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  • Wizzah2
    2 posts

    I'm having the same problem! 😒 I haven't been able to interact with him after that night that he was telling the story. Now I have the Viking for Hire quest and I can't do it....

  • DrkLrdDraven
    1 posts

    I can't talk to reda

  • KissTheSky27
    1 posts

    I've been doing the dailies since the game came out, and this morning I turned the game on and went to my settlement and it won't even let me interact with her. There's no symbol or anything. I was able to go to one of her associates in Grantebridge, but I can't access the store from there, just get missions. I've noticed other people have had problems with the same thing, was just giving my side.

  • DeLuXGamingONE
    1 posts

    Can't talk to Reda after doing the 10 contracts you need to do. He has a blue marker but can't interact. On xbox.

  • Spangelo123
    2 posts

    @kissthesky27 This is a problem for me too. Personally this happened right after I finished the quest to complete 10 contracts and it says "speak to Reda". Is this the case for you too?

  • Obuchi
    1 posts

    Same here, on pc, and the "Walls And Shadows" quest is bugged too, no Stowe or Erke to be found, nor is there a marker on the map.
    Tried earlier loads (went back 2 hours), didn't work unfortunately. Went back to later saves, ported around the map, tried other quests, which they themselves worked, but still couldn't talk to Reda nor find the 2 sherifs in London.
    Hopefully it'll get hotfixed soon.

  • Croooozer
    3 posts

    I cant talk to Reda. Can't hand in the quest, neither visit the shop. Restarting the game and fast travel to other places are useless.
    As shown in my screenshot, I am supposed to talk to him, but there is no "talking" sign above his head.
    What can I do?


  • TheNinjaSlothh
    2 posts

    Finding all the codex fixed it for me since Hythem tells you to go talk to Reda after that

  • BlackIce_xD
    13 posts

    warte bis er eine Geschichte erzählt, sobalt er damit fertig ist kann man mit ihm reden. Hatte das Problem auf der PS4 auch gehabt und es so gelöst.

    wait until he tells a story, once he's finished you can talk to him. Had the problem on the PS4 and solved it that way.

  • BlackIce_xD
    13 posts

    wait until he tells a story, once he's finished you can talk to him. Had the problem on the PS4 and solved it that way.

  • BlackIce_xD
    13 posts

    wait until he tells a story, once he's finished you can talk to him. Had the problem on the PS4 and solved it that way.
    this has worked for 2 other players too

  • Trimm19
    1 posts

    i can confirm this works, after completing Cent the children are sitting in front of Reda and he is telling them a story. You just need to interact with the pole and listen to the story. After Cent there is a mini quest that basically resets everyone in your settlement that’s why it fixes the issue.

  • evensstevenss
    1 posts

    Got the bug too. Already did Cent and bakery quest 😞

  • NickConez
    1 posts

    I was stuck on this same problem, I found a work around that someone else posted and it worked for me.

    What you do is collect all the 6 Codex pages for Hytham then hand them in and he'll ask you to speak to Reda which will fix your issue of being able ot interact with him at all.

    Sucks that I had to cheese getting the Codex Pages and finding the Hidden Bureaus but at least there's a way till they patch it.

  • macaulay2015
    2 posts

    @blackice_xd it was working until he told his story now it don’t work

  • SamBH22
    4 posts

    Bugged for me too!

    5 posts

    Have the same bug after completing the 10 bounties for Reda. (Xbox) Cant chat with him at all (no prompt near him to be able to) and now cant receive the weekly reward for completing them all. Also have another bug posted up that i cant progress the in Region of Cent.

    Come on Ubisoft, great game but so many issues. Did i really pay $100 for a AAA game that is not better than a Beta?

  • AlbArslan89
    4 posts

    We need a fix for this for god sake...

  • DaelosTheCat
    167 posts


    He never starts telling it.

  • ToniPepperoni92
    1 posts

    Okay so I had the same problem, I already did the bakery quest and dag, I could not interact with reda, he would just sit alone, before he had the children sitting there telling a story. My fix was I kept continuing the story until the children came back, once they were back, I listened to the whole story, once reda finished I could speak to him. Hope this helps someone!

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