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  • BobNewton2
    13 posts

    @timbo_redbeard Wincestre codex unavailable to me, get everything else in the room but no codex page

  • raver4612
    9 posts

    @importednine278 not true because bug happened when i finished the story

  • JayMander
    1 posts

    Finished main story & killed all ancients, can't access reda, how do I fix!! Started again a new game and he works fine... please fix this bug

  • DartDragon93
    3 posts

    i have the same problem cannot interact with him and i have the quest Viking for Hire the other merchants in others town i can talk with them

  • EZ30
    2 posts

    Yeah me too all he does it keep repeating the same story over and over. I decided to sit and listen to it once which did make his shop available but the story is looooong and even after listening to it once he keeps repeating it everytime I come back to the settlement and if I go out of ear shot he doesn't finish the story he starts over. I should not have to listen to the same long unskippable story every single time I want to shop with him.

  • smiller504
    2 posts

    You are lucky that you even get the story. I just get Reda sitting and staring up at the top of the tent. This will be the last ubisoft game I purchase. They simply do not care about fixing bugs. It seems they would rather people just purchase the gear with cash.

  • geordy2007
    2 posts

    Won't work for me Xbox series X, same as the wolf skill, I haven't getting that for helping the children, the wolf is in my longhouse so...one of a few bugs..

  • AllianceStuck
    156 posts

    Same issue on PC. Chit game

  • Froggyv86
    3 posts

    I'm having the same problem on stadia this is the last mission for me to 100 percent it

  • Elem4m
    2 posts

    Same here .. PC

  • standoffjosh
    73 posts

    @stoltz612 got same issue on Xbox one also mate

  • raver4612
    9 posts

    @smiller504 hey they did fix it you will get it in the update it a big update thats why they have not put it out yet

  • michi0123
    5 posts

    same here!
    this ac is buggy as hell!!! we're paying for a none finished game... ubisoft should pay us for being a gametester. i can live with some glitches or little bugs, but not with story upfu..... bugs!

  • MidwayBurrito51
    2 posts

    @smiller504 totally agree mate, sick of buying broken games from this company! Last time I'm buying a ubisoft game...

  • akillez81
    6 posts

    Anyone else having a issue with Reda. The Y button doesn't appear no more, everthing was fine until I completed the contracts 10/10 now it will not appear. Please help.

  • Jarod88988
    2 posts

    I could not start the quest viking for hire
    Until I finished the 6 pages of codex for Hytham, once the quest was started and finished, I listened to the story with the children and Reda was available,

    However I finished the whole game but some where in between that Reda became unavailable to accept contracts or see his shop. And since the other thousand eyes children can let you do contracts that is fine but they don't let you access the store. Reda is the only access to the store.

    Any help or advice?

  • MsMmm00
    2 posts

    @akillez81 I am having the same issue. I read somewhere that if you complete the Cent Arc you would be able to interact with Reda for the time being. Didn't work with me as I almost finished all territories and I still don't get the "interact" button when I am near him.

  • DartDragon93
    3 posts

    @michi0123 that would be good and would improve alot if they did let us test games like early acess that way when games come out has a finish product alot is already fixed

  • raver4612
    9 posts

    @dartdragon you can game test a game there will still be bus because they dont catch them all the first time

  • DarthZed13
    4 posts

    I'm having a similar issue onX-box. I can talk to Reda, but I get a server error message when I try, and the same for all of his associates in different towns. I've tried the Reddit fix, connecting and disconnecting my account from xbox and the computer. The only thing that did was give me the ubisoft server error report on the load/save screen.
    I also can't access his store. When your server in up momentarily (usually before 7am EST), There are items listed, but I can't hover over them, the only option is to go back.
    I've reset my modem, checked my connections, re-evaluated my life choices,and contemplated my future life. The bsll is now in your court, Ubisoft. It's been a month, do you even care?

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