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  • DeadEnder2020
    3 posts

    In my game all the shops I've built after my game glitched and I lost some progress haven't been working. Specifically the stabkes, tattoo shop, and shipyard. I know that svend dies but that hasn't happened in my game yet.

    All of my shops that I have built since my internet was bad and didn't save my progress losing a bunch of progress. Don't work. They include the tattoo shop,shipbuilder thing, and the stable. Alps the tattoo guy hasn't disappeared yet so it's not that.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2131 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. I'm happy to announce that the issue wherein settlement NPCs couldn't be interacted with is due to be fixed in TU 1.2.1. This update will deployed 27 April, 2021 at 1 PM CEST / 8 AM ET.

    If you are still encountering issues when interacting with settlement NPCs following TU 1.2.1, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include a video that shows the following:
    - You have TU 1.2.1. installed. You can view this information in the opening game menu in the bottom right-hand corner.
    - The issue still occuring in-game.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • FireIce38
    27 posts

    Good news! It'll be fixed tomorrow!

    Quests, World Events, Side Activities

    • Addressed an issue in Legend of Beowulf where the clue marker would remain after it was investigated.
    • Addressed an issue in A Sticky Situation where the NPC would sometimes not spawn.
    • Addressed an issue where the player could get stuck fishing in The Baker’s Plaint.
    • Addressed an issue in Fishing Lesson that under certain circumstances prevented players from completing the world event.
    • Addressed an issue where players are stuck after pledging to Lincolnscire after returning from Vinland.
    • Addressed an issue where players could get stuck in a boss fight during A Cruel Destiny. *Ah yes, A Cruel Destiny, indeed.*
    • Addressed an issue where some treasures wouldn't be at their location or couldn't be looted. (Grandbridgescire, Hamptunscire, Oxenefordscire, Eurvicscire)
    • Addressed an issue where players could receive an Online Service Error when trying to save.
    • Addressed an issue where players got blackscreen after building the blacksmith.
    • Addressed an issue where players didn't receive Storming the Walls after completing Severing the Lines.
    • Addressed an issue in To Serve the Light where Hytham would get stuck on the boat when randomly shooting arrows into the water.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from interacting with Settlement NPCs.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from completing Clues and Riddles.
    • Addressed an issue in the Absence of an Ealdorman that prevented players from completing the quest.
    • Addressed an issue where the quest objective marker was pointing to a wrong destination in The Devil Has All the Best Tunes.
    • Addressed an issue in War Weary that prevented players from completing the quest when Ceolbert was accidentally killed.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from starting the Daughters of Lerion encounter. (Goneril, Cordelia)
    • Addressed an issue in Binding Fate that caused the boss to be stuck on a rock.
    • Addressed an issue where Estrid could get stuck in Taken.
    • Addressed an issue in Pluck the Quill where players would sometimes be unable to interact with Aelwyn.
    • Addressed an issue in Binding Fate that caused the boss to be stuck underground when using Dive of Valkyrie.
    • Addressed an issue in Price of Wisdom that prevented players from completing the quest.
    • Addressed an issue in The Boar with the Golden Nose where the boar would sometimes disappear under certain circumstances.
    • Addressed an issue in Bleeding the Leech where Erke would be at the wrong location.
    • Addressed an issue in Of Blood and Bonds where the players couldn't complete the quest or couldn't report back to Randvi.
    • Addressed an issue in The Prodigal Prince that prevented players from completing the quest.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from completing the Old Cellar mystery.
    • Addressed an issue in A Rivalry for the Ages that prevented players from completing the quest.
    • Addressed an issue where the Mari Lwyd disguise would not disappear after finishing the Glowecestrescire Arc. *everyone liked that dot jpg*
    • Addressed an issue in Road to Harmatia that prevented players from completing the quest.
    • Addressed an issue where Knud could become stuck in A Little Problem.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from interacting with Ubba in Sons of Ragnar.
    • Addressed an issue where Basim was in a fight with NPCs before the start of Puppets and Prisoners.
    • Addressed an issue in Brewing Rebellion that prevented players from force-opening the door to the longhouse in Buckingham.
    • Addressed an issue in Bridges of Oppression that prevented players from completing the quest.
    • Addressed an issue in King Killer that prevented Ivarr to reach the door to Rhodri’s Room
    • Addressed an issue in A Fiend out of Hell that prevented players from examining one of the cows.
  • FireIce38
    27 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • lewisstorer89
    19 posts


    Thanks for the share

    praise jesus this is finally getting fixed. Near 2 months ive been stuck not playing this game. Crazy its taken this long and not been a hotfix ushered in well before now given its game breaking.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts

    Hello everyone,

    As FireIce38 already spotted, we announced last night that TU 1.1.1 will be dropping today on January 14th, and I am very pleased to say that in this update, the fix for this issue with interacting with settlement NPCs in Ravensthorpe is being implemented.

