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  • blero-gimi
    1 posts

    @haofeileo I can't either (on PS4), it pisses me off that even with a patch, the bug is still there

  • BigAl1402
    1 posts

    Same exact problem here,
    tried fighting her about 2/3 times when i was about power 40/50, failed
    then the interact option just isnt there, i am now power level 355, ive continued a lot of the main story, and completed a load of areas, all wealth/mysteries/Artifacts done in said areas, and going back today after the new patch there is still no interact button to spawn her, playing on xbox one x

  • darkho093
    3 posts

    How do you release a game this flawed? This is massively affecting the game play by not letting you get the BEST armor in the game. I'm returning my game and I hope this gets fixed for all these other people. But for me, this game is not worth it anymore

  • MulattoMike602
    1 posts

    I can’t start a daughter of Lerion fight, I was hoping the new update fixed this but it’s still persisting... work around?
    Also can’t use my barracks or shipyard

  • guest-gUfLd8R2
    2 posts

    I have the same issue.
    Unfortunately when I tried to open a ticked for this, I was greeted with a message that due to covid19 I cannot send an email to open a support case, but chat is available.
    Well chat was not available, and I get a message to contact support using another method 😄

    Facebook support replied once, and that's it. They were kind of clueless on the topic even with a video link to the fight provided.
    Today we had a 4 GB patch...issue is still not resolved.

  • Consumed123
    12 posts

    @darkho093 Literally i don't understand, what kind of company releases unfinished products, it's ridiculous.

  • SulkyLighter
    1 posts

    I really hoped that the new update would fix this annoying bug but I still have the same problem, for me it is at spalda fens. I really hope to bring us a new update this week or early next week that will fix this.

  • Lucas_Dutchman
    6 posts

    Same here on PS5 version... update 1.04 doesn´t seem to help the issue, so I hope Ubi will fix it with next patch

  • shunfei9
    1 posts

    I still can't interact with the corpse after the Patch 1.04 😞
    Please fix it, since I don't to start all over again.

  • Zhiar713
    6 posts

    The new update didn't fix this issue, do we have to delete our saves to fix this? Just wondering

  • Dj0rdje12
    36 posts

    Same here PS4 player, but this is only bug I have so far regarding not being able to progress in certain mission issues.

  • EpicLooser
    1 posts

    Same here, on PC. 1.0.4 did not fix the issue!

  • jazeon128
    2 posts

    I also have this glitch, I can't interact with the dead skeleton for the witch to the left.

  • Majk8301
    3 posts

    Same same same was hopeful here but as usual bad update.

  • jazeon128
    2 posts

    Yes, I have the same issue, I can interact with the other witches start points, but I cannot interact with the one in spalda fens.

  • MrDuckington
    2 posts

    @xgodfatha88x I also have this for the first witch

  • Whysper92
    26 posts

    So I’m out of town this week for the holiday. I’m I to understand from you guys that there is a new update the does NOT fix the damn issue!?! This is [censored] ridiculous Ubisoft!!! None of this [censored] you gave “review” copies to (LOOKING AT YOU JORRAPTOR YOU [censored]!!) are having this issue so WHY TF ARE WE!!!! GET ON IT AND FIX IT!!! NOW!!

  • EvhValhalla
    7 posts

    Still no fix for me even after this patch. Very disappointing. Get it sorted! How long to wait before the next patch is out now? Poor form

  • DavidFCorreia
    3 posts

    I don't understand how so many people is reporting this bug, yes because this issue isn't just the people in this ticket, is in reddit, in youtube, etc... And for 3 or 4 times that someone from Ubisoft, responsible for look and talk with people here just keep saying "can you elaborate? can you give a photo/video?", are this for real? People already elaborated, the first person that did this ticket elaborated pretty good. What part you don't understand that the interaction don't appear anymore after people died 3/4 times? This is ridiculous.
    Is just easier to say "well we [censored], this bug will not get away". But no, keep treating people dumb by don't talk about this in a oficial post or keep making the same question, is just ridiculous.

  • Zarrox80
    1 posts

    Got the same problem and on PC patch 1.0.4 don't fix that... 😞

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