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  • Onikagi
    7 posts

    @ultimatepowa Thanks for the info! I will try that, good idea, I appreciate the tip.

  • Elearon
    42 posts

    @ultimatepowa Generally, what I do is look ahead at the next skill I want. I work toward that and choose a path along the way that will let me easily reveal something new. I spend the (usually 1) point to reveal the new area and if it doesn't have anything I want, I either keep the tiny bonus or refund it and spend the point elsewhere.

  • CdnTDog
    16 posts

    I with those that disagree. What was tried in Odyssey never really clicked with me. Valhalla's seems infinitely better. Getting around the map makes more sense, planning is easier and how everything is unfolding, in my eyes, is great. I was worried about levels when I say level 250, but as you increase your power level at a pretty steady rate, I think it will make sense near endgame. The only thing with leveling in absolutely hate is the fog of war effect in the powers menu. I guess it's not a huge deal as you can respec for free anytime, but for a planner...it's a nightmare lol.

  • paviu7
    19 posts

    No No No No No
    The new skill tree is genius. People who like to tinker with builds can have a fun time. It's much more interesting than no brainer design. It doesn't require 300 IQ thinking process either. It is straighforward. Those who don't want to build a character but follow the easiest path to development just commit to one tree and keep spending points there. Once you fully unlock one tree, focus on skills in other trees that complete your build. You play a lot with bow? Go wolf and buy ranged damage, You don't parry a lot and prefer evasion? Go raven. It's simple as that.

    Btw if you dislike the most recent skill you bought you can always reset a few skill points by right clicking them. You don't have to reset the whole tree. If you only reset a part then the path remains visible to you.

  • PotatoePet
    316 posts

    @elearon Even more engaging it is to actually look up buffs which fit your playstyle and avoid taking ones which don't benefit you. Like the armor set buffs you can level. Finding ways to the skills you want with avoiding these buffs is actually fun. And you get a pretty weird skill tree in the end. Sadly for some skills you can't find a way around skilling some buffs you really don't need.

  • UltimatePowa
    61 posts


    Anytime man, the game requires a bit of self control I find as it allows you to become overpowered lol

  • PotatoePet
    316 posts

    What I would love is more connections between nodes so you can circumvent certain nodes not fitting your playstyle better 🙂

  • Flanker1Six
    229 posts

    Developers could ditch all leveling up, tiered whatever, perks, and abilities (oh yea.....................and fetch quests and bosses/mini bosses!) as far as I'm concerned. Kingdom Come Deliverance is certainly the best action/RPG in my experience for it's more real world grounding and no fantasy, magic gimmickery......................I'm likely in the minority with that preference though.

    If I gotta endure the leveling, tiered what not, and magical mystery tour stuff-------ACV has got it wwaayy over Odyssey; which was a boring, tedious, tiered slog I never finished. I still don't like the way we (our Player Character) is pretty much locked out of the open game world in ACV by virtue of much higher ranked enemies "just across" the border. Maybe that's harder to avoid than I think when you combine an open world with a fairly linear story/plot.

    Beautiful Ubi game world as usual though!

  • PotatoePet
    316 posts

    Pssst. You are not alone. I would love for going a tidbit more back to the roots too. We don't need these magical skills and level system at all. The game would also work without it. It's pretty artifical.

  • Lafrendgio
    30 posts

    No. Remove it entirely in the next game and put a horizontal progression and map system like in RDR2(cause they already dipped their toes in the water with the world events/activities). No level gating regions, no player and npc levels, playstyle should depend on gear and not skill trees(AC:Unity, BOTW)and enemy difficulty should be based on AI skill and not in thick [censored] health bars.
    A lite, incomplete, sorry excuse of an RPG system from the last 3 games only makes it feel cheap. Cruising down a river and having 2 sides be at 2 drastically different levels is so stupid it isn't even funny.

    That said I'm liking Valhalla way more that Origins and Odyssey. The damage sponges have been mitigated and Eivor's gameplay animations are sick. The power level is still not the best, but it beats Odyssey's mindless MMO, sponge grindfest by a long shot.

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