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  • ImaginaryRuins
    382 posts

    @shadow-moses-ak Really? It's due to the NAT issue? Strange because when playing AC Origins I could avenge other players and I am pretty sure my NAT type has always been the same. So personally I still think this issue is still related to Ubisoft.

  • rankinsect
    52 posts

    Also positive it's not NAT related. I play on PC and haven't seen a single player grave even with all router ports forwarded.

  • Ryusennin
    71 posts

    Just finished the game 100% on PC and never met another player's corpse in 200 hours of playtime.

    It's safe to assume this online feature has NOT been implemented. As a matter of fact, the challenge global stat is stuck at 0% on Ubi Connect:

  • SII_Frederic
    24 posts

    140 hrs. 100% every location, mission, etc...

    Only had this happen to me once and I assume it was bugged because it happened during one of the 3 sisters and I had to fight her and a band of boars.

    I remember avenging players in Origins (still to this day i can get on it and see an avenge player marker and go to it within 2 mins of loading the game) and Odyssey and it was always human NPCs that I had to kill I don't ever recall having to kill animals for an avenge mission.

    Regardless this is the last challenge I need to do, I hope the next update fixes this or they push a hotfix out for this soon.

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    180hrs and I found ONE !! Finally... some poor player got killed by a gang of wild boar in the Anglian swamps....

    So, I guess it "works" but my best bet is that hardly ANYONE is getting killed outside of boss fights. You can't "avenge" a boss fight casualty of course so it would only apply if you were unlucky/stupid enough to get Eivor killed in the Open World.

    ...and due to the bad difficulty scaling...that isn't happening.

  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    150 hours in and I still didn't find any fallen player to avenge...

    Not to mention that I started NewGame+ in Origins, just to kill time and wait for Valhalla to be fixed (ffs), and I found the avenge quest within 20 minutes since the game started...

  • Crudo-
    1 posts

    Still haven't been able to find it myself! I have over a 151 hours into the game and with 93% progress done haven't been able to find the quest. This is one of the last challenges I need to do be sides the swordfish which I'm currently working on

  • All4guap
    5 posts

    I’m 160 hours into the game, have finished every single thing in the game except the swordfish (missing big flatfish and big mackerel still), avenge 10 players, and complete my hidden blade training.
    After opening a ticket and talking to a member of the dev team I was able to ascertain that the sword fish challenge is bugged, as is avenging the death of 10 players; however I was not able to find out why the hidden blade training hasn’t been completed in my Ubisoft challenges. Does anyone here have any tips or suggestions or know if this is another bug?

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    Still not fixed (and Ubi dont put that on the Issues megathread...)

  • auridulis
    35 posts

    @gryma It looks like the issue has been acknowledged and it's being investigated now.

    "Avenge quests are nowhere to be found" has been added to the list of known issues as of January 14.

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @auridulis Ah nice, finally something ^^ But now, we need to wait another month to possibly get a fix 😕

  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    Meanwhile I managed to find one avenge quest.

    I did some random stuff and got myself to some ruins. A few boars attacked me so I killed them. At that point, I had to answer a call so I pressed Esc. When I finished the call and got back to game I suddenly realized that a grey mission marker has appeared on the compass. As I didn't have any mission available I investigated it and found out that 10 metres away was a body of a fallen player. I don't know how I triggered it, was it because I had to go to the menu for a minute and stood in the same place? I guess I was rather in a right place at a right time.

    Still, these quests need to be fixed.
    The quest marker appeared literally 10m away from me, you cannot be riding whole England in hope that you will eventually get 10 close to a fallen player...

  • darq.crimson
    6 posts

    223 hrs of play time. 100% trophies. 100% game completed. Not a single avenge death. Playing on PS4. I went back to Odyssey until new patch. Still nothing. Grrrr...

  • Dark02151995
    1 posts

    212 hours in and absolutely nothing on PS4 it’s probably broken hopefully they fix it at some point!

  • LedoveeeKladivo
    64 posts

    Same here, around 200hrs ingame and nothing.

    I play on PC (now version 1.1.1)

  • GonguHrolfr
    9 posts

    Same here, after 340 hours, and Total Progress 92%

    I love the country and keep roaming it (playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla (OST) Full / Complete Official Soundtrack in the background, because we can't enjoy enough the music with the high frequency put on), though I have nothing to do, but

    • upgrade all the gears, so farm money (fishing, sell them),
    • try to complete the Fishing Hut Quests (but the fishes that I miss are glitched, so I could get the Stinky but Deadly reward)),
    • would be glad to Avenge the death of 10 players (and get the Hall of Slain reward), but I can't find any death player to avenge.

    Got all the achievements, but Take my hand, The enemy of my enemy, Disorder of the Ancients that are bugged (can't have them, though I've completed the requirements to have them!).
    So I go ti kill some Saxons and Bandits... for the pleasure of roaming the country.

  • JO_7_U
    6 posts

    I remember that the revenge system no problem in Odyssey , so that is so funny about it have problem in Valhalla

    2 posts

    It’s one of items Ubisoft is working to fix. They were supposed to be working, said fixed in both updates so far but still no avenge quests are not up and running. If they we’re going to go this way they should go like Need for Speed where your game is online with others whom you could ally with or raid against. It’d be something to do while we wait for DLC content. Finding the ISU bow and just sniping has been a distraction kills legendary beasts in three shots if keep your distance and add critical damage and chance runes. Wish could glamour it to look like another bow like in odyssey hate the glowing [censored] on weapons, it’s not Star Wars.

    2 posts

    @gonguhrolfr they’ve tried to fix this twice and are still working at getting it up and running. That’s why not finding anybody to avenge. Hope some graphical [censored] eventually gets fixed too, hate how arrows get stuck on your hand and can only get rid of if you go to loading screen say to fast travel press backwards then take off running and arrows stay where you were. Just found out could do that one.

  • luigispcrew
    54 posts

    I've just finished the challenge on PC. I've uploaded a video on YouTube in case you want to see how to do it. I hope it can help

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