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  • JonnyIkeCizzle
    2 posts

    OK, now I don't feel like I'm the only one dealing with this. Ubi needs to resolve this or no more continuing for me...

  • yeti4life
    14 posts

    This is bs stuck on this mission for over a week now... Ubisoft [censored] are you doing about this.... we shouldnt have to restart our whole game just for this...

  • Momobeast7
    4 posts

    Well they finally updated the known bugs thread, and still didn't add Brewing Rebellion to the list. Guess we shouldn't expect a fix anytime soon.

  • Jasette
    27 posts

    @momobeast7 it’s weird too since @ubi-woofer is OP of the known issue thread and is the one who has been posting here. Maybe just an oversight? But a pretty annoying & discouraging one if so...

    “thankfully” I’m much slower than most of the posters here so while I’ve logged tons of hours I still have more to go 😅 stop and smell the roses people! Go fishing! Fall for childrens’ pranks!

  • Corbae
    12 posts

    As I was playing a little bit last night I came to the conclusion that those of us that have no save to go back to are probably going to have to start new, Could be wrong but before you dump any more time you might want to consider that. I will probably just come back after I am done with 2077 as it probably be another month before they can recreate this and another till they fix it if they even can. CDPR got a lot of flack for their delays but at least they probably will not release a broken game.

  • Jasette
    27 posts

    @corbae welp I am 100% not going to start over. And the longer I wait for the fix the less likely I am to recommend this game to my friends. Especially since it seems they have no idea what’s going on so much to the extent that they won’t add it as a known issue...

    I’m already annoyed that you can’t properly turn off the grotesque confirm kill graphic as it still shows the majority of the time even when you have it turned off. I just want confirm kill to look & sound like what it did in Odyssey 😭 Kassaaandraaaaaaaa

    but I haven’t bothered reporting that because it’s less important to me than being able to progress with the story.

    Randvi prolly hasn’t seen Sigmund in years at this point 😂

    4 posts

    Is not sense, I’m a veteran of assassin’s creed and in this one I make focus for the 100% of territory before to do all the story at once. So I have 70h of game with level of player 300. I don’t want to lose 30h of game for a bug it’s ridiculous. I always loved this saga, but for the first time I’m disappointed. This meaning not just loose the data but even the desire to continue. I want waiting a week without doing nothing.

  • RottCZ
    2 posts

    I got exactly the same issue, nobody wont help me open buckingham longhouse... Ubisoft pls fix it, im stuck in this quesr more than one week...

    4 posts


    bro just start over or take back from the last save. I try to contact also by email Ubisoft but still not answer, so for don’t loose your time I raccomanding To do what I did even if I lost 30h

  • Jay_em07
    1 posts

    Brewing bellion glitch

  • RottCZ
    2 posts

    @ktloverso well i dont wanna start new game, i have a lot of collectibles and quest done, since this bug i have like 20hours collecting, its not my fault this aint work.. I dont mean to force devs to give me refund or to make em work quickier, i just want some info about patch on this bug...

  • DingusBopper
    4 posts


    Day 7 of being unable to get into the Buckingham Longhouse. I'm starting to grow very tired of ramming my shoulder into this door for 12 hours a day calling for my friends to help me.

    I'm beginning to think Sigurd and Hytham aren't taking me seriously. We NEED to get into this longhouse, but all they want to do is stand around and not respond to anything I do. The only time they even move is when I begin to attack the town's guards out of frustration and boredom, and even then all they do is attack with invisible weapons without so much as uttering a word.

    I must admit my mind has traveled to some strange places over the past week of this lunacy. Like how I should have banged Sigurd's wife when I had the chance; hell, had I known he would be ignoring me like this for a WEEK STRAIGHT while I was desperately trying to get his attention to help me break this door down, I probably would have. In fact, this is exactly how I'd expect him to respond if I actually had banged her.... maybe she told him that we did? But why would she do that.... that doesn't even make any sense...

    I realize I am questioning my own sanity at this stage. I'm very close to believing this all must be some strange, abnormally long, lucid dream, trying to teach me about to dangers of depending too much on my friends to accomplish my life's goals, like I'm in some sort of after-school special. Why would I even need a second person to ram their shoulder into this door at the same time as me anyway? How does that make any sense. And WHY do all the guards that I can clearly hear on the other side of the door continue to ignore me recklessly crashing into their side door day after day for hours on end?

    Nothing about any of this makes any sense. Maybe I'm still tripping on those mushrooms, or maybe Odin is just messing with me. Regardless, I have to find a way to get into that longhouse.

    Signing off for now, this door isn't going to ram itself....

  • Jmdattoma
    6 posts

    @dingusbopper If this isnt fixed by tomorrow, your comment is officially better than the game

  • Jasette
    27 posts

    Got a blanket response from support about backing up and clearing save data, which I did, and nothing changed. The Ubi response to this bug has been sooo strange...

    folks I’m not a coder so excuse what may very well be nonsense but it seems like an issue with code prioritization where Sigurd and Basim aren’t prioritized to a) stay with eivor and b) help force open the door so the quest can progress. They may be prioritized to attack aggressively upon being caught by guards with no (or low priority) reroute to Eivor & the quest when calm is regained?

    And then, if the user leaves the field by fast travel while Sigurd & Basim are off route in prioritized fight state, their priority to fight is caught without a target & they’re far enough the quest objective that they’re all ?????? so they disappear when eivor comes back... or something

    i don’t know if any of that makes sense but maybe a dev will be inspired by a small piece of it like House when a patient is babbling

  • runestad92
    2 posts

    Connecting to this thread to get Ubisoft’s solution. I just got there and it has been driving me mad for hours. Poor souls being stuck there for days.

  • Schottgun006
    7 posts

    Ubisoft's ONLY response to this is 'send us a video'. MFer's.....everyone has sent y'all the video of the SAME DAMN THING!!!! Stop using this response as a delay technique! COMPENSATION IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY AFTER THIS DEBAUCHERY....

  • guest-fV7wNLSF
    6 posts

    @runestad92 nearly a week for me 😔

  • TheFlash0412019
    18 posts

    @rottcz exactly we shouldn't have to start over

  • Plyzwthsqrlz
    1 posts

    Has anyone encountered breaking into the Buckingham Longhouse and killing everyone except this one person who always has a sliver of health no matter how many times you kill them? There's no cut scene at all. And I can't reload a prior point to retry, so I'm stuck. This is a terrible bug.

    3 posts

    start voting with your wallets people... only thing they’ll understand.

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