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  • UKranianTickler
    1 posts

    Erland bring me a beast. He died but quest cannot finish. Still on mini map and his body is just in camp

    Opal bug, if you die before a save but after getting an opal it will show on map but cannot be picked up.

  • APPLE5333
    Original poster 28 posts

    @tink-tank Dude it seriously is!!! It makes me so frustrated. Like.. C'mon man. Odyssey was amazing (in my opinion) and this game added a lot of stuff that I also really enjoy but then game breaking bugs that make it impossible to complete questlines, talk to npcs, 100% clear zones. I just really hope they fix it. I'm stuck at home due to [censored] immune system from chemo so this game is really all I got as sad as that sounds xD
    I just hope they finish the game soon

  • APPLE5333
    Original poster 28 posts

    @justus1302 I haven't gotten there yet but thank you for adding that!! The way I play AC open world games is really slow. Like fully clearing zones, having fun trying to 100% stealth kill everybody in the raid zones before calling the boys in, focusing on overleveled zealots to pretend i have balls enough to play a darksouls game. haha

  • APPLE5333
    Original poster 28 posts

    @tink-tank I Think one quick way they could fix it is to allow some sort of "abandon/RESET quest/side quest ( "mystery" x_x )

    Then we just reset the quests after they patch ( HOPEFULLY THEY PATCH ) and then bipbamboop we can finally play the game. 😄

  • APPLE5333
    Original poster 28 posts

    @mbiggs31183 Damn dude, I'm sorry. That collectors addition was for sure pricy. 😕 It's just games companies right now. They release games way too soon or without properly playtesting it or thinking of the simple question "WHAT IF A QUEST BUGS? DERRRDERRR" like just put a quest reset button into the game. Idk. x_x

  • JJWW33
    4 posts

    This game is unplayable. I paid $60 to be a beta tester. I’m calling my credit card to get a refund since I was sold a defective product.

  • RenoxDashin
    23 posts

    I've had luck with a few different work arounds for the cinimatic bugs.
    1st option: Manipulate video settings to anything other than low and DO NOT skip dialogue.
    2nd option: You can skip the video settings manipulation and just mess with "Resolution Scale". then wait a minute or two when it kicks you to the "unmovable" screen where you are unable to move.
    3rd option: Once you get to the "stuck" moment, just let it sit for 5-10 mins. I've noticed my CPU dragging on these bugs. It doesn't work EVERY time, but within 3-4 loads i can usually get past it. Takes anywhere from 3-10 minutes to get around.
    I've conquered 5 of the lands on the alliance map, and a bit of asgard and most of my settlement. I've encountered this bug too many times to count. If you stick to these 3 options. You should be able to get past it.
    if it works, Give this comment a like so others can find it too.

  • APPLE5333
    Original poster 28 posts

    @renoxdashin OOF!!! Sorry to hear man x_x I had to justify to my wife why I paid just the 60 bucks hahaha
    It's really rough though. I love exploring around old England and doing the side stuff while I wait for Ubisoft to finish the game so that I can progress. I haven't had any cutscene issues except the occasional camera getting stuck in somebody's head . Oh and also literally just now I looked at my screen and saw a cow just floating head facing down. Flawless game.. Tooootally ready for launch.

  • APPLE5333
    Original poster 28 posts

    @csahendriks Thank you for adding !! Yeah I've ran into a lot of these as well. The infinite fall for sure a few dozen times to the point where I just jump off most everything rather than climb down slowly since this bug tends to happen if I'm climbing down the side of mountains but has happened on a couple of rocks in the world. Just rocks on the ground, Eivor just gets stuck on them and then fall animation happens. The Eivor not moving for a few seconds has been happening to me when crouched so it hasn't caused me any issues but it is FOR SURE annoying.

  • Jasette
    27 posts

    Wanted to +1 the Maximilian museum quest bug. No key in sight even after fast traveling elsewhere for long periods of time & closing & reopening the game. Super frustrating.

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