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  • evilapplemoose
    8 posts

    You’re absolutely right! This edition has cost me 160 euros, and after 2 weeks I am still unable to play a very important part of the game. It’s insane that we’re not getting a proper response or update on this!

  • DarthGrandpa66
    1 posts

    In Ravensthorpe I can no longer interact with the barracks, shipyard, or fish seller. The dialogue option simply does not appear. This means that I cannot edit my crew to use any of the jomsviking I recruit, I cannot customize my ship, or get rewards for fish. And if you tell me to start a new game I will tell you to give me my damned money back.

  • gokerto
    8 posts

    @swikzysome oooh dude but there is covid right now. How they can comment about these issues.

  • lydia.runstrom
    1 posts

    I'm unable to interact with the stable hand, barracks, and shipyard. Still going to play the game but it's a bummer since I spent money to buy new companions and cosmetic stuff for my ship. Is there a way to fix it that?

  • Shraman
    7 posts

    PS4 Player here (french so excuse me for my english), can't talk with my Quartermaster, my tatoo shop and my fisherman. It all happened after the raid of my camp but I wasn't sure, I just bought the volva house so I thought they were unavaliable because of her quest, so I did the dream (I stay unspecific for avoid any spoilers). But I still can't talk to them... I don't know what to do so I post this here...

  • Shraman
    7 posts

    @swikzysome I agree with you on that, It's soooooo frustrating, I payed full price this game and nothing work. I had a lot of bug and in 6 hours of playthrough I had to go to the title screen at least 10 times because of bugs and now this ? I'm furious.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 430 posts

    @darthgrandpa66 I am sorry to hear you are not able to interact with the NPCs in your settlement.

    The team know about this issue and are investigating it further. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Official Response
  • gnbass
    2 posts

    I can't talk to ANY of the customization NPCs is my settlement. Barracks, stables, shipyard and tattoo parlor are all broken. Really breaks the immersion. Not worth paying until fixed.

  • smithy10GB
    Original poster 70 posts

    I'm still holding out hope that this will be fixed before the 10th but it would be nice to have some more info at this point, I really want to get valhalla complete before cyberpunk 2077 comes out because once that game comes out I won't have time for anything else.

    Even a rough estimate would help at this point.

  • BobbyFioretti
    11 posts


    UPDATE: I am now power level 311, settlement level 5, and have 9 arcs completed. Still haven't completed the Berserker quest out of fear.

    These are the NPC's I can currently speak to and interact with:

    • Neda
    • Merchant
    • Blacksmith
    • Hunter (both)
    • Fisher
    • Museum
    • Seer
    • Hidden One's Bureau
    • Bakery
    • Tattoo (once the wife took over)

    These are the NPC's I cannot speak to:

    • Stable
    • Barracks
    • Cartographer
    • Shipyard
    • Mayda
    • Brewery
    • Cattle farm
    • Grain farm
    • Fowl farm
    • Alvis and Holger
    • Woodshop

    I've now completed "Going Deeper" 100%, did another alliance arc, and have built all the possible buildings in my settlement.

  • guest-wB2uQrCM
    4 posts

    I literally cannot build anything. I’m in England from a while now but I’ve never seen not even the wood board with the option ‘build’.

  • chriskean86
    11 posts

    Its frustrating to see this thread grow and grow with new people and having no update on this issue. Game has been out a while now and a game breaking bug like this shouldn't be being ignored

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    @guest-wb2uqrcm Try saving in camp with manual save. Restart your system and boot up game, then load the save you just made.

  • guest-wB2uQrCM
    4 posts

    I have a big issue as well. I cannot build anything. I’m in England from a while now but I don’t even see the sign ‘build’ in my base. As well there is no tatoo artist nor in England or Norway.
    Should I restart or what? Any advices?

  • Wolfman852
    1 posts

    After I completed the Glowecestrescire story arc I returned to Ravensthorpe but Gunnar wasn't at his forge. His new wife is at his home but he's nowhere to be found. I've looked all around the settlement but can't find him anywhere. Is this part of a quest where I need to go speak to him about something before he shows up at his forge or is this a bug?

    Also I can't talk to Reda either 😞

  • AlteredCheese0
    1 posts

    Same here!! I am 50 hours in and can't talk to people I have initiated in my settlement. My cartographer can't sell maps. I can no longer manage my recruits.
    It is so frustrating. I would rather get my money back than start over!!!

  • ubib25
    1 posts

    I can’t talk to certain people at my settlement that I need to

  • Sciss0rman
    46 posts

    @ubib25 Already listed in here

  • guest-wB2uQrCM
    4 posts

    I just tried but it didn’t work out. Should I restart from the beginning or do you have any other ideas? Thank you

  • Rote-Katze
    1 posts

    I cleared almost everything in the first area untill I went into the hometown which I avoided before. When I came to the woman who lets her comb search I was not able to interact with her. The same with the Worrier above who was able to interact with me after a restart (didn't work for lady Comb) and now I head back to town and can't talk to the NPCs anymore...
    Playing on PC.

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