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  • wofpawel
    14 posts

    Same problem here.

  • SidneyLean
    1 posts

    I've got the same problem, though on Xbox One, please fix ubisoft as it is very frustrating.

  • wofpawel
    14 posts

    How can i send a video?

    The problem is that the door to the building cannot be breached - Sigurd and the second NPC are standing still, and no weapons are visible during the fight. There is also no marker for the task on the map - it has disappeared.

    Please let us know if the problem has already been reported. I have 30 hours of gameplay behind me, I do not want to start all over again.

    For me, this problem appeared on the Xbox Series X.

    We are deeply disappointed with so many bugs. The game cost a lot of money and is impossible to complete.

    You can find video of this problem on YT.

    I am waiting for the answer here.
    Support Chat is not working. It is also impossible to send e-mail from the ubisoft website.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    Hello everyone, thank you for your continued reports of this issue.

    Just to confirm, when you are at the door it doesn't give you the Force Open option? Would anyone be able to provide a video of the issue, such as through YouTube or Twitter, for us to be able to report this forward?

    Official Response
  • eremista
    5 posts

    I have the same issues. (PC player)
    Two different videos.

  • eremista
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
    9 posts

    Same thing. They just stand there. Won’t follow me or do anything.

    9 posts

    has anyone had this issue resolved yet?

  • Darkcheddar
    3 posts

    Same here. Super frustrating. Closest save now is 6 hours back because I spent a bunch of time trying to work around it and all my autosaves filled up.

  • Halaloya.
    12 posts

    @ubi-baron hi , i have post this issue in the forum almost a week ago and alot of people have the same issue

    when i reach the village and engage the AI fights but after the fight they stand still not moving or following me.they do react to the enemies but they do not react and follow me.

    so basically i cant open the door i just keep knocking the door indefinitely.

  • wofpawel
    14 posts

    @ubi-baron There is already topic with this issue with video. Please read forum. There is alot of peaople with this issue. We cannot progress game.

  • wofpawel
    14 posts

    @ubi-baron Here.

  • Sword_Gas
    11 posts

    I open this page ten times a day only to see if there will be any updates for fixing this

    9 posts

    I can’t even find a page where Ubisoft acknowledges this issue

  • Jasette
    27 posts

    Whoops I started my own thread on this because I didn’t see this one (and Ubisoft hasn’t added this as a known bug).

    I'm going to try calling for a raid or whatever and see if that works...

    I have also spent way too much time on the game already to start over.

  • Rozil1801
    2 posts

    Having the same problem on PC

  • WitherTDM
    2 posts

    I haven't even gotten that far. I talk to the lady and she says they are south. I go to the place where they are and when I walk in nothing happens I can't speak to anyone and reloading does nothing. Basim and Sigurd are just standing there.

  • Mesterlock
    1 posts

    @ubiexcellent I have the same problem, sigurd and basim were standing beside me while i try to push to door, and they do nothing, so i reloaded and they disappeared now i can't continue to play, this need to be fixed ASAP

    9 posts


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