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  • littleninja_27
    1 posts

    @ggswiftie I have the same problem! Did you get a fix for it?

  • Legendellis81
    2 posts

    Yip, same problem here!

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    I mean.. It's in a dream, what loot are you expecting to get?

    As far as I remember you don't get any items from either Valhalla or Jotunheim

  • NinjaBax
    4 posts

    I didn't get much from him either. I didn't even get two skill points from killing him. Most websites say I am supposed too.

  • spacegirl-38
    1 posts

    I have defeated Steinnbjorn three times trying to fix this. I get rations and one Mastery Skill Point, but he does not show up in the last slot in the legendary tab in the Hunter's Hut, or on the wall in the longhouse, and UbiSoft is not even acknowledging it.

  • sacha7885
    9 posts

    @spacegirl-38 same here just killed him and nothing

  • sacha7885
    9 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer Just killed steinbjorn and he is dead. But no achievement. Game doesn't recognize kill at all. undefinedundefined

  • sacha7885
    9 posts

    And on the map it says its completed. A criss through it.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 807 posts

    Hey all,

    From personal experience, the legendary animals in Asgard and Jotunheim are not ones that are part of the "real world" hunter hut challenges as Eivor defeats these within their own dreams. This is also why you receive no loot or the head of the animal for hanging in the longhouse. (I think your settlement dwellers would have some tough questions for you if you showed up with the head of a mythical beast from the realms of the gods!)

    The "Bear of the Blue Waters" is actually a legendary animal found in spoiler on a small island of ice between the two mainland islands on the left. Once you've defeated that, you'll see the achievement/trophy unlocked.

    Let me know if issues persist after you've defeated the correct bear! 🙂

    Official Response
  • locoporkko
    27 posts

    @sacha7885 steinnbjorn is a mistery that you need for complete all territories,but isnt part of the trophy of kill all legendary animals

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