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  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    Yup, I can confirm. Been there for 5 or 7 days, always tried for 2 hours or more and nothing happened.

  • Ajka2020
    2 posts

    @l0stw0lf that only one I haveundefined

  • azullFR
    2919 posts


    I remember that the revenge system no problem in Odyssey , so that is so funny about it have problem in Valhalla

    it was too efficient, they decided to break it !!! 😂
    Note : The "Rope Escalators" were efficient in Origin's, inefficient in Odyssey, and are back efficient in Valhalla ... at the moment....

    Nice day to you 🙂

  • ArnoTheChef
    5 posts

    I don't think the challenge is "semi bugged" because I found 5 bodies recently. In Hamtunscire if it helps

  • Zooolz
    44 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zooolz
    44 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zooolz
    44 posts

    The "15 minute trick" worked for me.
    ( look for the " new Quest Icon " on your screen after 15 minutes using Odin's sight )
    However, if the SAME player appears - and you re-avenge - it might not be ADDED to the count in UBI.
    ALSO - you might not get a body - try another location
    I think I re-avenged 1 player 3 times ... with no count added.
    So, I thought I'd leave my corpse there for someone also ...
    ( let the enemies kill you in the same area - so others dont have to look too far for your corpse )
    And then my counts were added to UBI.
    So, avenge a corpse - leave a corpse

    ( Be sure to fast travel to back Ravensthorpe to re-set the area after each avenge !!! )

  • yo3125
    2 posts

    Played 147 hours not one corpse, this game has had a couple updates since launch but still no fix. They should remove challenge all together! It sucked in the passed games and now its broken.

  • semplerfi
    8 posts

    I just triggered one in Glowecestrecire, SE of Maen Ceti cairn in the lower ruins. Got so excited I didn't catch their name. har... There's an artifact, opal and a firefly there too. A 3 soldier patrol coming by triggered it while I was exploring the lower ruin. I've gotten 8 so far, 6 at the farm and one by the boars. I've been killed at the farm, by the boars and by 7 soldiers in hopes to add to the spawn. I'll go back by Maen Ceti place and get killed there too. Do you know how long it takes to get killed at 325 hours in, level 406 with 86 Mastery points. 😉 😉

  • Ryusennin
    170 posts

    Waiting 15 minutes for a corpse to appear at a specific location? There's no way in Helheim this is the intended game mechanics. Compared to Origins, it just doesn't work as it's supposed to (if at all).

  • RCDeschene
    169 posts

    Yeah, the whole Scotthoh Farm thing only work for me once and I can't seen to get another body to spawn...

  • Zooolz
    44 posts

    @semplerfi " Do you know how long it takes to get killed at 325 hours in, level 406 with 86 Mastery points "

    Hah ! yes ... the hardest part is keeping in the same area when being thrown, beaten, and gored.

    For those still having issues at the Farm, --- fast travel home, wait, and go back....
    This is NOT a fast process - and bodies do not always appear.
    Also, try leaving a corpse. Exit the game. Go Back.

  • semplerfi
    8 posts

    @zooolz I wanted to see what it took. har... Normally fight back like a berserker so thought I was pretty tough cookie. Stripped it only took a few seconds. So all the hard earned armor is good stuff. 😉 😉 And yes trying to keep the body drop around the well is a challenge in it self. I'm stuck on 8 avenged for over a week now. I'll try leave a corpes and exit game. Had been fast traveling home.

  • LoneCourier117
    1 posts

    Is anyone else still trying to get the whole of the slang challenge completed? Cuz I've been running all over God's green on Earth and only found two people to avenge and it only counted one. Is there a specific place that people like to go to do this?

  • azullFR
    2919 posts


    (approximative english sorry)

    Sorry, but I have no specific place for that, but it's more a specific way of gaming :
    stealth assassinations everywhere I can, then, when the area is done, I use Odin sight, (about 1 avenge a day)
    Last was few time ago :
    Step 1 : Did a daily Reda quest at "Hidden ? in forest" (Est-Anglie) Retrieve somebody at a camp : did all the camp stealth
    Step 2 : 2nd daily Reda quest taken at Grantebridge sent me back to this location for one kill
    Avenge quest showed up on arrival at the camp
    To notice : This is the first time I got one like this....

    Camps seem's to be good places.... don't go away too quickly after having stealth cleaned the camp

  • SpirantCrayon22
    2305 posts

    @LoneCourier117 @azullFR

    I get quite a lot of these quests, I got this challenge done mostly at Scotthoh Farm in East Anglia. They are in or very close to enemy camps of various kinds nearly all the time, though once or twice they've been elsewhere, for example the building with wolves not far from Scotthoh Farm (once). Uffentune and Clausentum Bandit Camp in Hamtunscire are where I see them most but I have seen them in a number of the English counties.

    Advice . . . clear out a location, preferably high-level (Hamtunscire but not Isle of Wiht) and hang around for a couple of minutes. Make a cup of tea or coffee while you wait. They appear whether or not the enemies are dead, maybe one in ten or one in five times I clear out a camp.

    I am fairly sure PC and Xbox are shared for these things, like Jomsviking there are both Xbox and Ubisoft icons.

    A description from Ubisoft of how it's supposed to work would be useful!

  • azullFR
    2919 posts

    Even if I have no problem with these quests (challenge done + 1 avenge / day), great Thanks for your tip 👍 , hope it will help everybody 🙂

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2941 posts

    Hello Vikings,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and apologies for the delayed reply.

    After checking this for you, I can see that you have to find the specific player that died in the battle in order to avenge him. @Ubi-Woofer made to help you with the completion of this challenge 🙂

    You can also find more information about this specific challenge in this thread.

    @SpirantCrayon22 - thank you for sharing your tips!

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response
  • SpirantCrayon22
    2305 posts


    Thanks. My point about a comment from Ubisoft is help with understanding what makes the quests appear in the first place, not how to do the quests or the challenge (these matters are obvious). That way we can head towards a definition of how to go about finding them for those having trouble.

  • Ryusennin
    170 posts

    This challenge is either broken or it's poorly implemented. The fact that you can still get a million times more players to avenge in Origins despite the game being 5 years old says a lot about how buggy this challenge is in Valhalla.

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