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  • SeanC.87
    20 posts

    Mine the most elusive of all characters the one handed short sword

  • DemonicLord134
    3 posts

    im not far in but so far my fav is whoever gives me a quest to burn a town down lol

  • SaintlyStorms
    76 posts

    @bytedotexe Randvi so far.

  • Sam_Boo26
    152 posts

    I'm not really far in the game, but for now, except Eivor, I also really like Sigurd. I'll give another answer later though!

  • RaMan1972
    10 posts

    @bytedotexe I think the faces and voices are an improvement on the last game, but I still don't think the characterisation is strong enough to have a favourite. I find them all fairly meh, including Eivor. I saw ads Ubi put out for writers and they wanted people with specific qualifications. That's how you hire programmers, not writers. Their writing game isn't strong enough that they feel confident being funny or anything like that. It's purely functional and monotone. You get the occasional sweary, violent bloke like that one Ragnarsson, but they're not good enough to make it really convincing. Too self-conscious and also probably working with too many people making decisions. Like, Ragnar Lothbrok was never usually called by that name until that dire TV show. His famous name is Ragnar Hairy Britches, but they're not good enough or comfortable enough with the writing to not be paranoid about that sounding uncool.

  • Vlerk2020
    29 posts

    Bayek of Siwa 🙄

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Ahh he was a sweetie. ❤

  • Bytedotexe
    Original poster 53 posts

    @vlerk2020 Sigurd is pretty cool 😄

  • Bytedotexe
    Original poster 53 posts
  • Dj0rdje12
    36 posts

    Female Eivor
    Ivar son of Ragnar

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