    Once the patch has been deployed, and you have fully updated your game to the latest version, you should find upon loading your save that you can now interact with all impacted NPCs again, including (but not limited to) the shipmaster, quartermaster, cartographer, blacksmith and tattoo artist.

    I would like to thank all of you for submitting your reports of this issue to us, for answering my questions, and for keeping me updated with any changes in circumstances while this issue was ongoing. I sincerely hope that the patch today will see this issue fully resolved for all of you, but should there be any persistent issues with any particular NPCs, please let me know here in this thread and I will get these issues investigated as soon as possible by the developers.

    If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and I will answer as soon as I can. Thank you. 🙂

    Official Response
  • ibivan
    9 posts


    Squeaky wheel gets the grease, ya its an old saying but it works.

  • smithy10GB
    Original poster 70 posts

    @ubi-woofer will we actually get Anything for waiting months for this? I mean it's kind of shocking waiting 2 months, missing events and other content just for this to be brushed under the carpet like it never happened.

    Especially since the game has even been on sale since then, so we bought a game that we couldn't play for full price, waited 2 months, over a sale and an event. It just seems like either way we got screwed and it's just getting shrugged off.

  • trisNL_
    7 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer I still can't interact with hytham after the update he was the only bugged npc for me. Im still stuck and have no main quests to do because i need to get them from hytham like lunden,jorvik and wincestre. How tf is this possible

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts

    @smithy10gb I had seen a few mentions of / requests for compensation on these forums while working on here over the past few weeks, and these were already raised to the developers in the respective reports per issue. Should any plans for compensation be revealed, I'll let everyone know.

    @trisNL_ Thanks for reporting that you're still unable to interact with Hytham. Could you provide a short video demonstrating that you cannot speak to him, and also that you have no further pledges to complete on the Alliance Map? Had you recently handed some Order medallions to Hytham before this issue started?

    Official Response
  • smithy10GB
    Original poster 70 posts

    @ubi-woofer it would be nice considering we had to wait 2 months to play a game which we purchased on launch, I'm not even asking for real money, just something in game since we missed so much, its like I said, we are 2 months behind everyone, we have missed an event and have to wait a year for the next of its type.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • jclark1374
    1 posts

    I can no longer speak to Wallace to trade fish. I’ve already traded a bunch of fish but since the start of Lunden mission he won’t talk to me. Anyone else have this issue? I assume it’s a bug.

  • trisNL_
    7 posts

    @ubi-woofer after I did the 'to serve the light quest' i didn't speak to him for a while because i thought he had no quests but the bug was already there then. I cant trade anything in and i think this has been going on since the first quest with him in november. Thought i could complete the game till it got fixed but after the essex arc i couldn't see anymore arcs. heres a clip of it

  • NChamp2014
    13 posts

    @smithy10gb @ubi-woofer

    maybe Ubisoft should let those of us who actually ply the games get to be the testers for the game instead of someone who works with the game so we can help them work out all of the bugs and what not before it launches so that way we don’t have all these issues and nothing ever gets fixed for 2 + months after launch.

  • DoomCakes1198
    25 posts

    @nchamp2014 since we already paid to beta test this one. We've already proved we're good at it. Especially those of us who continue to be a hundred plus hours with a giant bug that prevented huge portions of gameplay

  • NChamp2014
    13 posts

    @doomcakes1198 so maybe Ubisoft should refund all of us who have reported issues to help them fix the game and then start paying us for that help since we all know that this is worst assassin’s creed game they have put out especially in the first 2 + months after release. What do you say @ubi-woofer

  • Nikopol1966
    2 posts

    @ubi-woofer Sorry to contradict you but the issue was not solved at all. None of the settlement NPC's is working, the only interaction with them is asking what they are doing there and leave. This happens on Xbox on hour ago.

  • shane_moore
    1 posts

    after the patch I still couldn't talk to settlement NPCs but after doing "A Wise Friend" quest I can now interact with the NPCs

  • lewisstorer89
    19 posts

    so let me guess this straight.
    Two months on we finally get a fix, after missing out on ingame content and events in the process, and it doesnt even actually fully fix things?

    dear oh dear Ubisoft.
    The last 12 months for gaming has been an absolute disaster.

  • Hadley66
    4 posts

    my PS4 game remains unchanged — and largely unplayable — post-update.
    I cannot interact with any settlement NPCs; they simply stand or sit there vacuously.
    please advise ASAP, as the patch seems to have done nothing to rectify the situation.

  • lewisstorer89
    19 posts

    We are at a stage now where we should all just be demanding refunds. The fact this update didnt really help do anything but break it more in other ways, i dont intend to play this game again.

    I just want my money back from this mess.
    @Ubi-Woofer can we get refunds sorted please?

    enoughs enough

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