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  • JohnJohn73
    3 posts

    @l0stw0lf If you are still looking for the 10 people to avenge the best places to find them are Werham near the front gate/the tower/the straw roofed hut near between the gate and church. The next place I keep finding them are in Ledecestrescire near the front gate and in the store house. I have also found them in random places like Crawleah and Wincestre in the barracks, I have found 2 a piece there. So good luck.

  • Dellers
    2 posts

    This seems to be broken yet again. I managed to do five three days ago, after that nothing. The connection bug when looking at pictures on the map is back as well, so it seems to be related.

  • Omnimon
    12 posts

    With the latest update, it seems we have an Origin-like system. It is not as successful as in Origin but it is something, right?
    In Ireland, while raiding I found 2 dead players (actually found 3 but while doing one, the game crashed) and my achievementmeter raised to 4 from 2 :).


  • semplerfi
    7 posts

    I've gotten three in Ireland in just a few hours of play. Love it. Already got the ten before Ireland but glad to see this is moving forward.

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