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  • AngryImp
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    @HelloImByte I have a lot of cool pictures from valhalla but as a man who thinks odin should be a man, ubisoft have attacked me and made me qnd meny others feel like we're not welcome just because we don't have the same far far far left opinions that thay do.

    The game is fundamentally based on us playing as odin reborn.... a man. But not only is he not cannon but he's removed from the box art, removed from tutorials, removed from hud customisation and more!

    Like I'm meant to enjoy this how? It's just conform conform conform.

    I'm fed up of it! Pepole say ubisoft are sexist but to women!? That's a stretch.

    I'd love to have been apart of this cuminaty but it's become a toxic place no a toxic game, that attacks you for playing as the dude the game is about!

    I tried to put my photos up on YouTube but the youtuber banned me for asking why our fan base was so toxic to pepole who think odin the man should be odin the man for God's sake.

    Look at you're photos, it's all female eivor bur on xbox captures it's all male eivor... that means much more pepole are playing as him but the only pepole interacting in ubi forums are playing the female lead.... I wounder why. This isn't a better ubisoft, its a worse, more political less game focused and more exclusive ubisoft than ever before.

  • Randelia
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    @AngryImp I understand you are upset that Odin was displayed as a woman in the game even though he is a male Norse God who is an important part of the real life Norse lore.

    I am one of the non-XBOX people posting here on the forum and am playing as male Eivor. I think it shows in some of my screenshots, and movies. Eivor being a guy is just my preference. The time spent on the game I'd rather look at male Eivor than female. I also played as Alexios in Odyssey. Both of the games have female leads as cannon though. I love Kassandra in Odyssey. She is well thought out and her actress does a great job. I didn't like the way the female Eivor was spoken/acted
    during the time I tested playing as female Eivor, and switched back to male Eivor.

    The rest I put in protection for spoilers from end of Wincester to end of main game.


  • AngryImp
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    @Randelia I appreciate you're prospective but doesn't that send a pritty shallow message?

    Odin needs to be a women to lurn from his mistakes.

    It takes away from any of the character growth and makes it all feel more political and less purposeful.

    Also even as eivor, he meets the reevs of London and then just after says if thay won't help him he'll "gut them and put a puppet on the throne" and he's also sexist.... he diminished women by making a point of gender in speech like "she beast. Women fulka. She hog. And she wrench."

    It feels like the game was changed last minute, not like a well thought out story point.

    In Winchester, a target says eivor thinks women a weaker gender!? But I meant to believe thay planned him to be female all along?

    It's more madness then twist of fate.

    And it doesn't really justify the way thay treat male players. If anything it adds a anti male message and since thay have been pushing him out of his own game in updates to hud customisation and tutorials and now the main menu and box art, that all either used both or neither eivors.

    It just feels obviously bitter and a bit man hating.

    Odin is a god long worshipped in my country and though not main stream he still is... then man is a cruel god but also a freedom fighter for dwarfs, a scholar of wisdom and one of the few norse gods not bone headed and angry. Yet valhalla is trying to say he's the opposite, arrogant is consistent but making his lesson be a gender swap is way too on the nose don't you think.

    It's like saying Jesus is a sage and while he dide as a dude, as a women he realised that he was too trusting and thus avoided his fate repeating.... that's just so ridiculous to me.

  • XBL_Laberbacke
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    This post is deleted!
  • TheNorfolkian
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    @AngryImp This thread is for sharing captures from the game’s Photo Mode, not going off on a random discussion topic. Please take your comments to another thread, perhaps in the General Discussion or Off-topic Discussion Forums. Your posts have been flagged.

  • Randelia
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    To get us back on track: I love the atmospheric fog/light/weather on the landscape.

    Morning in England

    Midday in Norway:

    Sunset in Fornburg:

    I sent Synin out to capture more of the sun while it was setting:

  • AngryImp
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    @TheNorfolkian I respect that and I'm happy to stop but I can't make my own thread, or at lest I don't know how.

    This is my point, it's gatekeeping unless I just shut up and take it.

    Please tell me how to make a thread or send Mr to one I might talk about this issue on.

    I'm trying to be respectful but I don't feel the same curtesy is offered my way.

  • AngryImp
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  • Randelia
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    How to make a thread:

    Go to the top of the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Forum. There are 4 different sections: News and Announcements, General Discussion, Community Generated Content, and Player Support.

    I think your topic could go into General Discussion. Click on that section.
    Then you see on the right side of the window, on the same line as the section name "General Discussion", a light teal colored button "New Topic" with a pen icon on the left of the text. Click that and you are making a post on a newly created topic. You can give it a header and write the content of the first post.

  • AngryImp
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    @Randelia thank you, you've been a uncommon help in a sea of carelessness.

    You're photos are very cool and I'm glad you enjoy the games.

  • AngryImp
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    @TheNorfolkian thanks for nothing dude.

  • Randelia
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    @AngryImp I'm sorry but this post is a bit unfair: not everybody is on all the time and after I posted the requested info there was no need anymore for him to respond. 🙂

    Glad to see you were able to make your topic. Wishing you happy gaming!

  • AngryImp
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    @Randelia again you're trying to keep peace and that's fine.

    But this fandom is overrun with misinformation from youtubers doing gods work for ubi PR and no where to talk about the actual problems with the games and not just the devs who all get paid more than us and couldn't give less of a dam about any of us or the integrity of the games thay make.

    That guy was just another sheep using power behind a key board.

    The one dude who spoke on my thread says he won't read my comment because he apparently knows my opinion already and thus let's me know I'm wrong without knowing what he thinks I'm wrong about.

    The fan base is toxic and aggressive. You're being kind but what's the point? Everyone around you is cruel.

    The fan base is unhappy and the story is a mess. AC us used as a vessel for politics not gaming or fun or escapism.

    I hate what the games are becoming and I hate what the fan base has become. Its a hard thing go be invested in something since childhood only for it to be used against you for some pathetic political rant.

    This game won't last 2 more games of this... the basim game will be good but only because its basically just a big dlc made for the actual fans.... Red and hexe are already just more misandry on a plate.

    I suffer from pure o OCD and valhalla says mental health only defeated men not women (sigurd and basim fail but eivor doesn't) AC and its loyalist follows are insulting countless groups but because women are the in thing its ok?

    What an embarrassing failure of this fan base. We could have protected the game we all love but instead thay protected strangers who hate them.

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