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  • claud1o-
    50 posts


    I did also build the barracks first (and I could interact at the beginning with the npc) and the shipyard after (I was NEVER able to speak with the npc there).

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. I'm happy to announce that the issue wherein settlement NPCs couldn't be interacted with is due to be fixed in TU 1.2.1. This update will deployed 27 April, 2021 at 1 PM CEST / 8 AM ET.

    If you are still encountering issues when interacting with settlement NPCs following TU 1.2.1, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include a video that shows the following:
    - You have TU 1.2.1. installed. You can view this information in the opening game menu in the bottom right-hand corner.
    - The issue still occuring in-game.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • ZoroFBG
    4 posts

    I have killed every single alpha beast in this game even got the PS4 Trophy but I cannot for the love of God interact with the Tanner to make the Heads trophies for my longhouse. What is going on? Why does this game have so many bugs?

  • ZoroFBG
    4 posts

    I cannot interact with the shipwright in the settlement! Meaning that I can’t edit my ship to change the head and hull. Please fix.

  • ZoroFBG
    4 posts

    I cannot interact with my Jomsviking inside settlement. I created them initially but I cannot change or edit them. What is going on with this game?!

  • smithy10GB
    Original poster 70 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis just out of curiosity do you have an ETA for the update yet?

    I purchased the game around 2 weeks ago and since the bug I have not been bothered to play it since I'm missing so much content.
    If not, do you have any info on how I can request a refund, I don't want to sound like that guy but I have been waiting patiently and it just seems like its going to get dragged out longer and longer, I would rather have my money back and purchase the game again at a later date once it is more stable.

    I hope you understand, I spent £59.99 on the game and I can't even play it because I'm missing so much content that it's just not fun to play.

  • gokerto
    8 posts

    Thank you @Ubi-Borealis


    Guys again for my english. I am from Turkey and you have to learn yourself here. Education is not very good anyway.

    I started game second time. I had 80 hours playing and i finished three arc.( ragnar, soma and kingmaker quests) npcs are again same i cant speak barracks, shipyard.
    So my second game has no bug.

    I started after 1.0.2 patch and i did first soma arc then ragnar sons quest. By the way there were no bugs when i was playing. I checked my npcs every time after i finished quests then i saved manually then i saved my files to Ps4 save cloud -i did because if game itself would break my files i would have backups for my saves.

    1.0.4 patch i downloaded before kingmaker arc and ragnar sons arch by the way and i did every quest except soma arc. After i finished all three quest with this patch i went to my settlement, everything was fine. By the way i did bjorn quest i think it not the source or attack to your settlements. This bug is different because every player had different experince.

    Note: i established all buggy npc settlement things( barracks, shipyard and others) after soma and ragnar sons arc. Everytime after quest i checked every npc if i can speak with them.
    This is my second playing experience i hope this will help your problems and maybe @Ubi-Borealis ubi agents too a little.

    Playing on Standart PS4
    Settlement level is 4
    I started game with 1.0.2 patch and i played other arc with last(1.0.4) patch.
    This is it. Again guys if there are people who can get ofended sorry for my english again.
    Take care and stay health friends...

  • chriskean86
    11 posts

    While I appreciate the nature of fault finding I can be bothered uploading my save files and opening support tickets as much as Ubisoft can be bothered replying to this. So Might do it in a week or 10 days. I work in a similar role and know full we this us playing for time at this point. Situation is a large portion of players are unable to play large portions of the game. This NPC thing is not even the only major bug!!! I dont believe these went unnoticed in testing. They were very likely reported and it was decided to procede without fixing. I dont have the time to lose 70 hours restarting the game nor do I have the inclination to do so. I've unistalled now instead of powering through and I'm unlikely to ever go back. This will sinply put my future participation in AC titles, which are the only ubisoft titles I'm invested in, in doubt also. I'm sad about that

  • BasicPsycho
    2 posts

    @superguy35 I too have this exact same issue. My tattoo parlour, barracks and fishery cannot be interacted with. It's infuriating...

