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  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    that's not where they're located, that FAQ must be outdated or some such. They're found here.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\<USER ID> (bunch of random letters/numbers) \13504 (Valhalla's identification code)

    (I was told this when asked to provide save files for a different bug report)

    EDIT: @UbiExcellent might want to get that FAQ changed to reflect where the files are actually located.

  • Raxoras
    4 posts

    @chaosandcoffee Alright thanks for that ! I'll add this to my support ticket when i come back home and provide the case number when it's done.

  • Raxoras
    4 posts

    @ubiexcellent @chaosandcoffee Ok, i submitted my files. Case number is : 13378848

    Hope this thing will be fixed soon because i enjoyed the game until now even with little crashes on PC.

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    No worries. And yeah, I'm in the same boat, I've had a fair few bugs, mystery I couldn't complete and some other stuff, but I was still enjoying the game and was continuing to play. But this? I've just stopped playing entirely. Don't want to continue when I'm locked out of such an important questline. Really frustrating.

  • will_barreca
    1 posts

    I am not having that issue but I am with the zealots. I have killed six in total but three came back alive. I’ve killed Redwalda twice and have to do it again, and Wuffa’s helath kept regenerating so I had to restart my game to kill her and I did but now she’s alive again. This is very frustrating, especially with all of the other issues in this game like lighting issues and sound cutting out. I’ve been an assassins creed fan for a long time but don’t know if I want to continue when I can’t enjoy the game.

  • Gerchmonster
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Gerchmonster
    2 posts

    I am having the same problem with Eorforwine on PS4. Found her dead by her horse on the side of the road.

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    @UbiExcellent @Ubi-Ginge @UbiKobold

    Hi, so any updates on this..? Just booted up the game with baited breath after the title update. He's still dead in the road, still can't play my game. In fact - none of the bugs I've reported have been fixed.

  • A1ienK
    1 posts

    I had the same issue. Here's my solution:
    1. Verify the game by following this: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-US/Article/000060529/Verifying-Games-In-Uplay
    2. After booted up, he's still a dead body (at X). Carry him & put it on his horse, then move him to the green point (see the image).
    3. Click a eagle icon go to a high point(anyone).
    4. Delete all game saves related to him(Manual and Automatic).
    5. Play other world event, get abilities and gears or something else.(Just get away from Northumbria )
    After 20 - 30 minutes, he suddenly re-spawned.

    Platform: PC
    Game Version: 1.1.0

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @chaosandcoffee Excellent, many thanks! Apologies for missing the case number you added earlier. I've forwarded the save file you attached to your ticket to our development team to be reviewed further. In the meantime, if you have multiple saves, please upload those as well. Regarding this FAQ having an outdated location, I've let my teams know about this. Thanks for the heads up!

    @Raxoras Thank you for uploading your system files. If you could also upload your saves, that would be great!

    @will_barreca That does sound frustrating. My apologies! Would you be able to upload a video showing these Zealots not dying on a new thread, so we can address this issue separately?

    @A1ienK I appreciate you sharing what you did to resolve this error and hope this helps others in the future!

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