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  • ELISAxiii
    1 posts

    @nigel15 I'm literally on a 2nd playthrough because of 2 glitches the first time (which I got past this time). I'm gonna be so sad if this other glitch is going to hold me back ughhhh

  • CentralApollo54
    3 posts

    After numerous patches and numerous additional content releases, one year after this bug was reported, the core game remains impossible to complete. The responses from the Ubisoft team of "we are working on it" are no longer just disingenuous, they are mocking. I have little faith Ubisoft ever intends to fix this problem as long as they keep pumping out gear packs and DLC that players pay for.. Even a game+ mode to replay the game with everything I've earned over my 200 or so hours would work. Ubisoft won't get another dime from me until this is remedied, and if that ends up being never, I guess I'm just better off playing games from other publishers..

  • inxcognito
    61 posts

    @centralapollo54 They said new game plus will be one of the last few things added to the game, so expect it late 2022

  • p00nflap
    2 posts

    I just completed a full clear of Assassin's Creed Valhalla on the Playstation 5 but the Old Cellar treasure, which I have read has its fair share of problems, is not registering as complete. The icon is still on the map and Essexe still shows one mystery remaining. I received the tablet from Old Cellar and even acquired excalibur but it still does not register as complete. This is the only thing on the map holding me back from the completionist achievement. I would love some assistance on the matter.

  • p00nflap
    2 posts

    Image links in case anyone asks:

  • iLL_ThoughT
    1 posts

    So after waiting ages for this to be resolved, I managed to get Excalibur just by going to the location and putting in the tablets, it works and I have the sword now (finally).

    Annoying that no one stated you just continue as if you have it, but what ever.

    Hope this works for the rest of ya'll!

  • azullFR
    2019 posts


    Nice that you have Excalibur 🙂
    the fix to this was that Ubi directly added that tablet into the players inventory with the TU 1.3.1 (September the 3rd), that's why you didn't have to go there, but you will still miss a mystery achievement...and the platinium (people are waiting for a patch to this issue) 🙂

  • azullFR
    2019 posts


    several people are looking for this tablet achievment, Ubi is still looking at this issue, you can find a Meathread here :


  • canbayar
    4 posts

    It has been a year since this game came out, how is this taking so long to fix? Just stop making new repetitive content and fix the bugs. This is the last thing for the platinum trophy, I already got the Excalibur the Old Cellar is uncompleted on the map. Here is a workaround for your developers:

    if (player.getInventory().contains("Excalibur") || player.getInventory().contains("Mysterious Horn Tablet")) {
    gameMap.setLocationCompleted("Old Cellar", true);

    I mean, come on already!

  • keremthns
    25 posts
  • barkerd81
    12 posts

    Come on how is this not fixed yet, forgot new content players want the bugs fixing and this is a pretty big one considering it's been going on for over a year

  • strotee
    16 posts

    Just do what I'm going to do from now on, wait for a 50% sale on any Ubisoft games. So Far Cry 6 will look nice in 1-2 months.

  • CaliceReaper
    1 posts

    All I want to do is unlock the platinum trophy, and the only thing stopping me is the old cellar not completing. How has it been this long yet not fixed.

  • Staple0
    5 posts

    @ubi-karl please let us know when it will be fixed

  • inzight7
    3 posts

    Such a great game let down by this one part. I’m over 200 hrs in only for this bug to stop me completing. Please restock the barrels or something

  • Krnairn
    1 posts

    Come on, it’s been over a year, fix it finally. It really ruins a game that is so great otherwise.

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    I can't believe this issue has not been sorted as of yet. I have platinumed every ac game! And this is the only one I'm unable to plat! I've spent so much money and time on ac franchise play time through the games is well over 1000+ hours and literally hundreds of pounds thousands of people are literally waiting for you too sort this bug out for their plat and the response from ubisoft is 'we will update you when this is sorted' we'll that I sent good enough at all we have had numerous updates and it still has not been addressed. I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM UBISOFT AGAIN UNTIL THIS IS SORTED ME ASWELL AS OTHER PEOPLE FEEL CHEATED! If their has been contact with the development how come their has been no update on on when it will be fixed? This has been a issue and has been reported since launch of the game!! Whoever is not happy about needs to boycott ubisoft until they start listening to what players are saying

  • TrippiekillerA1
    1 posts

    A year on and this issue still is not sorted! It's beyond a joke now. Over 200 hours played on valhalla and can't plat because it will not show as completed this has been a problem since launch and all you say is that the development team know about the issue! Well if they know about the issue why has it not been sorted? Then you ubisoft have the cheek to charge for the next dlc too even with season pass? But yet you can't listen to your players/fans about the issues mentioned we can not plat 100% the game because of this when will it bee sorted? I personally will not buy/play another ubisoft game if this is not sorted or have a date when it will be sorted and everyone else should do the same thing

  • strotee
    16 posts
  • inzight7
    3 posts

    @strotee Interesting, hope they can sort it out as not fixing this bug might see a drop off in sales

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