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  • elcarancho
    7 posts

    The problem still persist... It was not fixed... This is a big screw up...

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. I'm happy to announce that the issue wherein settlement NPCs couldn't be interacted with is due to be fixed in TU 1.2.1. This update will deployed 27 April, 2021 at 1 PM CEST / 8 AM ET.

    If you are still encountering issues when interacting with settlement NPCs following TU 1.2.1, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include a video that shows the following:
    - You have TU 1.2.1. installed. You can view this information in the opening game menu in the bottom right-hand corner.
    - The issue still occuring in-game.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • Rakkertje08
    15 posts

    At least some other bugs are fixed... my torch has visual flames again and light/hevay attack stats are working.. but still can't interact with Petra and the mission 'the Huntress' is not starting (which should start after building the hunter hut). Whole side line quest with Petra is not possible, because she has not a 'text box option' above her (so i can't interact with her). At least other NPC are interactable, should be lucky if i'm reading through your comments..

  • HRHSuperCorgi
    2 posts

    Update still did not fix settlement issues. Like others, I cannot speak to the barracks, cartographer, ship yard, or the hunter to return legendary animals. Super disappointing.

  • FireIce38
    28 posts

    Does this issue not affect PS5 and Xbox Series X? I only ever see people bring up PS4 and Xbox One. Mostly PS4.

    If so, guess that would explain it. They only care about improving the next gen versions.

    They literally listed fixing the screen tearing on Xbox Series X|S, but not fixing it on Xbox One X|S.

  • Lavinn13
    1 posts

    I'm on ps4, settlement level 5, can't talk to the barracks, ship yard, and stables, have not been able to at all since I unlocked them. Haven't done either of the two pre-order quests. Can't believe they're letting an issue this big and affecting this many players be. But thanks for the update, now my fishing is also bugged, since the update the fish no longer move in the water and appear dead, and also do not come up of the water when you catch them, so Eivor proudly holds up a piece of stale rope. I thought the updates were to fix the broken game, not make it worse?

  • Rakkertje08
    15 posts

    @fireice38 im playing on series x and only npc that is bugged for me is Petra. So no Quests from here or option to interact

  • wingman63
    3 posts

    Hello since the patch i'm unable ton speak to npc in the center of ravenstorphe.
    Because of that i can't finish hamtunscire quest, or start the quest " the letter" with hytham .
    i can't speek to any NPC in the camp.

    i can't get Thor's Hammer because of that

    playing on xbox one X i've tried reboot game and console

  • gokerto
    8 posts

    They do not care. Wow

  • Greek25AsSasSin
    4 posts

    I too can't interact with npcs barracks and shipyard.

  • Greek25AsSasSin
    4 posts

    I can't speak to the lady in the shipyard, the guy at the barracks and the cartographer

  • heartpunches
    13 posts

    update installed and glitch still very much present. support ticket still open, live chat disabled due to US holiday, and still no response on this forum. i love this game, but the complete silence from the support staff on this specific glitch while other topics are being updated is genuinely infuriating.

  • guest-jleVHEyK
    2 posts

    Cannot interact with reda to complete the 10 contracts mission been hours since I been able to she told the kids a story and since then nothing seems it work any answers??

  • Whitey_Ford1979
    9 posts

    This is a freaking joke! We can't even get a reply that they understand our problem & are even attempting to fix it. They just take our money, kick us to the curb, and don't even say have a nice day. I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of this game because I was very excited (especially figuring they had 2 years) and I get a game said to be literally centered around your settlement - I mean it's the central plot to the whole freaking story - and I can't talk to 3/4 of the NPC's in my settlement.

    Their solution: "Oh, you've played 80+ hours, you're at power level 300+ & your settlement is level 5....well why don't you go ahead and delete every freaking thing you've done, reinstall the game, and start over then that MIGHT fix the problem."

    Yeah, I paid $100.00 for that!

  • Mr_Spanky9000
    1 posts

    I am not able to talk to the vast majority of people in the settlement, i can't customize my ship, my lieutenant viking, or my crew, and that is only a few. can anyone help me fix this?

  • Shraman
    7 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • claud1o-
    50 posts

    Ok, after today's patch I will not go back to this game.

    It will take 2 weeks for a new patch which might (or not) patch this issue.

    By that time CYBERPUNK will be out and I look forward to not buying any more games from Ubisoft in the future, if not on a huge sale.

    Well done on loosing a customer

  • Shraman
    7 posts

    Yeah, I'm done too, Origins and Odyssey were fine. I was a bit angry at what Assassin's creed was becoming but now it's just nonsense. Fighting is glitchy as hell, quests are impossible to realise because of glitches, physics is becoming nonsens too (beard and hair are IN the clothes), NPC are dumb as a snail (bear of the quest with the honey who glitch on the tree while following the boy) and the settlement... OH MAN THE SETTLEMENT... I don't feel like I'm playing a game anymore, or at least not from Ubisoft. That's a joke to have to wait for month to have a complete game. I just wish they had waited a bit more before releasing it, so disappointed, almost as much as when I realised Red Dead Online was a joke (at least the main story was pure art).

    I didn't want to be rude and thanks to Woofer who was keeping us in touch, but that's a shame to have ruined a game that could have been so good. I could feel the good intention of the devs who put time in it, but the company must have pressured them to release it early or something, because that's simply ugly.

    3 posts

    @boom_tat_tat I'm having the same issue with barracks. Do you know of a fix?

    3 posts

    I've purchased the barracks, cartographer, and the docks. After creating the jomviking and changing my raiding party once, then changing my longship there is no speech bubble for either person or for the cartographer. I didn't have access to the tattoo shop or the little man that gives you contracts, those were fixed after listening to the little person tell a story to gain access back to contracts and after talking to tote about sven dying the tattoo bubble appeared on her.

  • mnairn3
    1 posts

    Hi all and sorry Ubisoft Dev's and team, game looks great and was great fun and looks like it could have been one of the better Assassin Creeds games, however, I have the same issue here. I stopped playing 3 days ago when I could no longer interact with the barrack or ship builder. I figured this would be addressed quickly and I have been playing too long to re-start now, particularly when it is not clear if the same problem won't happen again in another 20-30 hours of gameplay.

    Bit upset I brought this full price as I could have waited for the bugs to be fixed in 2021 and had a great time. But being someone who rarely replays games or goes back to older games I never completed this will end up in my pile of shame. Guess it is a learning experience for future to not trust the early reviews and not pre-order Ubisoft games, at least not purchase for about a week after release to see what bugs they have, before deciding to purchase. Hope it is fix soon, however, I imagine like most Ill be playing Cyberpunk by then and this will be a distant memory. Best of luck.

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