKaoz
    3 posts

    Xbox one:

    Found a bug in the “Heavy is the crown” quest. When Leofrith became available to fight I didn’t go back until I had powered myself up. I did a few other quests first including stopping the arc and doing the Soma pledge. When I go now it appears the battle at Repton is done, and Leofrith is just hanging out in the pit. He won’t fight or even acknowledge I’m there. The prince is up the hill swinging at a wooden pole with a sword with no care in the world. Any one else seen this? It’s stopping me from completing this arc. Please take a look at it Ubisoft. Thank you

  • broussard.2525
    1 posts

    I am trapped in a main quest the supply line for sciropescire. I over explored and I went back and spoke to a refuges who told me about the quarry mill I already hit up now the quest log keeps asking me to talk to him again after I reseted the game and he will not talk to me I refuse to start over this will be my last AC if this doesn't get fix or atlases something to reset quest for a buggy game.


  • guest-fApcfOWt
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ChimamireNoHana
    14 posts

    Asgard - Heimdall's Tower- there is a branch just to the right of the bifrost when headed back out to the main island, where you can do a leap of faith. Just got stuck in the pile of leaves below. Could fire arrows, but did not do the normal camera change when doing so. Unable to roll, run, perform an attack or otherwise get myself to pop out of the pile. Had to reload last save.

    Sorry if these aren't awesome photos, pixel takes too large of photos even on data saver to upload here and cannot compress manually so had to get creative with crop 🤷


  • ChimamireNoHana
    14 posts

    @novanders Oh my... 😅

  • DrainYou1967
    8 posts

    Maybe not officially a bug but there needs to be more ways to get Black Bear Fur and Dog Fangs. I have only found 2 black bears in over 130 hours of gameplay and maybe 3 enemy dogs as well. To complete the hunter Deliveries with so low amount of chances is ridiculous.

  • s.alfsn
    1 posts

    after I literally finished all of the Asgard missions, as soon as i left Asgard the screen was loading for a while and then after awhile it just existed the game! I was like ok..... so I returned back to the game and then when it loaded, everything that I’ve done was unsaved! 😞 very very disappointed because I basically waisted my time

  • neilgd
    18 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • FarmerJon91
    1 posts

    Doing a dangerous prey contract and I have killed all of the predators, but the contract still isn’t complete?

  • CrazyRedSims
    1 posts


    I'm playing Valhalla on PS4. My issue is that Jomsviking recruits aren't spawning, at all. None at the main settlement. None in the cities where they usually pop up. I'm trying to complete the Ubisoft CONNECT timed challenge of recruit a Jomsviking. I had 100/100 before the latest patch (2.10) so I dismissed one to recruit another but I haven't seen a Jomsviking recruit since the update.

  • azullFR
    2242 posts

    Same for me, and for all I guess ...
    .... Are these Gaming Time Statistics to sell or to promote ? ....

  • Lucassousaal28
    6 posts
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  • The_Maxpayz
    1 posts

    Ukonvasara's size is incorrect. It can pop up when using and smaller when sheath.

  • guest-59u7ufaa
    1 posts

    when I travel To Asgard the 2nd time the quest doesnt update and ist still says try the new potion although I already am in Asgard

  • azullFR
    2242 posts

    Thanks for talking about this... I'm gonna wait an efficient patch ....in 3 or 6 months ....

  • EAR68
    1 posts

    For the past few days (sometime around 15 January through today the 20th of January), I cannot get any opal quests. When I request one (or ask for what is for sale) I get an "Online Service Error" with an Error Code of 0x70000041.

  • Roy603
    1 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Couillard86
    1 posts

    After the 1.1.1 update, I'm having the same issues that everyone else has been reporting, but I'm also experiencing enemies and allies running in complete circles randomly, the man's best friend ability disappeared (and after starting the story over, it won't be gifted at all), some small boats still randomly launching in the air and exploding, still getting stuck in some areas, and Eivor randomly dropping dead even with no enemy or predator threats near by.

  • bogdanel2303
    1 posts

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