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  • Ubi-Viral
    Ubisoft Support Staff 287 posts

    Hey folks!

    We are aware of this issue and are actively investigating it with the Development team. At the moment there is not a time frame I am able to share for when it will be resolved.

    Any updates to this issue will be posted on the forums.

    Thank you.

    Official Response
  • FrazMck
    1 posts

    Has a fix been done for this?

  • Markyboi0247
    1 posts

    i left the area and continued with other tasks as though it might help but then couldn’t find it
    then after finding a solution online fast traveled to Norway, then returned, it took a little while to reload the area, but then went in to the cut scene it had previously not loaded
    it is a bit glitchy when the scene completes but seems to allow me to move on when I return to the game
    hope this helps

  • xR3ddyBoy
    4 posts

    Still having this issue as on this day Ivarr is stuck in a corner next to the fence, tried litterly everything, and stuff people said online, even tried pushing him with my horse and stuff but notthing seems to work... paid €70 for a game which i cannot even play properly.... embarrasing....

  • LiMasala
    2 posts

    I can't seem to find a fix for this. I tried fast travelling to Norway and back and that didn't work. Ivarr is still stuck near a fence and I can't get him to move. Fix your game Ubisoft. This is just ridiculous

  • LiMasala
    2 posts

    @markyboi0247 Did you just fast travel to Norway and back? I tried this and it didn't work. When I fast travel back to England it sends me to Ravensthorpe and then I fast travel to the Tamworth Fortress and find Ivarr is still stuck in the same spot near the fence. Am I missing something?

  • xR3ddyBoy
    4 posts

    @limasala same here

  • TxSladeo12
    1 posts

    Hi guys, this just helped me fix this problem hope it does the same for you..

    I called my horse over to where ivarr was stuck and slowly stood the horse in front of him and it slowly kept knocking him back until eventually he started running away and into the right direction!

    Hope this helps you!!

  • Alinabil_99
    3 posts

    @txsladeo12 I tried this for about 10 minutes until it finally worked. He moved to climb up the ladder at the tower next to the fence and he was stuck again. I traveled to Norway and back to Ravenstorpe then fast traveled to Ledecestrescire and he started moving again to the proper spot that transitioned to the cut scene. Thanks a lot for the tip.

  • Bagrock48
    1 posts

    @alinabil_99 I did the horse thing and FINALLY got Ivar to move only to get stuck again on the wall. I did the port out and back which did the trick, Ivar started walking again and made it to the cut scene. After the crowning game completely crashed, go figure LOL

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