  • BasicPsycho
    2 posts

    So after the quest whereby Danes attack your settlement after Eivor gives a speech, certain NPCs you cannot interact with in your settlement. These being for me at least: the tattoo place, the baracks and the fishery. Please I get support for this really breaking the immersive factor...

  • BobbyFioretti
    11 posts


    Well, I've progressed so far into the story that I don't think any of my save files will help, to be honest. I've maxed my power level and my settlement now, and only have Wincester left for arcs. I'd still like to be able to speak to my settlement NPC's and complete the Berserker quest without losing more access to NPC's, obviously, but it seem pretty pointless at this point. For me to go out and purchase a flash drive (can't find where the hell my lady put mine) just to attach a save file that may or may not help doesn't really make sense. I mean, I've already completed all the raids, so customizing my ship or Jomsvikings is pointless, no? Very disappointed. This thread was started over two weeks ago and there's been a patch released that completely ignored this issue. Ubisoft dropped the ball, and as somebody else said recently, this will 100% affect my future purchase decisions for anything from Ubisoft. One video and one save file, you all have many now, should be sufficient in pinpointing the problem. At the very least, coming up with a temporary fix while they continue to search for the cause should be easily achieved.

    I would recommend finishing a game before releasing it, or jumping on the bugs/glitches faster. This is number one bull[censored].

  • Rakkertje08
    15 posts

    Herent the video to my bug with Petra, including the overview of completed missions which dont include "the huntress" mission. No interaction with Petra possibile

  • smithy10GB
    Original poster 70 posts

    @chriskean86 fair play honestly, I would really like a full refund, it's only fair given the current state of the game and the fact that this doesn't even seem like a priority for them is just grinding at this point.

    Now I just want my money back since the game is borderline unplayable, since I am asking for this though I somehow doubt I will get a reply from ubi on here.

  • FireIce38
    28 posts

    Ok let me give an update.

    As I said before. I wasn't sure if I was affected or not as I wasn't quite far enough to find out.

    First let me say that my Settlement is only Level 2 and I only have the Blacksmith and the Stable built. Reda is here, as well.

    I have now powered through the story to the end of the Grantebridgescire Arc and I've done the invasion on Ravensthorpe.

    After the invasion, I seem to still be able to.interact with everyone including the Stable and Reda. So I assume I'm unaffected.

    Now my question is: If I can talk to everyone immediately after the invasion, does that mean I am permanently unaffected by this bug? Even after I build more things in the settlement?

  • Janer64
    19 posts

    HOW CAN A GAME BE RELEASED WITH SO MANY FKING BUGS? Our hard earned money taken and not really much in exchange but a shoddy product.

    Hidden One's Bureau I can't hand over order medallions or codex pages

    The Crow that flies won't turn left or right

    My Horse stamina only works a fraction of the times

  • TSinger1
    3 posts

    Have had this glitch for over a week, can’t customize longship or raiding party. Unable to even speak to the NPCs in the settlement, very frustrating. I’m not playing anymore until it’s fixed. Doing Bjorns quest and not able to use him is very frustrating. (Xbox One)

  • LightZeus412625
    1 posts

    After finishing "Kingmaker" quest line, I found out that I am unable to talk to cartographer and other NPCs for example in fishing and hunter's hut. However, blacksmith and trading posts are available. Any thoughts what should I do? I know it's nothing to important but i would still like use their services.

  • TSinger1
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • TSinger1
    3 posts

    @lightzeus412625 Have had the same issue since launch, really disappointed. I was expecting this to be patched with the last update about apparently not.

  • KenSterz
    2 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis how do I upload a saved file from ps4? Ive included the link to this forum on the support ticket

  • Y2john84
    48 posts

    @chriskean86 totally agree! This is ridiculous! I havnt got the money to keep buying these unfinished "next gen" games, we're being asked to do their job for them time and time again upon release titles! This is a huge mess

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